Left 4 Dead 2
Jack Skellington
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Raisins Pie 13 Ιαν στις 12:02πμ 
This is SPARTA!!
Tedward 22 Οκτ 2016 στις 11:52μμ 
Ƹ̴JohnnƴღGhostƷ 15 Ιουλ 2016 στις 3:01μμ 
this is halloween
Cryo 29 Ιουν 2016 στις 6:24μμ 
I w a z a r u 31 Μαϊ 2016 στις 11:52πμ 
Awesome stuff)
Bonkle 11 Φεβ 2016 στις 1:03μμ 
love it
jjrossi 10 Ιαν 2016 στις 10:12μμ 
make one for nick
person 14 Αυγ 2015 στις 11:40μμ 
Nightmares for years...
Aomine 大樹 9 Αυγ 2015 στις 9:25μμ 
... good...
Ninjadude2551 27 Μαϊ 2015 στις 1:48μμ 
This is freakin beast dude, I play with it all the time even in my sleep.com
FluffyButterson 19 Απρ 2015 στις 8:59πμ 
am I the only one who read that little intro part in marilyn manson's voice?
ftb_customer_service 10 Μαρ 2015 στις 5:32πμ 
Is there any way you can convert/port your model to skyrim? Or allow me to have it converted? Thank you
ATallWhiteGuy 27 Ιαν 2015 στις 12:55μμ 
ryukun223 10 Ιαν 2015 στις 7:44μμ 
qex #GOODMORNING 2 Ιαν 2015 στις 2:46πμ 
where do i download it?
Guy Fieri 29 Νοε 2014 στις 8:17μμ 
Can you make a jack skellington (santa outfit) for Ellis?
Classic Oswald 3 Νοε 2014 στις 1:49μμ 
"I'm probably the biggest NBC geek you'll ever meet."

I want proof that I'm not.
[Hot Pocket]๖ۣۜSeiko 8 Οκτ 2014 στις 6:27πμ 
CutFountain3554 4 Αυγ 2014 στις 7:36πμ 
Splinks could you try creating a special infected using this model. http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-oogie-boogie-3d-model/665125
If you could that would be great.
★ Cynquilla ★ 2 Αυγ 2014 στις 2:27πμ 
this is purely great! i love it! just needs his voice and we're good to go! :D
Stella Marsh™ 28 Ιουλ 2014 στις 5:39πμ 
this is fucking awesome I love Jack! thank you so much!!
Ronald McGodDamnDonald 29 Ιουν 2014 στις 5:17μμ 
Skinny bastard!
thirsty boy 25 Ιουν 2014 στις 11:22πμ 
Nofuckyou I'm a better fan.
By the way, those last two lines didn't go with the rythmn at all.
Papa Bless 22 Ιουν 2014 στις 10:53μμ 
super rad
A Happy Gamer 26 Απρ 2014 στις 8:29μμ 
dude i love your rhyme sounds just like him lol
unanau 22 Απρ 2014 στις 2:40πμ 
WOLF 21 Απρ 2014 στις 6:07μμ 
@StevenJ505 it had disappeared on me but it's back now thanks
Beautiful Nightmare 15 Απρ 2014 στις 11:48πμ 
toon_orochi 4 Απρ 2014 στις 11:51μμ 
bloody awesome
[SB] Unkle Genny 28 Μαρ 2014 στις 1:38μμ 
Senity 22 Φεβ 2014 στις 8:12πμ 
love it
Mew The 2nd 19 Φεβ 2014 στις 2:22μμ 
@Lady Tsunade Spliks made one, check the acount
WOLF 8 Φεβ 2014 στις 6:52μμ 
Where's Sally :'(
Middle Sister 26 Ιαν 2014 στις 11:07μμ 
This day is just getting awesome with these really great mods. Thank you.
15 Ιαν 2014 στις 11:27πμ 
I LOVE it <3 <3 Jack is the best one :D
Elektroaffe 12 Ιαν 2014 στις 2:40μμ 
thats great!
철인무적 12 Ιαν 2014 στις 5:17πμ 
very good
Carmetallo 11 Ιαν 2014 στις 5:20πμ 
awesome :)
Chuckles Stank Chromotoes Bungus 3 Ιαν 2014 στις 7:54μμ 
Nice description.
Razke ✪ 30 Δεκ 2013 στις 2:34πμ 
Is he voiced?
LiquidMercury8 28 Δεκ 2013 στις 8:57μμ 
This is a fantastic re-texture! keep up the good work!
Araku 26 Δεκ 2013 στις 6:22πμ 
awesome i onli can say that
Pathfinder 12 Δεκ 2013 στις 3:46μμ 
@IceEyedDeadlox Dude, it clearly says 'COACH' on the mod preview before you click on it.
mellow 28 Νοε 2013 στις 3:25μμ 
[Hot Pocket]๖ۣۜSeiko 26 Νοε 2013 στις 1:22μμ 
what survivor is he?
Strategicleez 2 Νοε 2013 στις 10:56μμ 
I loooooooove coach but gawd damn I got to get me an odd skin for him
DrFault 28 Οκτ 2013 στις 5:52μμ 
looks more of slender man than jack in my opinion.
Just sayin'
Macaully McCulkin 23 Οκτ 2013 στις 6:49μμ 
TSM $tarboy 25 Σεπ 2013 στις 10:55πμ 
funny as hell
Jackface5 6 Σεπ 2013 στις 10:24μμ 
you are now one of mt favorite people