Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

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First Aid 22 юли в 4:18 следобед 
alright, thanks for replying.
Enrage  [автор] 22 юли в 3:19 следобед 
@First Aid - Because the game is very niche - I have decided to put 100% of my efforts into actually making the game; no time spent on marketing or self promotion. The result of this is less updates for those following the game which is unfortunate but will not be permanent.
First Aid 20 юли в 3:03 следобед 
I've been following this projoct for over a year now, and am very excited for a release. With that said, there has been so little in ways of announcements. I understand and appreciate the effort that booleanz (Enrage now?) has been putting into assuaging people's worries in these comments, but with all of the outdated information out there (beta release in 2014 on indiDB), It's getting very hard to follow and is playing with my gamer emotions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the developer(s?) has any obligation to give an update, but I'm just saying it would be extremely appreciated and go a long way towards increasing the game's online presence.
SpeedKiller - 06.08.15 13 юли в 10:54 следобед 
is this game still bieng worked on? it would be a shame if this idea was lost
Tylander The Traveler 13 юли в 5:59 следобед 
So my friend has been looking for a game with alot of weapon customization and whatnot and I rememberd this game, but I have a few questions before it come sout and see that the dev responds to these I want to ask ya. How many diffrent weapons will you be planning to add? Also if its truely customization will there be draw backs for diffrent parts. I.E add a long barrel to gun for massive recoil and maybe the chance to jam more but makes it hit harder?
Samork 6 юли в 2:41 следобед 
Enrage  [автор] 6 юли в 1:18 следобед 
Samork 5 юли в 10:58 сутринта 
So it's just better then!
Enrage  [автор] 5 юли в 9:22 сутринта 
It is not a successor to Receiver. Relock uses the same mechanic of complex weapon manipulation but in a multiplayer, competitive setting.
Samork 4 юли в 5:24 следобед 
I have voted this game to be greenlit after someone said that this is a successor for Receiver. Is it true? If not, is it gonna have similar features? Receiver: http://store.steampowered.com/app/234190/
Supersonic Stork 3 юни в 8:07 сутринта 
gr8 :D can't wait!!!
Enrage  [автор] 1 юни в 3:38 следобед 
Yup :)
Supersonic Stork 1 юни в 9:46 сутринта 
Are you still there?
I really want to see this succeed
Solinarius 19 май в 12:30 следобед 
At the risk of being rude: why make a game like this, in which, the primary feature is obsessive weapons detail but then "cop-out" with old-fashioned, stiff, centered weapon aiming? Why not full free-aim?
Enrage  [автор] 12 март в 4:58 следобед 
Got enough testers... for now... :)
Rodeje25 12 март в 10:32 сутринта 
do you need testers? (i got 265mb of vram tough :/ )
Enrage  [автор] 12 март в 4:09 сутринта 
Rodeje25 10 март в 2:32 следобед 
please put this in early access
Rodeje25 10 март в 2:28 следобед 
the developer has been really quiet.....
flavio-mc 17 февруари в 12:55 следобед 
Finaly greenlit! I hope the development is doing well :)
>IG< Box Aviator (TPE) 10 февруари в 2:14 следобед 
Simon 6 февруари в 4:19 сутринта 
Greenlit already? Woohoo :D, looking forward to the customization :D
FifthRom 5 февруари в 8:35 сутринта 
Congratz :). Now I am really waiting for this game...
Enrage  [автор] 5 февруари в 8:20 сутринта 
Annnnnnd we're greenlit :) prepare.
FifthRom 17 януари в 11:37 сутринта 
Haven't seen any news on main site, what is progress status now?

Looking forward to play this game :). And of course I already upvoted.
Enrage  [автор] 15 януари в 4:04 следобед 
Me too huehue.
MidgetTerminator 15 януари в 5:44 сутринта 
hoping this game comes out
macx 13 януари в 11:07 сутринта 
Даже Пони 11 януари в 3:37 сутринта 
Very good game!!!!
pirate metal > vaporwave 20 декември 2014 в 9:06 следобед 
How is Linux support so far?
Enrage  [автор] 15 декември 2014 в 3:16 следобед 
Still alive :)
BadSniper 21 ноември 2014 в 7:42 следобед 
When's that kickstarter coming up? I really hope this project is still alive, it has so much promise!
MrPandabear // NoLuck 3 ноември 2014 в 2:38 сутринта 
Ariche2 18 октомври 2014 в 11:09 сутринта 
I love Reciever, and something like this would advance the sort of "gun simulator" genre a hell of a lot :D
>IG< Box Aviator (TPE) 2 октомври 2014 в 3:39 следобед 
hell yeah, keep it up
Bullsaver 18 септември 2014 в 12:52 сутринта 
@EngageAaron Great! You already have my like on the page, sir!
DeltaX63 17 септември 2014 в 6:46 следобед 
Looks good !!!
Enrage  [автор] 17 септември 2014 в 3:32 следобед 
@-=[514D3]=- No there is no way to buy in yet, It will be available as soon as possible. Also if any of you would like to stay up-to-date via facebook there is now a page for the game: https://www.facebook.com/RelockGame
TheIdealBanana 16 септември 2014 в 7:13 следобед 
Looking forward to this; is there a way to buy into the alpha?

Tried to look for the kickstarter or a pay section on the website with no luck.
vsonic128 16 септември 2014 в 3:12 следобед 
Awesome concept! The moment I saw Receiver, I wanted to see two things emerge that do the weapon part manipulation stuff - multiplayer and suvival horror. Thanks for tackling the multiplayer! Now... if only there would be a horror game this did this too. Would be a much different thing, having guns and shooting featured so prominently in a supposed horror game, when you had to reload everything and pull the parts and make sure the safety was off as monsters are quickly baring down on you....
Bullsaver 9 септември 2014 в 5:21 сутринта 
Man, you should create a Facebook page for this project before the kickstarter opens...just an advice!
Maverick 1 септември 2014 в 10:05 следобед 
awsome cant wait until the kickstarter re opens
Enrage  [автор] 27 август 2014 в 2:21 следобед 
Yeah the animations are different, those were just placeholders. Using a similar approach to Receiver (keyframe interpolation) now.
Hoovytaurus 27 август 2014 в 9:32 сутринта 
The animations shouldn't be so sudden. I'm 99% sure you know that already but just in case you forgot, slow down the animations a lot. The ones in Receiver took time and were smoother.
Enrage  [автор] 25 август 2014 в 12:14 следобед 
Still working on it.
SQ 24 август 2014 в 12:37 сутринта 
This looks amazingly fun! +1
Shadolance 21 август 2014 в 9:25 сутринта 
I posted a comment a few months ago, could we get a status update or something on a blog, or like a "percent done" thing? A lot of us are really waiting for this game and it would be reassuring to see a weekly update or something.
>IG< Box Aviator (TPE) 13 август 2014 в 11:55 сутринта 
it looks epic cuz you can make yur own gun skins and stuff like that
Enrage  [автор] 3 август 2014 в 6:06 следобед 
Working on it for EGX.
Samork 3 август 2014 в 5:56 следобед 
I am excited about the game just because it very much looks like the game Receiver. It's because the videos you have put on are not the most informative ones to be honest. It would be nice to see some actual gameplay and such so my excitement would be for the actual game but not because it looks like another one that I liked.