Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с ее разработчиком и начала подготовку к ее выходу в Steam.

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jetlord1 11 ч. назад 
I want this game so much ^^ Dawać mi tooo! <3
The 13th Child 13 апр @ 17:35 
I wish i got here early enough to vote :(
VityViktor (Fus ro dah!) 13 апр @ 9:28 
Release date, please?
Tf4rdy 12 апр @ 6:07 
Dawajcie szybciej jakąś betę!
moᵲᵱḩὶus 7 апр @ 1:57 
This is going to be a great game.
Медведь 5 апр @ 2:36 
OMG, is AWESOME! pls multiplayer!!!!!!!!!
Wetfinger 28 мар @ 4:58 
This looks really amazing, cant wait to play it. had few friends over and we were going thru the greenlight games, this one really stood out of the green crowd, had everyone saying "OMG! Wow fantastic!" i hope we get a playable version soon
Nokzen 25 мар @ 7:18 
I want this game so bad, demo soon? :p
Mugwump 15 мар @ 4:45 
Game looks terrific.
Deshango 11 мар @ 22:55 
just got Dark Souls 2

It. Is. AMAZING. I look foreword to my many deaths in Darkwood
Acid Wizard Studio  [автор] 11 мар @ 13:46 
@тнє Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡╬ξгร - RIP Pablo

Thanks! We're totally hyped for Dark Souls 2 too :D
Deshango 7 мар @ 12:49 
There are two games I am hyped for, This one and Dark Souls 2. Cant wait
Hey did you guys used to make MMF games back in the day?
csnephi 26 фев @ 12:37 
I think this is my most looked forward to game right now. It looks super awosome.
I see some simularities to survivor squad but I expect this will be way better and that survivor squad may have copied some of the look.
Acid Wizard Studio  [автор] 26 фев @ 2:10 
@Septum Sonus

We'll be ultrahappy if Darkwood will be considered even 10% as cool as the Witcher! :D:
Enderboy75 24 фев @ 14:09 
Maybe the next epic polish game after the Witcher (you can do it guys :D !!!)
Heart*Beat 16 фев @ 7:35 
single ( its bad(
Flippin'Tables 15 фев @ 23:07 
Looks fantastically done, looking forward to it's release! Hope you guys can add some replayability to it and make it stand out. Multiplayer would be nice (modding community?) and I'm feeling the spooks already :)
Septum Sonus 10 фев @ 18:15 
@Acid Wizard Studio
Acid Wizard Studio  [автор] 10 фев @ 8:53 
@Septum Sonus
Nope, sorry! It's a singleplayer only game.
Niknikon 10 фев @ 5:18 
Septum Sonus 9 фев @ 22:29 
I wonder, once release, with the funds you guys will most likely get, will you add the cooperative/multiplayer?
Mr Shinji Ito 9 фев @ 1:53 
FANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!!! Non vedo l'ora speriamo in un multi-lingua!!! DAI! DAI! DAI!
8 фев @ 20:29 
WoW! But need better graphics
Caboose9614 5 фев @ 18:30 
Survival Horror genres are amazing. This is a must have on my list. Definitely Steam worthy, cant wait!!
Raglefant 4 фев @ 5:57 
Really looking forward to this one! Have lost track of how many times I've watched the trailers.
deniz120499 3 фев @ 14:02 
I need that game
jeffmcnj 1 фев @ 15:40 
hey any idea when this game will be realeased?
Khmeli Suneli 25 янв @ 5:19 
Oh my God, so damn cool looking. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.
TheLordNiko97 22 янв @ 7:24 
Epic game!!! Is epic!!!
Nene Romanova 22 янв @ 7:21 
Wow Slender 2d
iNstIGGAtor 19 янв @ 12:50 
Guys you are rock! Hope, you can successfully complete all of your ideas! And it will be very cool game with unusual game experience!
!鯊魚SHARK! 18 янв @ 23:20 
I hope it's free
nonoNovak 18 янв @ 18:44 
I'd pay 15-20$ for this game and never look back. Can not wait, and will keep in check with progress.
|MLP_BROnyTM|Snowdrop 17 янв @ 10:09 
когда она выйдет вот это интересный вопрос
[A]лександр [A]кс 11 янв @ 2:33 
Когда выходит-то кто-нибудь пояснит мне?
colbergus 9 янв @ 13:49 
może być niezła gra!
oi9009io 8 янв @ 10:20 
looks pretty cool!
GMK 7 янв @ 15:13 
Is there a way to preorder this?
Watermelon 6 янв @ 3:08 
Still remember this game. It's very good cause i watched trailer in march and was surprised by the unusual atmosphere of the game. I remember and waiting for release.
Captain Afro Frog 6 янв @ 0:24 
would be so amazing if it had a co op play
"Narugi Oozomicky" Scary 5 янв @ 8:47 
Lordy oh me oh my, Valve's just adding games left and right but nothing even good. I just want to see this on the Store; my anticipation is just building.
8-BIT Fighter 4 янв @ 3:12 
will pay for this
Jerryhotwheelz 3 янв @ 14:22 
this game look awesome can wait to play.
Olfurio 2 янв @ 7:33 
it looks like a very nice horror game
Neo Raziel Blade 31 дек, 2013 @ 20:34 
looks interesting
fperal 31 дек, 2013 @ 10:04 
I'm agree, It seems cool.
alfonso guerra rajoy 30 дек, 2013 @ 15:29 
translate to Spanish,please
yusiwen 29 дек, 2013 @ 17:58 
Looks very promising. Can't wait!