Portal 2
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jandlml 16 Απρ στις 10:49μμ 
nicely done.
tim.burget 1 Απρ στις 12:38μμ 
Yeah, a death grid there would look kind of terrible.
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 1 Απρ στις 12:35μμ 
That would look kind of terrible. I was thinking even simpler by removing the goo pit and having that pit be stair accessible.
tim.burget 1 Απρ στις 7:51πμ 
I can't seem to grab the laser cube from the end platform, so for the first trapping occurance, couldn't you just place a death grid between where the bridge and where the cube comes to rest?
tim.burget 31 Μαρ στις 4:45μμ 
Can't you at least fix the trapping occurances you can?
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 31 Μαρ στις 4:00μμ 
I still have it but I haven't found anything to make this work out neater.
tim.burget 31 Μαρ στις 1:30μμ 
So is the reason you haven't updated the map that you don't have the level creator file for this anymore?
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 31 Μαρ στις 11:47πμ 
The first one happens if you ride the reverse funnel all the way to the end. Just try to grab the laser cube when you are pretty much ready to exit the map.

The second one happens if you try to swap the cubes and force respawn the laser cube. The idea is to have the both cubes on the side where you first enter the chamber out of reach of the funnel. The second one you really have to go out of your way to do it but the trap exists because the laser field that gets disabled. I know the simple solution to prevent that trap but, at the time, I didn't want to attach a button to the regular cube dropper to ensure that the player has access to a cube because it looked sloppy at the time to me.
tim.burget 31 Μαρ στις 6:09πμ 
So how exactly do they happen?
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 30 Μαρ στις 9:25μμ 
The trapping occurances are all near the exit and walking over to exit.
tim.burget 30 Μαρ στις 4:36πμ 
@wildgoosespeeder: Not to be a nag, but could you please answer my questions from my comment before my last comment?
TS_Mind_Swept 29 Μαρ στις 5:45μμ 
'swhat i thought.
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 29 Μαρ στις 3:58μμ 
I know of some authors that do decent to good work using the in-game editor. Check out my favorites:
tim.burget 29 Μαρ στις 3:10μμ 
You know, there's a certain amount of time elegance in being able to make good maps in a less than full-featured editor like the ingame editor. It helps put the empasis on level design too.
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 29 Μαρ στις 12:19μμ 
All or nothing. That is your attitude towards maps that weren't created in Hammer. The in-game editor can be just as good as a Hammer-made map. It's most of those front page maps that give it a bad rep. Aside from not having time, I have no interest either. The in-game editor is good enough for my needs. That's the key. The in-game editor satisfies most needs. Hammer satisfies a select few people who want more than just a simple map editor designed for puzzles only.
TS_Mind_Swept 29 Μαρ στις 11:22πμ 
I'm not stooping, I'm saying you're making excuses. Just like Ace Ryder who was often online and in-game yet always complained he didn't have time to map in hammer; he has time, he just uses it for things other then mapping. I say the same for you, it's not that you don't have any time, it's you're not using it for this purpose. It's called seize the day cause you have to grab it and make it worth as much as it can be, most of the time it's not going to just give itself to you, you have to fight for it if you really want it. That's what i did and that's why i know Hammer reasonably well; I could have made excuses or chose to do other things, but i didn't. It's really not as bad as you think, the thing that really takes time is good map design, which before hammer you can't truly know.
TS_Mind_Swept 29 Μαρ στις 11:22πμ 
(part 2) You consider yourself knowledgeable on the subject, well it's about time you started making something with an editor that's beyond a first grade level. No excuses, no crybabies, period. Either seize it or let it get away, it's up to you; but if you do let it get away, don't make excuses about why, that'll just make me and everyone else think less of you, and you don't exactly need that now do you?
tim.burget 29 Μαρ στις 7:37πμ 
@wildgoosespeeder: Is it possible to stand on the bridge to the exit, move one of your portals so the exit door closes, and jump to the platform with the exit door? Also, what are the current trapping occurances on this map?
tim.burget 29 Μαρ στις 6:44πμ 
@wildgoosespeeder: I haven't actually gotten trapped, but can see how it could happen if you didn't have that area. There's also a glitch with funnels that turns off (not reverses) that can trap you against the ceiling if you not careful while "flying," where you can remove the trapping potential by placing an angle panel on all ceilings that don't have a higher ceiling adjacent to them.
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 28 Μαρ στις 9:33μμ 
Don't tell me you are becoming like Gimzie and MADEYE06. Those two people are very annoying with their spam and persistent passive agression commentary. Don't stoop down to their level. You are better than that. I know so when we were friends at one point.
TS_Mind_Swept 28 Μαρ στις 6:39μμ 
meew meew meew.
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 28 Μαρ στις 4:46μμ 
You don't think I know that by now? I completely understand that Hammer is the ultimate map maker for any Source Engine game, but I am in no position to learn it right now and I also feel that if I start using it, I may take Portal 2 more seriously than I do now. I don't want Portal 2 for me to become something I don't want it to turn into. You do you with Hammer. Me doing me, I'm fine with just the in-game editor and seldom assistance from BEEMOD and BEE2 assets (magnet portals and that antline manipulator object thing found in many RedSilencer maps ).
TS_Mind_Swept 28 Μαρ στις 4:40μμ 
Best fix is hammer, and don't be a fraydy cat.
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 28 Μαρ στις 3:51μμ 
I know where the trapping occurance is too. There are two, in fact. I can fix one of those for sure but the other one is kind of hard due to the nature of the in-game editor generated maps. Best case scenario is to "noclip" to fix the trap for now. Just don't cheat too much.
tim.burget 28 Μαρ στις 2:57μμ 
@TS_Mind_Swept @wildgoosespeeder: I think I know how you would have been able to get trapped, man is the timing precise. It's extremely unlikely that it would ever happen accidentally.
JMSLD_ 24 Μαϊ 2015 στις 1:14μμ 
Love this one. Just over 30 minutes because I kept forgetting to quick save! I like the ending!
TS_Mind_Swept 5 Μαρ 2015 στις 3:20μμ 
i really have no idea man, plus i didn't see any portal surfaces over there so idk how it could help. :/
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 5 Μαρ 2015 στις 2:42μμ 
The noisy platforms, I was at a point where I didn't like using unportalable light bridges for crossing gaps because I thought that kind of configuration was a waste. I now know better that it is cleaner and I am more comfortable doing such things, like in my Confused, Ideas, Deadly, and Gelly maps (and even my friends-only Hang test). I also had to use a light bridge in this map for the turrets to sit on because they weren't high enough for the laser slice maneuver.

