Il s'agit d'un concept ou projet en phase précoce de développement

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I AM BUYING GAMES 16 mar à 19h09 
dead project?
TheMasquerader  [créateur] 27 sept 2013 à 12h21 
@VR_Phoenix: Thanks for dropping by! You're the first to ask about Linux. We will do a Linux version if there are enough people interested. It requires purchasing a UE3 license.
VR_Phoenix 27 sept 2013 à 12h14 
Looks good so far, but why no linux support?
Yilativ 24 juin 2013 à 6h10 
Really nice :D
Gabe 1 mai 2013 à 1h50 
You guys have my support! Glad to see a promising game made by Romanians. :D
Proletar666 21 mar 2013 à 11h41 
muglore 18 mar 2013 à 21h04 
Looks cool so far
berzerker 17 mar 2013 à 14h08 
looks good
TheMasquerader  [créateur] 17 mar 2013 à 8h24 
Thank you very much everyone for your support and your kind words! We are working very hard to turn Noverat into a great gaming experience for you guys!
oOKHAOSOo 17 mar 2013 à 5h28 
Good !
JustYouJoke 17 mar 2013 à 1h56 
You have my support!
BloodyRo 16 mar 2013 à 16h40 
You have my support! (bafta)
GamerKnight 13 mar 2013 à 13h21 
Looks a very interesting project, nice job. You have my vote on Greenlight
[T1]WaR 11 mar 2013 à 21h41 
Looks pretty cool, good luck.
GooserFive 11 mar 2013 à 17h57 
From what i can see this game has alot of potential, Good luck! :)
TheMasquerader  [créateur] 11 mar 2013 à 9h36 
Thank you very much, ParaDICE!
ParaDICE 11 mar 2013 à 9h09 
Looks cool, good work! Keep on going:)
TheMasquerader  [créateur] 7 mar 2013 à 8h10 
Thank you, MAD!
MAD 7 mar 2013 à 5h04 
Looks good so far, good luck!
TheMasquerader  [créateur] 6 mar 2013 à 23h03 
@clauja02: not really. Noverat is the story of Jay'Dan, so you will only be able to play with him. But you will determine how your character evolves during the game, because the choices you make during events and quests will offer different rewards and trait points. So in a way you will be creating your own version of Jay'Dan :)
clauja02 6 mar 2013 à 19h49 
Is there going to be character creation?
TheMasquerader  [créateur] 6 mar 2013 à 13h05 
@Thornius: thank you! We do plan to make the game look better, this is just a prototype.
Thornius 6 mar 2013 à 12h15 
Increase the visuals just a little bit, otherwise I love what the game looks like. +1
Tzepesh 5 mar 2013 à 23h43 
TheMasquerader  [créateur] 5 mar 2013 à 23h17 
Thank you, guys!
GamerKnight 5 mar 2013 à 23h06 
Nice work on the concept art guys. +1 from me.
<[Equinox]>//^Zedd^ 5 mar 2013 à 15h20 
(Trebuie sa imi anunt niste prieteni)
primusamurai 5 mar 2013 à 13h49 
very good