Left 4 Dead 2
Blue Laser Sight
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Diamond462 11 Φεβ στις 3:36μμ 
y this conflict with this mod :c can u fix http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=121208400
HOTSHIT 1738 22 Δεκ, 2015 στις 1:36μμ 
its bullcrap
⋗ﺴ▫ЇѺЇ▫ﺳ⋖ 25 Ιουν, 2015 στις 3:56μμ 
Doesn't seem to work and no conflicts with other add-ons exist.
troller1 22 Μαρ, 2015 στις 5:21πμ 
R Kely P N on U 11 Ιαν, 2015 στις 8:53μμ 
Green laser sight has existed for along time now.
^1[:3] king ^8tiger 21 Αυγ, 2014 στις 12:42μμ 
you do you turn it on?
Pandaponi 17 Αυγ, 2014 στις 10:33πμ 
make a rainbow laser sight
Ken-Senpai ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ 12 Ιουλ, 2014 στις 10:19πμ 
-.- Wow i have no idea what it was conflicting this addon
Ken-Senpai ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ 12 Ιουλ, 2014 στις 10:16πμ 
I decided to disable almost every conflict and it's fixed, no idea what it was..
R2D2 22 Μαϊ, 2014 στις 3:12πμ 
Zeffia 24 Ιαν, 2014 στις 10:45μμ 
With no other addons checked I get some error about the server enforcing the spitter skin.
☠Ðeath™ 28 Οκτ, 2013 στις 3:41πμ 
Or dont they work when you have it on a reskinned weapon?
☠Ðeath™ 13 Οκτ, 2013 στις 2:27μμ 
doesnt work at all, no conflicts
(G.E.W.P) Honeycomb 9 Οκτ, 2013 στις 5:58πμ 
Conflicts with "El Fabuloso" Particle Effects. It comes with its own laser mods
SatsukiSparrow 15 Σεπ, 2013 στις 2:40μμ 
it be awesome if there was a green one :3 but i like blue too!
Prof ★G-Unit 27 Αυγ, 2013 στις 5:11μμ 
I wanted this but it conflicts with my Blue Radioactive pipe bomb.
High Functioning Autism 19 Αυγ, 2013 στις 1:55πμ 
i like that idea Rainbow sights :D
Damlorsyt 13 Αυγ, 2013 στις 7:19πμ 
Rainbow sight is awesome idea
=H=Ninja Santa 21 Ιουν, 2013 στις 7:23μμ 
good idea V_V
Big Breasted Mega Slut ♥~ 1 Ιουν, 2013 στις 10:25μμ 
oh great, now why dont u create a rainbow one?
RastaHeartedGirl 4 Μαϊ, 2013 στις 10:16πμ 
doesnt work for me
Thomas Jefferson 6 Απρ, 2013 στις 10:12πμ 
Oxygen 27 Μαρ, 2013 στις 12:39πμ 
eltoy  [Δημιουργός] 25 Μαρ, 2013 στις 4:35πμ 
HunterPlays354 22 Μαρ, 2013 στις 3:09πμ 
cantberacistifihaveacoloredtv 20 Μαρ, 2013 στις 11:57πμ 
eltoy  [Δημιουργός] 16 Μαρ, 2013 στις 2:06πμ 
Green laser has already been uploaded in workshop by another user
jakey1995abc 15 Μαρ, 2013 στις 11:03μμ 
Make Green! :D
Rabbleflaggers 15 Μαρ, 2013 στις 8:55μμ 
can you make a green one?
bench1988 14 Μαρ, 2013 στις 10:28μμ 
Krypto[R]™ 14 Μαρ, 2013 στις 12:10μμ 
eltoy  [Δημιουργός] 14 Μαρ, 2013 στις 5:15πμ 
Tail Red 13 Μαρ, 2013 στις 11:30πμ 
Wow this is nice ;)
Alpotato 12 Μαρ, 2013 στις 7:06πμ 
Thank you very much
eltoy  [Δημιουργός] 11 Μαρ, 2013 στις 12:04μμ 
Alpotato 11 Μαρ, 2013 στις 7:24πμ 
Please make a violet one :3
Panlew 10 Μαρ, 2013 στις 11:30μμ 
I don't see the point - it makes aiming harder - you always stare at the red, because its brighter and more insulting to the eyes. With blue its just like - eh don't look here.
Astro 10 Μαρ, 2013 στις 7:56μμ 
Zer0Talent 10 Μαρ, 2013 στις 4:21μμ 
make the death lazer (purple)^ ^
Empty Sockets 10 Μαρ, 2013 στις 9:56πμ 
Make a green one!
simply Marc :-) 10 Μαρ, 2013 στις 6:21πμ 
The Blu-ray Diodes are more Violet thats true =)
☭DJ♫Weeder™[Ro]☭ 9 Μαρ, 2013 στις 2:30μμ 
yeah me to its great! love it!
|αттσ| Templar Ghost 9 Μαρ, 2013 στις 2:25μμ 
i am loving this mod (besides blue is my favorite color)
Coffee Cup 9 Μαρ, 2013 στις 1:58μμ 
Thats actually pretty nice
Das 9 Μαρ, 2013 στις 1:50μμ 
@Stormtrooper... c'mon dude, blue lasers are out there. Even blu-ray players use them to read the disks. Heres the TOP model. http://www.wickedlasers.com.hk/arctic Also, a nice thank you to the author. very cool.
simply Marc :-) 9 Μαρ, 2013 στις 11:09πμ 
They do exist! Thanks for this !!! ^^
Storm 9 Μαρ, 2013 στις 3:14πμ 
blue lasers dont exist...The closest you can get is a purple laser.
[RAPT] Captain Lory 7 Μαρ, 2013 στις 2:22μμ 
Why? Ain't no disco.