Ця гра була схвалена спільнотою!

Спільнота продемонструвала свою зацікавленість цією грою. Valve зв’язалися з розробником та розпочали підготовку до релізу гри у Steam.

Virtual Pool 4
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Silas Greaves 11 год. тому 
Get it on steam store ASAP please. Muchly needed and anticipated. Thanks.
Dave [UK] 9 гру о 23:40 
I've been waiting so long for this day. Steve, just take my money already! D:
rambler78 8 гру о 15:38 
Steve any chance for Steam Workshop?
Bill Brassky 5 гру о 11:37 
Can't belive it's finaly gonna be here. Amen
pooljunky  [автор] 4 гру о 17:05 
Not going to be Xmas, at this point not sure exactly when as we are looking at if we should include online in the Steam release right off the bat or wait on it.
micktalbot 1 гру о 20:55 
The Facebook page says that they are aiming for release on steam before Xmas. Fingers crossed.
Perfectionist 1 гру о 11:11 
I agree this is an instant Green Light decision, let's see this on Steam ASAP please.
indam 26 лис о 6:56 
Can not wait for the release
igor_ezar 23 лис о 10:33 
igor_ezar 23 лис о 10:33 
fecske 23 лис о 1:11 
finally is greenlit
Assassin 21 лис о 13:41 
micktalbot 21 лис о 5:25 
Gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!
rambler78 20 лис о 0:59 
Very nice!!!
Razonix 19 лис о 14:59 
Hallelujah! I was beggining to think that Steam would go bankrupt before releasing this game. By the way, now that it was accepted, when are you guys planning to sell it here?
Freebird 18 лис о 22:28 
The best pool game ever made. The simulation is that good, it even helped me to improve my real world pool play.
Andreas Binz 18 лис о 16:28 
Hasukai 18 лис о 13:05 
good game, i will buy it
max04062000 18 лис о 11:48 
voted for this game
Golfinho *GCBGames.com 18 лис о 11:35 
nice guys
andrey951 18 лис о 11:02 
good game,voted
Буран 18 лис о 10:33 
Good game
Mountblanc 18 лис о 10:14 
nice game
[BLR] DIMA 18 лис о 10:08 
The best pool game ever!
Artur_Brain 18 лис о 9:57 
Nice game!!!!!
IIIeKu4 18 лис о 8:19 
Норм игра
keith_gough 18 лис о 7:28 
looks great cant wait
mugenji 18 лис о 7:27 
Slow motion is so cool
Might buy it after greenlight
Om-nom-nom 18 лис о 7:01 
Nice game!
FieryDruid 18 лис о 6:00 
FromHell 18 лис о 5:45 
Seems incredible
Homer 18 лис о 4:36 
Awesome game!!
eL GiNeCóLoGo! 18 лис о 3:56 
cooool! voted!
LLIyCTpuJIa 18 лис о 3:19 
Нравится играть в бильярд!
Jack 18 лис о 0:27 
Cooooolll poooooolll)))
CRISTIAN1ELITE™Founder To RBEC 17 лис о 22:34 
Cool game :)

FreeFall 17 лис о 21:22 
Let me do some trick shots!!! Let me help you by clicking here ^^
(o_o) ricardo :v 17 лис о 19:16 
Awesome game!!
M@nkey 17 лис о 16:32 
nice game
Pablo 17 лис о 16:09 
Very good.
Armisius 17 лис о 15:25 
Remainds me a good old pool game, nice game
BloodyReaper 17 лис о 14:45 
Master™ 17 лис о 14:18 
-SpongeBob- 17 лис о 14:10 
SRGG 17 лис о 13:35 
Demon Hunter 17 лис о 11:54 
ABUSE 17 лис о 10:52 
Мик 17 лис о 8:56 
♘ Tepegöz ♘ 17 лис о 7:42