Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Baby BOOM!!!
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XenoKiller666 22 de mai às 12:54 
uberhaxornova used this mod
Pug 9 de mai às 22:51 
:D das baby is a terrorist
ꞋꞋꞌ٠١Vladinov scottien 6 de abr às 19:48 
: Coach : DAME!!!
ꞋꞋꞌ٠١Vladinov scottien 6 de abr às 19:47 
aint no men whould be ridden like that !!!...... o.0
Military Brutality 25 de fev às 16:15 
man, implant explosives into a baby, put it to sleep, throw it to zombies to eat, shoot baby to kill zombies...Wow.
Yes 23 de fev às 14:05 
DryIceVaccine 15 de jan às 12:32 
eatingcookie 20/dez/2016 às 20:26 
This is just sad.
whatdoyoumeme 6/nov/2016 às 23:02 
Not child abuse

Why does it look like jesus?
你的灵魂将受到折磨 13/set/2016 às 17:48 
I can not use it .......I mean I can not drop a baby
enano | csgo500 farmskins.com 11/jun/2016 às 19:15 
....... PERFECT jajajajaja
Kyubee 6/jun/2016 às 16:01 
this is so sick, but i guess im sick for liking it
EvilXeb 21/mai/2016 às 17:12 
When I said the baby did a boom boom I didn't mean THIS!

I Hope you like my joke.
Jarielislame 9/abr/2016 às 10:33 
i can finaly kill babies without getting the police involved
Paton 4/nov/2015 às 14:08 
I sell propain and propain.... wait what is this?
Green 25/out/2015 às 20:41 
doesn't this just make you want to shoot even more? everyone else=
DrHost 31/ago/2015 às 23:58 
u are sick in u mind :D
딸기공주 15/ago/2015 às 23:40 
DukeofSlackers 28/jul/2015 às 18:11 
So the texture doesn't show up for me and neither does the sound. It's just a normal propane tank. Anyone know why?
Moony Rainy 22/jul/2015 às 9:05 
this is fuckin sick
Mike Wazowski, Eater of Worlds 2/mai/2015 às 14:36 
Can someone please make this replace the gnome in Dark Carnival? It would be hilarious.
Ghost F@cker XIII (Boss) 17/abr/2015 às 6:02 
"What? Babies freak me out. Rock-a-by-BANG!"

Acquamarco24 29/mar/2015 às 0:39 
it's horrible
caspern1 6/mar/2015 às 17:16 
bitch babies need to live FUCKING MEANY
Ursão 14/fev/2015 às 15:41 
Aff,tem que compra fralda,mamadeira,chupeta e etc? kkkkkkkkkkkk
Nagito Komaeda 4/fev/2015 às 6:56 
ja też
Czerwony 24/jan/2015 às 13:04 
Budyń 24/jan/2015 às 10:22 
Kto od GIMPERA!?
Wulf 30/dez/2014 às 21:58 
@∆ⓏΣ℟◯∆ マーカス YEP
VanoM 1/dez/2014 às 17:54 
I'm I the only one that wants to save the baby ;'(
Clem 23/nov/2014 às 15:08 
england is my planet 15/nov/2014 às 8:30 
Zombie: Canw I tuchw yoww babwwwyy
You: Yeah
*Throws baby over to zomvie*
Zombie: "Kuchy kuchy koo-
jack 30/out/2014 às 6:05 
Dexen Xeptar 16/out/2014 às 16:01 
Nothing is weirder than your friend throwing a baby on the floor and shooting it exploding zombie guts all over the place.
johnthejew42 26/ago/2014 às 18:55 
AJ is the new badass.
MarioDox 22/ago/2014 às 2:14 
Killing A baby For Escape? Looks Very Good For A killer
Pocket Scout 21/ago/2014 às 18:38 
Just throw them at the zombies, they'll be running for the hills
Mr.Dapper Lion 5/ago/2014 às 17:50 
its not a oxygen tank its a medkit
Lars 29/jul/2014 às 19:00 
i'm on the weird side of left 4 dead again
akos 16/jul/2014 às 16:21 
nova's baby is found, we must rape the subscribe button
Breadinator 12/jul/2014 às 19:29 
This is awful
Dinglewagon 1/mai/2014 às 16:28 
Ghost F@cker XIII (Boss) 7/abr/2014 às 19:53 
The baby died for his country. And his parents died in hiroshima! Hahaha, yeah i'm going to hell.
Munkee 26/fev/2014 às 2:03 
2 words..

baby... pipebomb
Seraph 23/jan/2014 às 9:35 
Lol Juk.
Commander 14/jan/2014 às 23:33 
it wont work on me :(
Shadow961817 13/jan/2014 às 10:56 
baby goes boom
B.O.N.D.R.E.D 12/jan/2014 às 0:57 
Можно детей в зомби кидать :D
Juki Johnson III 9/jan/2014 às 15:01 
에이핑크 7/jan/2014 às 22:51 
but so good