The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ahrkin Ruins: Dungeon Mod
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Navinius  [tekijä] 17. maalis, 2013 12.59 
Ronin 17. maalis, 2013 11.15 
Navinius  [tekijä] 17. maalis, 2013 10.32 
New Update out. It now adds a unique item. The Bow of Sorrow. It is in the Ahrkin Crypt at the end of the dungeon. Enjoy
Ronin 11. maalis, 2013 12.58 
could you please add a unique item at the end, hopefully with new meshes and textures*?

Livnthedream 11. maalis, 2013 2.14 
Just an fyi, this has 7 ITM records according to tesvedit.