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Virtual Pool 4
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ionutudor2012 ápr. 19. @ de. 10:39 
droberts249 ápr. 16. @ de. 11:12 
I'll post this here since it was lost in discussions...

I seem to recall a while back that there would possibly be a discount for Virtual Pool 4 for owners of the download version of Virtual Pool 3. I was wondering if anything came of this or whether there are any plans for it to happen?

Many thanks
Ludvig ápr. 13. @ de. 8:40 
THE best snooker and pool game! It has to be available on Steam really soon!
TdotR ápr. 10. @ du. 12:03 
this really needs to happen
EMCY ápr. 4. @ de. 5:56 
I really want this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!
crazzywak márc. 27. @ de. 4:08 
Best Pool/Snooker simulator in existence. I will definitely buy it.
['☢Lethal Enforcer☢'] márc. 23. @ du. 9:25 
Lets put it this way coming from the son of a Bar owner / Pool hussler for over 50 years, My dad plays Virtual Pool 3 every night since he had sold the real pool table we had. I got him VP3 and he says its nothing like any other Pool playing game online. Hands down he thinks its the most realistic online pool game and I have to agree, So as long as Virtual Pool 4 is still like VP3 in some ways if not better.... I approve for this to be brought to STEAM as I would buy this game for the right price! So me and my dad both could play the newer version together :). Please add this to steam!!!!!
Crystal@Plu márc. 18. @ de. 10:37 
Waiting for the game!
barry66995 márc. 9. @ du. 4:28 
This game is better than other pool games. Greenlight it now.
IMAJICA márc. 5. @ de. 7:09 
There is no reason to delay if you want to play online RIGHT now against real people. The Beta has been open for over a week. You have to buy the offline version £19.99 $29.99 to get access to the online beta. Have to say its playing great so far. The game may appear on STEAM in the future but have to say the set up for online with Celeris is great, there is all your stats saved and the tourney set up is automatic. What are you waiting for? (I have no idea of the alpha release date and lets face it Celeris ain't been too quick in the past with the beta! But there was obviously a lot of work done to get the functionality/online going to the standard it is at so hats off.)
Valleyscc márc. 4. @ du. 2:57 
How it's possible VIRTUAL POOL 4, not approved ?
1 year in this SLOW & BAD system.
Why not show the number of votes?
Gabe, you really don't want the best pool game on Steam?
KingArkon márc. 4. @ de. 5:58 
Thanks for the quick reply pooljunky. I'll definitely buy now from your store, with that peace of mind.
pooljunky  [készítő] márc. 3. @ du. 6:02 
Yes, you can get a steam key if it gets the Greenlight.
DARKH0RSE*UK márc. 3. @ du. 3:49 
Public Beta is partially open. Players who have accounts can now access online play. If you don't have an account you can get one by purchasing VP4 Offline, which by the way is the best way to practice your game.
KingArkon márc. 3. @ du. 2:13 
I really want this game, but would prefer it through Steam. Known my luck it will be greenlit the day after I purchase it from the Celeris store!

I know developers such as SQUAD who eventually released Kerbal Space Program on Steam gave Steam keys to old customers whom originally purchased from their store, I wonder what the stance on something similar here would be in the event of it being greenlit? I believe a lot of customers are holding out on buying this title for that reason.
SGT Rock febr. 28. @ du. 9:21 
I loved the old Virtual Pool games and I've been recently replainf the IOS version of Virtual Pool 3. They really are the most realistic pool games out there and everytime that I have played them regularly I have noticed my real life pool playing ability improve as well.
ne.sarZ febr. 28. @ du. 1:58 
This looks really good.
naildriver74 febr. 28. @ de. 10:03 
my money is growing mold waiting on this.
Scot.Dos febr. 27. @ du. 7:09 
I wonder why it hasn't been greenlit yet because they have a better game than a lot of greenlight titles and a small but interested fan base.
tabularaza febr. 27. @ du. 3:18 
I played the demo and I have to say it is the best pool game I've ever played. There are lots of features e.g table customizations and the gameplay is stunning.
It will be a sure buy for me if VP4 passes greenlight :)
Dj_Canna febr. 25. @ de. 12:34 
I love this game because it's the most realistic poolgame at this time ! Like it !
pooljunky  [készítő] febr. 23. @ du. 5:21 
Celeris didn't wait. Steam did not want VP4, made us go to Greenlight, and now they are making us wait. Complain to Steam about VP4 not being Greenlit.
fecske febr. 23. @ de. 11:25 
i want this in my steam library ... :(
Bagpuss1969 febr. 23. @ de. 9:41 
Will buy this when finally released on steam
Fweeka. Fweeka [rƎVOᒧution] febr. 19. @ de. 7:06 
Huge gamer and also pool player. I don't get why Celeris waited go to Steam. Steam is the premiere PC gaming platform, they (Celeris) shot themselves in the foot by isolating themselves from it. VP4 has been around for awhile now, and they just now are getting around to getting greenlit on Stream. Why?
Fweeka. Fweeka [rƎVOᒧution] febr. 19. @ de. 7:06 
I spend a lot of time on AZB, and we all know the current state of billiards. It's a dinosaur in our modern era. Billiards as a whole needs to modernize itself as much as possible. And as far as I'm concerned, waiting so long for VP to make it to Steam has just been another example of pool being left in the dust.

