Portal 2
Test #42
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Jade BGE 29 март 2013 в 1:11 следобед 
Love that; you got joy to make, we got joy to play. Thanks
avatar_1987  [автор] 16 март 2013 в 12:35 сутринта 
@Blackorc31: so i need average between one and two hours for one map... sometimes three.
i dont have plans for my designed maps i only build spontaneously my maps when i got joy to do it :-)...
[ Alpha ]_Aldarion 15 март 2013 в 8:31 сутринта 
A very amasing map. How many time you take to create one map ? Your job is very good. This one is a less hard to understand but it was a try or die map . I die in every trap with turret :D
avatar_1987  [автор] 8 март 2013 в 2:26 следобед 
yeah i know its not thought to get a new... gotta watch out ;-)
post-mortem 8 март 2013 в 2:10 следобед 
If you fry the cube, you can't go back to get another one.