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Risk of Rain
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848 comentário(s)
NPH 18/jan/2015 às 9:31 
So nice in coop
sadkey 26/nov/2014 às 11:17 
"Looks like a bad platformer game that's been shrunk down to micro size.

Not very appealing. Needs better graphics. Doesn't appear commerically viable for steam distribution." - Resolute, 2013. How wrong he was.
st0erk 3/ago/2014 às 18:30 
Good game!
Sir. Barnaby 24/jul/2014 às 13:23 
Lets make a.... suggestion
Lets think that the current game uses 720X480
Maybe its better if it has (even) more effects nor 920X720
(dat resolution :D )
The Inquiring Frog 3/jul/2014 às 11:04 
Keep working hard on the arena mode and bugfixes guys! I'd also love for you to add me :<
Big_JH 1/jul/2014 às 0:20 
My money can not exit my wallet faster!
lolxd 4/mar/2014 às 12:00 
a like that game
Be2maru248 22/fev/2014 às 2:10 
I am a Japanese. Please support Japanese.
OurFatherWhoAWPSinHeaven 19/fev/2014 às 8:08 
This is the best game ever. If you get the chance to get it, I know you will love it
Lenky Lad 13/jan/2014 às 20:23 
Just figured out this game came from greenlight which is surprising cus most of the games that get released never get my interest and look, the game was funded 340% higher than it required that's an impressive feat for this:muney:
Marky_Mark 7/jan/2014 às 23:07 
looks good
Deltaway 24/nov/2013 às 9:52 
히오스 켜고 팀포꺼라 9/nov/2013 às 4:41 
i have some error >:(
when i play it there is no sound
Typo Hui 8/nov/2013 às 10:42 
It's already out guys, check the store page
Argentavis Pteranadonhead 8/nov/2013 às 10:07 
Grats on release guys :)
(yeet) 8/nov/2013 às 9:31 
when ois it coming out ? anyone know exactly?
Kruasanus 8/nov/2013 às 8:41 
где игра??
Treul 8/nov/2013 às 7:41 
Hello everyone, how's the weather?
Gnome Chompski 8/nov/2013 às 7:09 
also, do the devs ever check steam? They live next to me so I will buy them a drink :)
Gnome Chompski 8/nov/2013 às 7:08 
what time?
Lucile 8/nov/2013 às 6:59 
The release is today
Nov 8th
Biik 8/nov/2013 às 6:26 
release tomorrow?:(
cute 8/nov/2013 às 6:12 
Be patient until at least tomorrow, guys!
alb55 8/nov/2013 às 4:49 
lr| 7/nov/2013 às 23:47 
omg, where is it game? i cant understand! RELEASE IT:berserk:
Hard Funny 7/nov/2013 às 22:33 
Вот именно Where is it!
DropTheMoon 7/nov/2013 às 22:17 
Where is it!?
Hard Funny 7/nov/2013 às 21:52 
lr| 7/nov/2013 às 19:53 
Lucile 7/nov/2013 às 18:24 
game releasing in acouple of minutes :D
Arale//Zero 6/nov/2013 às 16:07 
Wandering vagrant, huh? ;P
Death Professor 6/nov/2013 às 14:19 
According to their website this is due out on 8 Nov.
Nasty Peep 1/nov/2013 às 11:02 
Double greenlit? What?
Liberty Prime |SR2| 30/out/2013 às 14:43 
Dis gon' be good.
Xristosx★ 29/out/2013 às 19:49 
Double greenlit, Double awesomeness.
Rawrquaza 29/out/2013 às 12:31 
Greenlight X2 combo!
AlloyForce 29/out/2013 às 12:25 
Yay :D
YoankaAvocado 20/out/2013 às 2:49 
Look at the top of the page. It has already been Greenlit. It's gonna be up on Steam when it's released.
MarvinBeGood 18/out/2013 às 10:57 
steam pls add this game :D
Glothrenite 12/out/2013 às 2:29 
Looks Pretty Damn Cool
Listerine 11/out/2013 às 13:11 

Listerine 11/out/2013 às 13:11 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Steam Add This░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please!░░░░░░█
BrutalJuggernaut 8/out/2013 às 17:24 
YES PLEASE :gaper:
unkind 8/out/2013 às 3:48 
the demo is so fun
Chiwapchichi 5/out/2013 às 8:16 
Жду выхода! Ребята так держать!
Ct_Nasty_Man 2/out/2013 às 16:59 
when does it come out?
27/set/2013 às 16:54 
preordered :)
CptOops 25/set/2013 às 15:51 
Why is this not on Steam yet? I would pre-order if on Steam.
Ryuugan 22/set/2013 às 4:53 
Please release early beta on steam :heart::heart:
SquarelyCircle 18/set/2013 às 20:37 
This game has been reviewed and added to Fun Family Friendly Games.