I wouldn't expect the folks over at AZB to know PC/gamer/internet culture. But I'd hope billiards enthusiasts would recognize this opportunity to put themselves in the loop. And not just be relegated to a bunch of old birds talking about pools heyday in the 70's where thousands of dollars were riding on the rail, and Jew Paul or Cornbread Wilson walked out of Hard Times and went to the dealship to buy a Cadillac.
Fweeka. Fweeka [rƎVOᒧution] febr. 19. @ de. 7:05 
The moment VP4 hits steam, I'll buy it. I hate buying non steam games. It saddens me that I even have to write this. It saddens me even more to watch pool be associated with old men or men with egos so big they are too good to set up just any pool table because it's beneath them if it's anything less than a Diamond Pro Am.

I suppose I'm just venting about pool now, which is virtually invisible here in the gaming world. But it does make me sad to see something I've loved since I was a child erode in such a negligent manner.
pooljunky  [készítő] febr. 14. @ de. 9:25 
There is no delay, the issue is Steam has to Greenlight the product. If you want VP4 you can purchase it here:
Fani febr. 12. @ de. 10:54 
What a shame. Is the delay because of the developer? Features missing? Not sure where the holdup is.
I don't think Steam even cares because look at all the junk indie games. Every one wants to make a game and get rich. Lots of crap on Steam these days. With this stupid 8-bit "retro" graphics. You know what? I've lived through it. I've played it. And I'm DONE with that. Give me better graphics, gameplay and games. Not Indie crapolas.
This game is similar to VP3 and 2 but still fun. PoolNation is average and alright. I think this is much better. C'mon... release it now.
O² |GgoC™ febr. 7. @ du. 1:26 
sollte in mehreren Sprachen erscheinen.
WilliamG febr. 6. @ du. 1:56 
If this game doesn't come out soon, I'm going to cry for days.
micktalbot febr. 6. @ de. 1:09 
Missed out, yet again. Boooo! Boooo I say!!!
PearlJamR febr. 4. @ du. 8:45 
I own this game outside of Steam, but to have it on my Steam list would be great. Not only is it the best Pool Sim I have ever played , it also has ta great community.
Чижик ™ febr. 2. @ de. 6:47 
Только Русский язык добавьте)
alytpool febr. 2. @ de. 5:49 
@Caz, nobody have a realistic date. Celeris CEO said january 2014 but delayed it again, nobody knows.
rambler78 febr. 1. @ du. 6:16 
Maybe today or tomorrow, getting very close
caz207 jan. 31. @ de. 10:17 
@alytpool, im confused is online version out jan 2014 or jan 2015.. give us a realistic date please. and also is it standalone version, steam version or integrated into the full version of vp4 digital download?
Razonix jan. 28. @ de. 2:40 
I read an article at PC Gamer saying that Gaben wants to "make Greenlight go away", as Steam evolves. I hope that VP4 will be released here before that happens. By the way, thanks for the information and link, @alytpool
NC DiJane jan. 26. @ de. 7:28 
Best pool game I have ever seen!
Telemaco jan. 25. @ du. 2:57 
Cuando podremos disfrutar de este juego en steam??
Me parece un juego muy interesante y que podria atraer a muchos jugadores.
ravy666 jan. 25. @ de. 6:02 
VP3 was the best pool game ever, take my money for number 4 PLEASE !!!!!
micktalbot jan. 25. @ de. 2:39 
Missed out yet again!
Saɪ̯nən jan. 23. @ du. 3:14 
VP4 is far more superior than this consolish Pool Nation game. Can't believe PN made it and VP4 didn't, yet. pls support VP4
CmputrBlu jan. 22. @ du. 1:40 
Still not Greenlighted? WTF? Will never understand how the Greenlight system works; and how VP4 still isn't in. The game is alreafy out so is there some other reason it hasn't been picked yet?

Thankfully I already own it and it beats the other pool game here hands down.
ShadyChaseTwentyEight jan. 22. @ de. 10:33 
Please bring VP4 to Steam! I have been an avid fan of the Virtual Pool series since the very beginning. It is the only pool game I play because it gets everything right...i.e. physics, play-ability, fun factor, etc.
TheVil jan. 20. @ du. 1:10 
Very Cool !
KillShadow jan. 19. @ du. 10:23 
Virtua Pool 4 on Steam playing with friends across the planet and achievements Yea Baby!!!!!
kaworu jan. 13. @ du. 12:57 
I would LOVE to get VP4 on Steam. I can buy it from Celeris direct but I'd rather have all Steam enabled games. exactly same here: steam realese = you'll take my money. will wait for this great game.
alytpool jan. 12. @ de. 2:45 
Check the website:

alytpool jan. 11. @ du. 12:38 
@Razonix , public beta release in january 2014