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benjaMIN 16 Jul às 8:22 
YounGBlooD 11 Jul às 5:31 
vman39 8 Jul às 15:41 
Lets bring this game foward.
El Chuvachino 8 Jul às 6:29 
do100 8 Jul às 3:54 
It's awesome
myyxaaproo123 7 Jul às 22:04 
когда она выйдет?
Butter ツ 5 Jul às 5:09 
Absolutely brilliant idea, for sure would buy this game in a heartbeat.
King Razured 30 Jun às 14:27 
Looks well made, even if I'm not a fan of this kind of game it does look interesting.
andreashend 28 Jun às 12:35 
God damn it! Let us play your game (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
WickeDeZ 28 Jun às 9:28 
yes, i think this game is a must try..its deffinitley on my list
HFK Cpt.Monky 20 Jun às 10:40 
ich warte ..und warte..und warte :D
Septum Sonus 16 Jun às 15:49 
@imWearingSweats Lots and lots of penis. Thats what you should expect. And yelling. cos, you know... DIS GAEM IS GONNA BEH SPOOKS AND A LOT OF MAN PARTS WILL BE LOST IN TEH BATTLE OF TEH VERY SPOOKS.
ImWearingSweats 11 Jun às 11:49 
I mean, I really, REALLY, do think this game looks awsome, and i would LOVE to play it, but I have to know... How "bad" is this game? When it comes to me and super violent, gorey games packed with violence and sexual content, i really just cant enjoy the game as much as if it was a little bit more modest. So about how "bad" is this game going to be? And please, be honest.
Angluca 10 Jun às 22:32 
I like rogue like games.
The Acid Wizard  [autor] 9 Jun às 2:39 
Cool, I thought I was the only one! :D
ImWearingSweats 8 Jun às 13:33 
This is one of those games were I come to the homepage, watch the trailers, look for updates, and read comments, EVERY DAY.
Mark Timbi 5 Jun às 10:55 
why is the game so god damn long to release! XD
ny_____ 2 Jun às 7:22 
wanna try
awesomebillfromdawsonville 1 Jun às 18:17 
its june, gimme
DARK HUNTER 29 Mai às 22:48 
JETeran 25 Mai às 10:45 
Huge, immersive, dark.

My humble definition of Darkwood.
do100 24 Mai às 4:33 
The game is awesome, i really like it, but is it going to be released
jertzy 23 Mai às 8:45 
starting to lose interest. When will it be released ? Game looks cool
The Acid Wizard  [autor] 23 Mai às 2:28 
Well, we got greenlit a year ago so we only post important announcements here, you can get more info on the store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/274520/
RayWolf7 22 Mai às 21:06 
What happend ? I love this game but I don´t see movement here :( I want buy the early access in steam. When launch? Looks really great.
Mark Timbi 11 Mai às 9:34 
wow i am going to get this game when will it be done cant wait to play it cause it look so cool
AttackonG 10 Mai às 15:29 
seems not bad
RayWolf7 7 Mai às 15:38 
wow!!!!!!!!!! really good!! :S Traps, barricades, craft, exploration, ambientation, defense mode, zombies........................... wow!!! haha I like the indie games... but I love this......... I can´t wait!! I will buy the early access. Great work guys, is my "ideal game" haha
Sicko 4 Mai às 13:47 
Has great promis..

My concern is they decided to go early access route..
Games that go this route typically stop updates while in early access...

Leaving you a half finished game... cause they take the money and run.
Scorchi 4 Mai às 3:59 
Seen a trailer of this a few months ago and since then have been hoping for this to be released. Seems to have a very dense atmosphere :-)
IIIIIlllIlIllIIlllIlIIIl 1 Mai às 1:25 
multiplay plssssss!!
IIIIIlllIlIllIIlllIlIIIl 1 Mai às 1:23 
Nokzen 25 Abr às 20:45 
I cant wait! :)
Bagi 24 Abr às 8:56 
Gra koks!
jetlord1 18 Abr às 6:57 
I want this game so much ^^ Dawać mi tooo! <3
Tank Richtoffen 13 Abr às 17:35 
I wish i got here early enough to vote :(
VityViktor 13 Abr às 9:28 
Release date, please?
Tf4rdy 12 Abr às 6:07 
Dawajcie szybciej jakąś betę!
moᵲᵱḩὶus 7 Abr às 1:57 
This is going to be a great game.
Mav 5 Abr às 2:36 
OMG, is AWESOME! pls multiplayer!!!!!!!!!
Wetfinger 28 Mar às 4:58 
This looks really amazing, cant wait to play it. had few friends over and we were going thru the greenlight games, this one really stood out of the green crowd, had everyone saying "OMG! Wow fantastic!" i hope we get a playable version soon
Nokzen 25 Mar às 7:18 
I want this game so bad, demo soon? :p
Mugwump 15 Mar às 4:45 
Game looks terrific.
Deshango 11 Mar às 22:55 
just got Dark Souls 2

It. Is. AMAZING. I look foreword to my many deaths in Darkwood
The Acid Wizard  [autor] 11 Mar às 13:46 
@тнє Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡╬ξгร - RIP Pablo

Thanks! We're totally hyped for Dark Souls 2 too :D
Deshango 7 Mar às 12:49 
There are two games I am hyped for, This one and Dark Souls 2. Cant wait
Hey did you guys used to make MMF games back in the day?
csnephi 26 Fev às 12:37 
I think this is my most looked forward to game right now. It looks super awosome.
I see some simularities to survivor squad but I expect this will be way better and that survivor squad may have copied some of the look.
The Acid Wizard  [autor] 26 Fev às 2:10 
@Septum Sonus

We'll be ultrahappy if Darkwood will be considered even 10% as cool as the Witcher! :D: