Skill point shrine thingy
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Khrolek 30 Ago, 2012 às 5:31 
where is it?
BeASt bRoSKi 23 Jul, 2012 às 12:44 
i cant find it is it in the front of high hrothgar or the back?
Hoobla 23 Fev, 2012 às 17:38 
has anyone found any bugs with this mod?
Failboat 22 Fev, 2012 às 18:24 
You could make it so there are 2 separate message boxes, the first one showing only the Warrior/Mage/Thief options and then the additional options for each choice.
IcyDeadPeople 21 Fev, 2012 às 17:55 
No Path of the Mudcrab?
Gavlan 21 Fev, 2012 às 10:33 
Really nice mod, would be even nicer if u could wiew all things though