Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с ее разработчиком и начала подготовку к ее выходу в Steam.

Shovel Knight
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[$CAH$] thicket 19 апр @ 12:33 
It takes a lot to make a game. There are a lot of unexpected bumps in the road in making a game, even when just polishing it up and giving it finishing touches. it's good to just be patient and let the team take their time. after all, the more time they spend smoothing things out and getting rid of bugs, the better the game will be.
SlutSlayer 19 апр @ 8:40 
Fitz 19 апр @ 8:12 
Devs should not give a release date unless they are serious. Seriously frustrating
KebabRemover 19 апр @ 1:42 
you sayd 2 weeks! wheres my game!
Mystic Fox 18 апр @ 2:23 
lol, laggy pyro
davi2903 17 апр @ 6:34 
I guess it will release april 30
Mecanico Ra 15 апр @ 19:11 
logandudes 14 апр @ 14:30 
soon and please be on mac
Audon 14 апр @ 13:11 
Can't wait :)
SlutSlayer 11 апр @ 10:27 
TeutonicPlague 10 апр @ 13:12 
While the wait does and has hurt, I don't mind waiting extra time if that is what is needed for one of my most anticipated games of the year to live up to my expectations. Take all the time you need, Yacht Club!
RuneInfantry 9 апр @ 18:02 
PLEASE before the end of Spring Break. That would be sooooo nice. Please?
WulfgarVikingThunder 9 апр @ 14:07 
I'm with you Thicket as long as it released before August of 2014 lol. Seriously can't wait I have been checking steam non-stop everyday hoping that it will up :).
[$CAH$] thicket 9 апр @ 14:01 
men, it's alright, we will sit here and wait it out as long as it takes! I don't care if it comes out in august 2016. We will stand firm! And keep checking every day for updates! Now WHO'S WITH ME!
Laggy Pyro 8 апр @ 9:45 
Yacht Club Games  [автор] 7 апр @ 14:54 
@Laggy Pyro
Not ready yet! Sorry!
Laggy Pyro 7 апр @ 8:19 
Relase the game god damnit!
Psydye 31 мар @ 21:01 
CanNOT wait for this!! :)
Yacht Club Games  [автор] 31 мар @ 17:09 
Hey everyone, no news to report on a new formal release date, but we're still working tirelessly to see the game released soon. Expect to see Shovel Knight transition to the normal Store Page/Game Hub/Community within a week or two.
[UKIP] DarnFineCoffee 31 мар @ 16:36 
When is it coming out?
King Dickus 31 мар @ 15:43 
i need this
BaalNocturno 31 мар @ 14:21 
well i was so hyped for this day and now... man i cant wait xD
Pubstar87 31 мар @ 10:57 
So, when is this game actually coming out for steam? Can we get on a notification list or something, so I don't have to keep checking back in?
Made 30 мар @ 10:50 
Push this game back again and I am going to turn green!
Mystic Fox 30 мар @ 3:33 
Nevermind. I guess as a kick-started game, its more about serving the players rather than keeping a 'bottom-line'.
Mystic Fox 30 мар @ 3:24 
... Gee, I hope Dark Souls II (PC) sales won't interfere with your release. I has hoping that Shovel Knight would come out well before DSII came out, but both game releases keeps getting closer and closer.
Yacht Club Games  [автор] 28 мар @ 14:14 
Unfortunately we have had to push back the date a little bit further than we hoped with the 31st. You can see this update for a bit more information: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yachtclubgames/shovel-knight/posts/775106

But we're close, people! So almost ready!
popoki 27 мар @ 13:22 
I wanna preoder this so hard but apparently I can't do a dang thing 'till the 31st. Gonna be refreshing every half-second when that day rolls around.
TeutonicPlague 27 мар @ 6:55 
Can't wait for this game!
Yacht Club Games  [автор] 24 мар @ 13:53 
Understandable, of course! We're expecting to launch at the $15 range (not counting launch discounts, etc).
Roxolani 19 мар @ 23:27 
@Yacht Club Games
Interesting and I wish to buy this game, but price does matter. Your price?
Yacht Club Games  [автор] 17 мар @ 11:33 
@Zima Zyma
Yes, Steam Achievements! Totaling around 40 or so right now!

@Newminwan2 and Fs|Freeze
Steam trading cards are on the docket for us. It's a perfect fit for a game with so many boss characters!
Fs | Freeze [FR] 17 мар @ 10:47 
Newminwan2 16 мар @ 22:04 
Is there going to be Shovel Knight trading cards? Can't wait for this game!
Roxolani 16 мар @ 15:03 
No Steam Achievements?
Yacht Club Games  [автор] 12 мар @ 14:04 
Small update everyone. Read more here:


Thank you for staying tuned!
Critter_Fest 8 мар @ 15:43 
This looks like some kind of crazy duck tales and mega man combo. The graphics are totally old school. I'm looking forward to this one.
s7121n95 3 мар @ 22:21 
i seen a video on normalboots.com (awesome site btw) by a youtuber named projared. he did a kickstarter vid and showed the game. i love it and cant wait to have it on here and get it. i love retro games and the games this is inspired by are some of my favorites. cant wait to play it. when is the release date and whats the price gonna be? cant wait keep it up
Yacht Club Games  [автор] 3 мар @ 10:53 
Hello again!

Our productivity is at maximum during this last crazy month of development! It's the home stretch! Text is being finalized, mechanics are being tuned, and we're making one last pass over the level design to adjust any rooms which stick out.

A Mac release is planned for sure, but won't be ready for the initial launch. We're hoping to have it prepared shortly after release.

Thank you for those kinds words. It means a lot to read something like that, especially during the freefall that is the last few weeks of a project. It's been amazing to work with such a devoted team here, and I hope that all of their attention to detail really shines through in the final game.
Mr. Sir 3 мар @ 4:38 
I cant fucking wait for this game.
logandudes 25 фев @ 14:23 
Toft 21 фев @ 7:16 
This game really has the potential to be something special. I'm glad they aren't rushing its development to meet a deadline and are instead polishing the game up to make sure it is 100% complete before its release. This is the trademark of a developer that cares more about their consumer than their profit. I sincerely respect them for taking a note from 90's game developers like rare who put time, effort, and most of all heart into their games. It's sad to see many games released that are either rushed, incomplete, or being milked for profit. These guys really do seem to be the bright spot in a dark room. Good on you for your efforts Yacht Club Games.
Not A Canoe 19 фев @ 12:51 
I have been waiting for this game since the Game Grumps played way back. Cannot wait till it comes out!
eos 27 янв @ 8:52 
Would love to see this be added to steam
AwesomeSauceShaun 25 янв @ 16:02 
I think I may be getting this on Wii-U, but can't wait!! It looks totally awesome!
Hue-Bris 24 янв @ 10:05 
hotDamn! i dont know how i'm going to survive through march playing shovel knight, dark souls 2, and reaper of souls....

-LMA-{EMC} 23 янв @ 2:58 
When's the soonest i can I pre-order this on steam???
Dr. Jan Itor 23 янв @ 1:56 
I want this!!!
Yacht Club Games  [автор] 22 янв @ 14:37 
Hello everyone! We posted a new update which unveils a lot of new information.

This will be an exciting couple of months!
[TASTY] fiddy 18 янв @ 9:59 
well, winter 2014 is right now (through March)... so that means soon, yes?