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Virtual Pool 4
Комментариев: 418
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pooljunky  [автор] 16 сен @ 13:12 
It does run on linux, via wine and works pretty well. We have somebody testing that now.
aemilius100 5 сен @ 1:02 
¡El mejor juego de pool, snooker y billar hasta la fecha! ¡Excelente!
KodduX 27 авг @ 14:46 
I would have voted if it had Linux support :(
steelwars101 20 авг @ 14:40 
Why the heck hasn't this been voted in yet? Come on people!
VTG_BES 15 авг @ 7:51 
MyNameIsPain 14 авг @ 5:44 
Excellent game, real physics like the real game .. best snooker / pool experience ever in a game!
caz207 9 авг @ 22:29 
to use a pad.. try xpadder

bootlg1 8 авг @ 7:10 
Anything that might get Rift support will get my vote!
eagleFMJ 7 авг @ 17:12 
Why hasn't this been Greenlit yet? It's the best pool game out right now and needs to be on Steam, Pure Pool and Pool Nations are both huge FAILS.

Cmon people tell your friends and family to vote this up, lets get this Greenlit!
pooljunky  [автор] 7 авг @ 16:45 
You can play for free, there are some limitations. Come to http://vponline.celeris.com/vp4onprod and try it out.
pooljunky  [автор] 7 авг @ 16:44 
We don't support the xbox gamepad because the mouse is far superior for control in the cue stick speed.
DARKH0RSE*UK 7 авг @ 14:16 
Cyrus9mm install the game and join the lobby you can speak to the admins..
DARKH0RSE*UK 7 авг @ 13:54 
Online Now for $10 per year. This also credits your account with a 1000 vp bux. If it does become green lite then u will also get a free steam key.Give it a try for FREE http://vponline.celeris.com/vp4onprod
mass09 7 авг @ 8:32 
The best pool/billiards simulation available. Will purchase immediately when available on Steam!
Cyrus9mm 7 авг @ 6:44 
If this gets Greenlight, will the yearly payment for Online still apply or will it be free? This is a deal-breaker for me at the moment.
Vampiah 6 авг @ 1:54 
I would buy this game in a heartbeat if it were greenlit! Come on steam! This is the definitive pool game!
Scot.Dos 5 авг @ 10:08 
Why doesn't this get pushed through?
Wezilla 5 авг @ 6:44 
Does this support xbox gamepad ?
DARKH0RSE*UK 1 авг @ 15:17 
doofus3000 1 авг @ 12:49 
I've been waiting for a top pool game ever since Virtual Pool 3 decided to stop working for me, Was really excited to see this was being made. Downloaded the demo from the website, just been sat playing it for 2 hours! And you only get a very quick game of 6-ball! Come on Steam, get this released ASAP!
McShave07 1 авг @ 12:34 
U.K Pool..........consider this a day one buy.
Death 1 авг @ 6:28 
That's sad, I really love the song "Black Ball" in the trailer. Thank you for your answer. I hope this game will release soon.
pooljunky  [автор] 31 июл @ 15:42 
No Jukebox planned. Most of our players use some sort of streaming music service to get exactly what they want.
Death 31 июл @ 12:33 
Is this game going to have a jukebox? I really love BGM on VP1 and I'm really sad that iPad version doesn't seem to have them.
Doo Won 24 июл @ 11:50 
I hope this does get Greenlit... This is recommended much more than any other game of this type... Come on Steam, you can do it :D
alexavileo 16 июл @ 3:17 
i like this game so much
Lv`777` 13 июл @ 1:31 
CoolSysop 11 июл @ 2:09 
I like good pool physics .
3DuFF 2 июл @ 9:07 
add steam workshop (cues,tables,balls and enviroments) im sure people will jump onto the band wagon. played "VP.exe" for years when i was young with my uncle and would love to go back with my kids with modern customisation and gfx.
CmputrBlu 1 июл @ 13:19 
Is pool so unknown to most gamers that we can't get VP4 Greenlighted? I'm always amazed at the stuff that gets Greenlighted while VP4 sits in limbo.

Great pool game that really needs to be Steam now so it can be appricited by more gamers.
pooljunky  [автор] 1 июл @ 9:09 
Right now we are 97% of the way to the top 100. Have no ideas what that means as far as when Steam green lights it as they don't say what you really need.
Adi_Gryfino_PL 30 июн @ 15:06 
Brakuje takich gier :)
Andreas Binz 28 июн @ 4:37 
How many voters we have at this time ?
BambooKun 27 июн @ 23:29 
Hope it releases soon
Razonix 25 июн @ 15:03 
♪ Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you ♪
fecske 22 июн @ 0:58 
Greenlight it !
HorseDick 21 июн @ 5:38 
c'mon steam, greenlight this game already
Youth! Full Power!! 8 июн @ 7:58 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
Johnny_Cage 6 июн @ 18:03 
Himemiya 6 июн @ 13:32 
i like it
Karthik7Nike 3 июн @ 18:51 
I want this now!!! So cool.
Processor 1 июн @ 14:18 
Steam needs a good pool game. This looks like the one.
TESOURO 26 мая @ 14:46 
pool for spends time
TdotR 24 мая @ 11:29 
come on this needs to be on steam ASAP!
micktalbot 16 мая @ 20:29 
Why not put Virtual Pool 3 on Steam?
D3 15 мая @ 11:58 
Greenlight it ! Best pool game ever
Razonix 9 мая @ 13:46 
Come on Gaben, don't you like to play pool? Greenlight this!!
DEVILLLLLLLS 5 мая @ 15:20 
жду когда появится!!!!!!!
Drake 3 мая @ 9:48 
mojave 3 мая @ 7:26 
With all the crap games on Steam This isnt on here what a joke