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Ponyparty23 16 януари в 9:57 сутринта 
This looks so much like Spyro.
Javd1390 27 декември 2014 в 3:51 следобед 
█░░ Valve ░░░█
█░ Add This ░░█
█░ Please! ░░░█
█░ And Give ░░█
█░ me one ! ░░█
NoVa 18 декември 2014 в 5:09 сутринта 
Ah man, I keep looking at this Greenlight page so often. More than any other game in Greenlight...
KyleTheCreator 27 ноември 2014 в 12:14 следобед 
NoVa 10 ноември 2014 в 2:46 сутринта 
I wouldn't care less if it was low-poly or not. I still play games far more uglier. A game is a game! :P
Cyberbrickmaster86 9 ноември 2014 в 10:05 следобед 
So you're saying the low polycon counts were made on purpose? I don't understand why it's even necessary in a game made in the mid 2010s, as it doesn't leave people the same impact as pixel graphics do. If anything it puts them off, because it looks like it could be shovelware by some third rate indie company which is not uncommon, especially on greenlight! I'm just saying that if you improve upon the graphics so it only looks nostalgic in art instead of outdated graphics, you would encourage a lot more people to greenlight your game, myself included!
Liman3D  [автор] 9 ноември 2014 в 9:53 следобед 
2,453 "yes" votes( 18% of all votes), 51% of the way to the TOP 100. Even greenlit we have serious reason for not publishing this on Steam. There is no interest for this game.
NoVa 9 ноември 2014 в 6:06 следобед 
What's the Greenlight percentage of Deo at right now, anyway?
Liman3D  [автор] 9 ноември 2014 в 2:57 сутринта 
Yes, this game is finished. It entered greenlight as finished project (minor changes were made between its release date and the date it entered greenlight). The game was influenced by games from the PlayStation1 and 2 era as most of these games all had low-poly look. This game like all kind of games like this cannot be made for mobile devices. This is not a technology related stuff, we can port it to anything, but you won't feel comfortable playing such a game with 8-directional movement plus 6 buttons for just, fire, accelerate, camera zoom / rotate left / rotate right.
Cyberbrickmaster86 8 ноември 2014 в 9:37 следобед 
Wait, this game is finished? Well even though it looks better than what it did a year or two ago, it still looks like it could use a bit more work graphics wise. I understand this was influenced by videos games from the N64 era, but low polygon counts don't offer the same impact as pixel graphics. Although if this was made in Unity or was also released on mobile devices, I could give you the benefit of the doubt, since those games are not always the prettiest to look at.
Liman3D  [автор] 3 ноември 2014 в 9:47 следобед 
This is interesting, I haven't heard of it. They should have posted some kind of announcement in the news section.
K③₩③ℒ 3 ноември 2014 в 5:24 следобед 
"with no games greenlit since 1st of August"
Untrue. Games have been greenlit. Just that Valve does not decide to publish monthly greenlit batches anymore.

I guess it's more down to Valve prioritising other games over your game, really. Look at Five Nights at Freddy's 2 . It was posted at least a year after yours (and AFTER the August 1 batch), and got greenlit very quickly.
Liman3D  [автор] 3 ноември 2014 в 12:04 следобед 
well, not really... the wiiU version is going to be a total rework. Watching what's going on with Greenlight with no games greenlit since 1st of August we don't really rely on getting greenlit... The game is still here for exposure only.
BrandeX 2 ноември 2014 в 11:37 следобед 
No analog movement. Also this will be out on WiiU before it ever passes Greenlight here. Maybe you should put it in another bundle to get more awareness for voting.
yasu-yasu83 31 октомври 2014 в 3:03 сутринта 
Looks Great!!
DeAthKeY 17 септември 2014 в 7:08 сутринта 
wtf did you do to spyro... lol
Otterbug 11 септември 2014 в 11:37 следобед 
Cute game! Good luck!
[J<3J] Boj 7 август 2014 в 12:00 следобед 
damn, if this guy got the rights to Spyro he'd be able to make the next best spyro game
JanXP0 2 август 2014 в 3:04 сутринта 
wine96 20 юли 2014 в 1:24 сутринта 
really,cool game
Yertz^ 13 юли 2014 в 9:37 сутринта 
its cool the game
Player el Milllonario 7 юли 2014 в 3:29 следобед 
That VideoGame is soo cool!! ._./
[EPIK] Kaaiseer 4 юли 2014 в 10:13 следобед 
LoL it's Spyro
VitusTriggerr 3 юли 2014 в 6:14 следобед 
Reminds me a lot of Spyro. Voted YES.
barehugs 3 юли 2014 в 6:09 следобед 
@Wild Shark nailed it. First ten seconds of the trailer, I was like, wow, it's Spyro! Not a bad thing at all, though.
vertell the reaper 29 юни 2014 в 4:47 сутринта 
its great cant wait to play it
Baroness Connect-4 the Third 19 юни 2014 в 9:49 сутринта 
This vaguely reminds me of Spyro, taking a look at level design. Does it draw inspiration or is it influenced by the PS1 series?
Youth! Full Power!! 8 юни 2014 в 7:59 сутринта 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
ionutudor2012 25 май 2014 в 4:56 сутринта 
NoVa 21 май 2014 в 4:23 следобед 
Unfortunately I stopped buying new Consoles since my PS3 broke in 6 months back in 2007 >.<
Liman3D  [автор] 21 май 2014 в 12:33 следобед 
Deo is about 40% of the way to the top 100. However the Steam version of the game may be never released due to the low interest in the PC market for such kind of games. We believe Deo will do better as a console game that's why we have started to make a Deo game for Nintendo Wii U, which will include huge rework in order to make it more interesting and better in all aspects.
MulderYuffie 14 май 2014 в 6:46 следобед 
How far into/to the Top 100 are you now?
SirAlgae 20 април 2014 в 12:37 следобед 
Looks and reminds me of Spyro pls yes
Liman3D  [автор] 23 март 2014 в 3:20 сутринта 
Steam keys would be generated and distributed to the Groupees Bundle. If you have bought the game via Groupees you will get your Steam key from them (most likely via your account there or email).
Elfangorax 22 март 2014 в 6:02 следобед 
Hi there. I was wondering how Steam keys for this game from the Groupees bundle will be distributed if the game gets Greenlit? Will the Steam key be completely distinct from the Desura key, or will it only be accessible from the user's Desura collection?
Liman3D  [автор] 4 март 2014 в 9:21 следобед 
yes, unfortunately games are greenlit on the amount of votes. Deo is now at 30% of the TOP 100...
NoVa 4 март 2014 в 9:04 следобед 
So this still isn't Greenlit.

