Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
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darkhairedbeauty 19 Lis - 12:13 
love the hair. just like I wear my hair lol
DreadlordKai 3 Lis - 7:49 
neither the hair nor face look anime-ish....
RoyalFlush30 21 Paź - 17:15 
its not the hair its the shitty anime face
Fertix 17 Paź - 8:30 
Mal was anderes
❄Festive Robin❄ 16 Paź - 17:27 
I don't like any of the hairstyles already ingame, so this is perfect.
Kootzie 16 Paź - 16:42 
@RoyalFlush30 What's so anime about these hairstyles? These all look like hair styles I have seen in person
RoyalFlush30 16 Paź - 16:36 
why do mod makers when theyre doing hiar/face fix/ they always put amime on it a few words GET YR FUCKING AMIME SHIT OFF SKYRIM OK SKYRIM IS NOT FOR ANIME AND ITS FUCKING PESTERING ME
Alpha-methyl 15 Paź - 13:42 
These look pretty good. I was surprised by the lack of much ponytail hairstyles considering the envorinment of skyrim... they're functional for a woman.. I guess they're functional for a dude with long hair too. Yeah.
优格索托斯 10 Paź - 21:31 
Rivara 5 Paź - 15:10 
Pretty cool.
myst 4 Paź - 7:54 
This is awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
FBI-Agent:HAU 22 Sie - 13:45 
Lara Croft
PedjaSuperman 19 Sie - 17:31 
does this work on npc? or towns people?
Ghastly Grinner ⇋HG⇌ 16 Sie - 13:16 
I'm using this to make my Lara Croft character.
balloran 16 Sie - 0:44 
remember that his version 2 IS the update for this [click on his name and it will show that he had to upload it as a new file]
Thrashing Thranduil 10 Sie - 12:13 
You should edit the mod, so that the ponytail hangs out of the back of your helmet, that would look cool.
Ishino Yoshida (RVN651) 9 Sie - 19:25 
does anyone think of dynasty warriors on the 10th pic? lol
NathanielRyanJones 7 Sie - 13:20 
Hoping you get around to fixing these up a bit more. I wanted to do a run as Musashi Miyamoto, only to find that the back of his head clipped through the hair.
SERGIO_372 27 Lip - 11:24 
Thanks bro!
IMMATURE GAMING 25 Lip - 5:55 
these are some cute looking hairstyles. nice work.
LilithLR 8 Lip - 22:08 
A highly recommended mod, great hairstyles for our protagonists. :D
armadaxster 2 Lip - 14:05 
Nice hairstyles. Great Mod!
DesoLark 29 Cze - 21:10 
works on male characters? oh, THANK you.
AOD_Druzbez 26 Cze - 13:07 
It does not work with the thieves guild hood. It just makes your head bald and polygonic glitchy while you are wearing it. Please fix that.
Amazing hair, 10/10 would bang :3
Z3troX 21 Cze - 3:02 
great job . thanks
ButterFly2014 15 Cze - 22:03 
The 8th photo looks like vahl's hairstyle from skyrim tale.
Me 10 Cze - 7:14 
Hi !
Pretty cool hairstyles !
Any chance you'll adapt them to male and non-human characters ?
xXScenarioXx 5 Cze - 9:55 
17th picture looks like Vahl's hairstyle from Skyrim Tale : (
Heavy Weapons Guy Junior 31 Maj - 4:57 
I wonder if you're going to make some kind of modern-like hairstyle set for both genders.
A3fje//new acc: fbdfx 30 Maj - 15:01 
florisan17 15 Maj - 9:57 
coldfoxxjoe 5 Maj - 13:51 
this is great, can you make a pack of long hair styles too?
boogvandre 2 Maj - 17:29 
I have a Suggestion to add (You might have this, But I don't really have time to look at the Pictures right now.) I believe you really should add some kind of hairstyle that's a braid, and it goes over the players shoulder and it has different ribbon color choices to tie the braid at the end.
AlignedName52 29 Kwi - 19:58 
How did you get that face? Is it a mod?
paizuriprincess 18 Kwi - 20:10 
I love this hair mod. I never feel right without it installed.
sgtwinkler 6 Kwi - 16:35 
I tried to use the hairstyles in a mod to see if they would work, but Creation Kit can't seem to find the files. They still look great though!
[Nerd] JimJam141 Gamer 5 Kwi - 10:06 
why are there two of this mod
Northlane 4 Kwi - 7:42 
It's working just fine for me again ^3^
Cyclone(noeyes) 3 Kwi - 6:19 
Love this mod but for some reason it auto updated and my character is now bald. Wat?
DBswag 2 Kwi - 12:55 
Umm, what? My character is suddenly bald and I have been useing this mod for ages.
tiganas 2 Kwi - 12:38 
is this compatible with Dragonborn and Dawnguard? Because suddenly this mod won't load now that I have them.
Northlane 2 Kwi - 10:54 
Autoupdated just now but the hairstyles are not in the game, my character is bald :D
Also the file size now says 0.000 MB
tiganas 2 Kwi - 7:55 
Wonderfull mod. Do you think you could make a similar one for males?
Lastat 1 Kwi - 23:41 
Thank you for pointing that out. I went into Data Files and checked it again and now have the hair back. Thanks for the help
Vaowar the Head Elf 1 Kwi - 22:33 
I noticed the mod unsubscribed itself for me and set the files to not load. I would check to see if that is why you went bald.
Twilightraider990 1 Kwi - 22:33 
I've just had a look at the data files and this file for some reason had unselceted itself, so to speak...
lexercist 1 Kwi - 22:32 
It was literally working just yesterday and now even after I uninstall and reinstall again, I am bald.
Twilightraider990 1 Kwi - 22:23 
So i'm not the only one, did something happen? That we're unaware of?
Lastat 1 Kwi - 22:09 
Same. Loaded game and now I am bald