The area with nothing at the exit is an anti-trap. Try to guess how one could get trapped before I introduced that area. ;)
TS_Mind_Swept 5 Μαρ 2015 στις 1:27μμ 
Not too long of a test, but i liked it. Don't know y u used the noisey platforms to cross the goo but the rest was pretty much fine, oh, except that area by the exit that nothing was in, that was odd too. Nice processes, took me about 6:30 as well (i wasn't keeping track, but that seems about right). 7.5/10
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 13 Νοε 2014 στις 7:37μμ 
They should by the use of a mouse icon below the thumbnail.
temporarymanwastaken 13 Νοε 2014 στις 6:18μμ 
I... played this one before. A year ago. I remember it. Why doesn't steam have records from the last time I played and rated it?

Still good, of course.
BraniS 31 Οκτ 2014 στις 12:16πμ 
Great test, 6:30 minutes for me.
big red foot 30 Αυγ 2014 στις 12:34μμ 
took about 15 minutes good map
p0rtalmaster 14 Μαϊ 2014 στις 8:30μμ 
I was trying to figure out how to reach the regular cube using what I have. Seemed to involve the portalable surface covered by fizzlers, which seemed unappetizing.
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 14 Μαϊ 2014 στις 2:54μμ 
The laser cube is hooked to a pedestal button. Just reobtain easily. The regular cube can still be grabbed, even after you finally reverse the funnel direction.

I have thought about fixing not being able to readjust the laser cube on-the-fly but couldn't find a clean way to do it.
p0rtalmaster 14 Μαϊ 2014 στις 1:37μμ 
One small issue I encountereed was that the player can't exit if the redirection cube misaligns after putting it into the funnel. Simple solution: add a button for the regular cube dropper. Shouldn't break your map (which is fairly cool).
kimist108 23 Φεβ 2014 στις 2:40μμ 
I enjoy your test chambers. Require thinking and observation.
Repelsteeltje 18 Δεκ 2013 στις 5:10μμ 
Good chamber. Getting the cube on the button is what kept me busy most. Kept trying to get myself on first. Then I saw this was impossible and noticed the cube had to go first.
Scoundrel 8 Δεκ 2013 στις 10:14μμ 
Sorry, just now saw this. Once I've figured out the right way, or a way that works, it's tricky for me to see how I could ever have done it wrong. So I might not be able to help test that.
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 1 Δεκ 2013 στις 10:13μμ 
Let's see if this edit fixes the problem (maybe)...
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 1 Δεκ 2013 στις 6:51μμ 
Heh. I get that from many testers. I need to figure out how to get future starters to look where the antline leads to better...
Scoundrel 1 Δεκ 2013 στις 5:44μμ 
Had to look at spoilers, but at least this time I didn't have to watch the vid. Toncica's spoiler is what did it for me. Couldn't figure out how to stop the cube from bouncing against the button changing the funnel flow endlessly. Except for that bit, the map was fun and fairly simple. But that bit had me swearing under my breath.
stormsend 8 Νοε 2013 στις 4:45μμ 
Good job. Nice puzzle. Took me a few minutes to get the funnel figured out. I liked the glass. Good visibility about the whole map. Killed me some turrets. Overall a great map. Thanks. Mine
srs bsnss 29 Σεπ 2013 στις 5:10πμ 
Once again, this was really nice. The desin on the whole was good, there was little doubt as to what did what and why, it was all nicely laid out. It took me a while to figure out that you had to put the cube in the funnel then put the laser into the funnel , but once I figured it out it was very satisfying (then again, there's not much which is more satisfying than watching turrets explode). Nice work! Noting this concept as well.
Anna 18 Μαρ 2013 στις 6:18μμ 
Hey I played through your map and made a video of it. I hope it's useful!
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 15 Μαρ 2013 στις 8:59μμ 
Don't feel stupid. Your harder version puzzles made me feel stupid at times. It's all part of the test chamber solving and test chamber creation processes. :P
toncica 15 Μαρ 2013 στις 4:12μμ 
This made me feel incredibly stupid. It's not even complicated, but I can't believe how long it took me to just hold the cube to the button.
Nice job (by you). Here is my stupid blind run: http://youtu.be/lUvz-10Gaa8
wildgoosespeeder  [Δημιουργός] 14 Μαρ 2013 στις 12:26μμ 
The map has been updated because your playthrough pointed out some unintended solutions.
Selyp 14 Μαρ 2013 στις 1:54πμ 
Your map was featured on Portal 2 Roulette! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pllF4bSAC04&feature=youtu.be

Clever map, loved when it all clicked together!