Darkspur the White Stag
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Hermaeus Mora 12月18日上午6:29 
Marriage-capable? WTF
Kolton Burke  [作者] 12月2日下午6:50 
lolol sorry lady (:
°AnimalGRL° 12月2日下午5:06 
XD oh
Kolton Burke  [作者] 12月2日下午5:03 
I tried doing that.
Broke steam for a week....
°AnimalGRL° 11月28日下午7:17 
im assuming you cant ride him? XD
Foobert 11月22日下午2:18 
(Looks in discription and see's that its says "Marriage-capable") Oh yeah! time for some beastiality.
Kolton Burke  [作者] 8月19日上午6:22 
Hahah awesome xD
Dino_Girl™ 8月14日下午4:08 
Great mod! He'll follow me to Oblivion and back, I'm sure. I now have an elk for a husband :D
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年12月11日下午5:23 
What's happening? Give me details so we can troubleshoot :D
CannonBallCurry 2013年12月11日下午12:42 
can't get him to follow me :(
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年12月2日下午4:59 
Hahah thank you.
CannonBallCurry 2013年11月25日下午5:34 
oh god I gotta try it now lol I'd love to see his marriage proposal :D
CannonBallCurry 2013年11月25日下午5:34 
lol anybody else find it weird you can marry an Elk? lolz
VanQu1sher360 2013年8月11日上午6:42 
ok thanks like all ur other mods this is awesome
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年8月10日下午7:03 
He talks c:
VanQu1sher360 2013年8月8日下午7:45 
does he have a voice or is he just a regular elk
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年7月17日下午8:47 
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年5月18日上午9:09 
He's right at the Riverwood gate, chewing grass..
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年5月15日上午8:47 
No, he cannot be ridden. I'm still working on figuring out how to do that. It's hard having it be able to talk AND be ridden, because it deals with some complicated scripting.
melisgard 2013年5月14日下午2:14 
can my character ride him?
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年4月5日上午5:00 
It's chill.
BriMan 2013年4月1日上午7:18 
Tried it for a while, was fun but couldn't handle having him zooming around all the time haha
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年4月1日上午7:06 
@MrMeows: I have tried it. Dave is annoying. But thanks.
BriMan 2013年3月31日下午11:16 
Thankyou for trying :)
MrMeows 2013年3月31日下午9:51 
Try the "Dave the Talking Dragon PET" mod if you want a dragon follower.
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月31日上午11:03 
I worked on it for a while. It was infuriating.
BriMan 2013年3月31日上午9:29 
Damn. Would have been awesome :(
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月31日上午9:27 
That idea failed. Not gonna happen.
BriMan 2013年3月31日上午9:26 
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月31日上午8:48 
Uh....he works..................idk what you're waiting for.
BriMan 2013年3月28日上午6:53 
Haha sounds good, keep me updated, this is definately something I would like to see :)
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月15日下午9:25 
Indeed I do, good sir/ma'am!
Poe is Totes Immortalz 2013年3月15日下午8:12 
Do you mean that legitamately?
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月15日下午7:57 
As legit as it gets.
Poe is Totes Immortalz 2013年3月14日下午6:27 
Marrying an Elk?... Seems Legit.
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月13日上午8:45 
@BriMan: I'm currently trying to figure out how to get the dragon followers to NOT FLY. Because they don't know what to do when they fly (because they're smaller).
BriMan 2013年3月11日下午4:10 
Thankyou haha that sounds greats :)
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月11日下午12:32 
Dragon follower. Yes, that would be possible. I would have to change some behavior though. For example, dragons have no "flight physics" inside of buildings..they just kind of glide and roar at you (phasing through the walls and so on). I'll get started on that tonight! (:
BriMan 2013年3月11日下午12:30 
Could you make a Dragon Follower? haha would be interesting, With dragon moves and stuff, just shrink the model to about human size so it can fit in buildings and stuff. Having a mini dragon would be cool :P
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月11日下午12:29 
It works for other people..Meh. I hate not giving you guys something that works 100%. I hate it more when people thumbs down me for it. I really appreciate you and your patience. Thanks a bunch, let me know of any requests you have and I willl fill them (i.e. Specific follower).
BriMan 2013年3月11日上午11:59 
Yeah it seems to not work with Pre-existing saves but all future saves are fine. I'm happy with this, Thankyou for your help :)
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月11日上午8:56 
Good man!
BriMan 2013年3月11日上午6:57 
It might have updated when I made the new character so I will check on my main whenever I play next. :)
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月11日上午2:40 
No. I don't know what problem you're having..
BriMan 2013年3月10日下午11:58 
I made a new character and it works on him though it still doesn't work on my Main. Is this how it is meant to be ? :(
BriMan 2013年3月10日下午9:13 
BriMan 2013年3月10日下午12:47 
Still .esp
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月10日下午12:02 
Try it now.
Kolton Burke  [作者] 2013年3月10日下午12:01 
It's driving me nuts.
BriMan 2013年3月10日上午11:57 
LOL yeh i just checked and its still the same as before.