Dette spil er blevet Greenlight-accepteret af fællesskabet!

Fællesskabet har vist deres interesse i dette spil. Valve har kontaktet denne udvikler for at klargøre til udgivelse på Steam.

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[tcH] //PLUSHIE THE CAT// 6. apr kl. 10:36pm 
Are you SUUUUUUUUUUUUURE there's no way we can donate to you or offer help in any way?
Shawn 3. apr kl. 6:07pm 
Oh hey, this still exists.

Hoping things go well.
ZeakQ 22. mar kl. 1:27pm 
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 22. mar kl. 1:27pm 
It is @Terreloc
Pyrohawk 21. mar kl. 6:12pm 
@ZeakQ I am pretty sure it is @Terreloc
ZeakQ 21. mar kl. 4:07pm 
Twitter is still @engagegame ?
Bullsaver 13. mar kl. 5:12am 
@Enrage Great!
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 12. mar kl. 4:21pm 
@Bullsaver I'll announce it on twitter & here
Bullsaver 12. mar kl. 2:01am 
Are you gonna announce the stream via twitter? Definitely going to watch it
BadSniper 10. mar kl. 2:42pm 
@Enrage Sounds great! I'm sure a lot of people are itching to get some insight on the game since the delay last september. Keep us posted. Thanks!
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 10. mar kl. 11:14am 
@BadSniper It might be a good idea to do a live stream for you guys. It would be easier for me to set up. Sound good?
BadSniper 9. mar kl. 6:46pm 
@Enrage Can we expect any updates on development and release date soon?
Juhis 9. mar kl. 5:44am 
@Enrage Thanks. I come to this page every day and find nothing else than the pain of knowing that it isn't out yet.
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 8. mar kl. 2:29pm 
@Kala-Kalle Great moves, keep up the good work - proud of you.
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 8. mar kl. 2:28pm 
@Grumpy - No the demo is old and bad.
Juhis 6. mar kl. 10:32am 
Fisted Sister 1. mar kl. 5:23am 
Is there a way to get the demo? The only link I found has 404d
flavio-mc 13. feb kl. 3:42pm 
@Enrage Good to know.
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 13. feb kl. 2:39pm 
@flavio-mc Nope, It's multiplayer only & no plan for bots at the moment.
flavio-mc 13. feb kl. 12:37pm 
Will we be able to play offline as well?
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 9. feb kl. 11:35am 
@Speedmass :D
SpeedKiller 7. feb kl. 7:12pm 
just make it like counter strike with reciever mechanics please :o
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 19. jan kl. 2:25pm 
A lot of people have bought games in early access and they get a bad deal out of it, that's why I'm not so keen on the idea.

I'm not making Relock to make a quick buck; I'm making it so I can play it with other people.

Thanks for the support :D
rumple 18. jan kl. 6:31am 
I just hope for less colors and more realism on the guns.
rumple 18. jan kl. 6:30am 
hmm well whatever legal or some sort of issues your going through I hope you go through them man. And even if it's not finished I'd be glad to buy this Early access and help with the development. gl
BadSniper 17. jan kl. 5:03pm 
@Enrage Any word on when that may be?
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 17. jan kl. 2:37pm 
"I really really wanna buy this."

You will be able to once it is released. :)
rumple 23. dec 2015 kl. 7:21am 
any words on this game? I really really wanna buy this.
Nanomachines 19. nov 2015 kl. 1:13am 
What happened to the project?
flavio-mc 15. nov 2015 kl. 5:13pm 
The Marked 31. okt 2015 kl. 5:07am 
nope? so its not dead?
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 25. okt 2015 kl. 10:12pm 
Nanomachines 9. okt 2015 kl. 1:43pm 
flavio-mc 25. sep 2015 kl. 2:44pm 
@Ardent Satanis I also doubt that buddy :(
The Ardent One 25. sep 2015 kl. 1:37pm 
It should release today, but somewhy I doubt that. :( @flavio-mc
flavio-mc 25. sep 2015 kl. 1:00pm 
So... is it gonna be released today?
Pyrohawk 17. sep 2015 kl. 2:54pm 
1 week to go!
ShadowRunner027 16. sep 2015 kl. 5:32am 
Sounds awesome. Sorry for not replying, didn't get a notification.
Pyrohawk 7. sep 2015 kl. 7:08pm 
@ShadowRunner027 Enrage was playing with oculus support 1 year 9 months ago according to this tweet[1]. Can't find anything on motion tracking though.

ShadowRunner027 7. sep 2015 kl. 5:28pm 
May I ask if you have any plans for Razer Hydra or STEM System support?
ShadowRunner027 7. sep 2015 kl. 10:59am 
About 18 days left, let's hope this works.
flavio-mc 18. aug 2015 kl. 6:25pm 
Is it going to be released this september? If so that's awesome! pew pew
Pyrohawk 17. aug 2015 kl. 3:39am 
Wait, there is a release date? 25th September 2015?
If this is true, it is the best info we have had in a while.
Thanks Aaron (booleanz or engage or enrage) for your dedication to this game. You are doing great work at a game no one has really attempted before and I really appreciate that.
First Aid 22. jul 2015 kl. 4:18pm 
alright, thanks for replying.
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 22. jul 2015 kl. 3:19pm 
@First Aid - Because the game is very niche - I have decided to put 100% of my efforts into actually making the game; no time spent on marketing or self promotion. The result of this is less updates for those following the game which is unfortunate but will not be permanent.
First Aid 20. jul 2015 kl. 3:03pm 
I've been following this projoct for over a year now, and am very excited for a release. With that said, there has been so little in ways of announcements. I understand and appreciate the effort that booleanz (Enrage now?) has been putting into assuaging people's worries in these comments, but with all of the outdated information out there (beta release in 2014 on indiDB), It's getting very hard to follow and is playing with my gamer emotions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the developer(s?) has any obligation to give an update, but I'm just saying it would be extremely appreciated and go a long way towards increasing the game's online presence.
SpeedKiller 13. jul 2015 kl. 10:54pm 
is this game still bieng worked on? it would be a shame if this idea was lost
Tylander The Traveler 13. jul 2015 kl. 5:59pm 
So my friend has been looking for a game with alot of weapon customization and whatnot and I rememberd this game, but I have a few questions before it come sout and see that the dev responds to these I want to ask ya. How many diffrent weapons will you be planning to add? Also if its truely customization will there be draw backs for diffrent parts. I.E add a long barrel to gun for massive recoil and maybe the chance to jam more but makes it hit harder?
Samork 6. jul 2015 kl. 2:41pm 
Enrage  [ophavsmand] 6. jul 2015 kl. 1:18pm