You know, I'd really like it to be :(
Dieblein 12 февруари 2014 в 6:35 следобед 
Nice game! :)
nm4991 8 февруари 2014 в 2:48 сутринта 
Looks like a mix between Spyro and Croc and just a tat of Hugo.
blackshade 27 януари 2014 в 6:19 сутринта 
looks fun
HORSE!! 26 януари 2014 в 2:15 сутринта 
i would play human spyro if it managed to avoid having terrible level design, rip off or not.
bull terrier bae 11 януари 2014 в 11:36 следобед 
Looks a lot like Spyro: enter the dragonfly but with a person instead. Like a lot of it feels parallel to it
Liman3D  [автор] 25 декември 2013 в 4:12 сутринта 
hey NoVa, merry Christmas buddy, I remember I watched your 30 min gameplay in Deo, it was such a nice run :)
Yep, a lot of the new games don't use the maximum of the latest hardware, but is it necessary for a game to be enjoyable? Even B/W can be up to date if the initial idea was to look B/W. Our initial idea was the game to be colorful, anime and fun. The result doesn't look like this because of lack of skills or something. It looks like this because we wanted it to look like this. If you ask about my personal opinion I think this game is a masterpiece. It brings the good old gameplay from the 90's in 2013. It's for sure you won't find many games like this with such a rich input and precise controls. A pure 3D plaforming magic for the adventure platformer gamers. And this combined with the many different and colorful realms and nice music form the game's emotional impact.
NoVa 25 декември 2013 в 2:43 сутринта 
The graphics does look like Spyro 1 of some of the enemies, but the detail/quality actually reminds me more of the PlayStation 2 (think: Spyro 4 and 5).

Also. Spyro 1 was released in 1998, Spyro 2 in 1999, and Spyro 3 in 2000. Then we have Spyro 4 in 2004, and Spyro 5 in 2005 on the PS2, GC and XBOX. Legend of Spyro 6 in 2006, 7 in 2007, and 8 in 2008.

But to be honest, a LOT of games actually still use outdated graphics. There are still games out today only using Black and White as well, and you can't tell me using only b/w is up to date?! Lol.
[kW]~LoGaN~ 19 декември 2013 в 3:09 сутринта 
good mode
Liman3D  [автор] 8 декември 2013 в 9:38 следобед 
Check out the graphics of some of the most enjoyable games today, such as Terraria or Minecraft... Take a look at the most recent Nintendo games as well. This game is animation. Animation games will never have ourdated graphics. I mean it's like to say that "Pink Panther" or "Bugs Bunny" movies have outdated graphics...
Mister Giggles 8 декември 2013 в 2:12 следобед 
This game rly looks like Spyro in many ways but this graphics were supported by Playstation 1 13 years ago its not that good in graphics and game generation at this moment i will vote for it only because i love spyro i had a great childhood with this game and this looks like it but
im saying again that this kind of graphics were used 13 years ago.
Yatekko 1 декември 2013 в 7:37 следобед 
Yeah... this feels WAY too close to Spyro in too many regards for me to be comfortable with. Sorry, it's a "no" from me.
Liman3D  [автор] 30 ноември 2013 в 5:16 сутринта 
well the game seems to be stuck at 25% of the way to the top 100. It's been there for quite a long time... Unfortunately to be greenlit this game needs a lots of votes. Without your support and spreading the word with your friends this may never happen...
Balthier 30 ноември 2013 в 2:08 сутринта 
how close is it to being greelit top 100 or even close?