Dit is een concept of een project in een vroeg stadium van ontwikkeling

Dit item is hier om feedback van potentiële klanten te verzamelen en een community op te bouwen. Als je dit project leuk vindt, beoordeel het dan of maak er een favoriet van. De stemmen hier zijn alleen bedoeld om de ontwikkelaar data en reacties te geven, en tellen niet richting de uitgave van het spel op Steam.

Greenlight stopt ermee. Voor meer informatie over het inzenden van spellen op Steam kijk je nu naar deze blogpost.
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HardHex  [auteur] 3 sep 2016 om 20:19 
We never played Darkstone unfortunately. As far as I know our 3D artist adapted the generic style of handpainted textures to create a style that matches our lore.
Noley 2 sep 2016 om 19:49 
btw were you inspired by darkstone the art reminds me of the towers
Noley 2 sep 2016 om 19:47 
looks good and catchy just wondering is there any fast action or is it like dragon age?
Chozodia 9 nov 2014 om 5:01 
very interesting! I especially like the stand of the camera and the general style of the game =)
the story only adds onto it. I'll be looking forward to the release!
Your logo seems somewhat, uh, unfinished though?
the art behind it is awesome, you should keep it, but 'Novaret' stands alittle bit sore out because of the colour. While it has very nice letters, it just seems unfinished.. somehow?
psymin 26 jun 2014 om 14:29 
I agree, thanks for the response. If your future games support Linux they'll certainly be on my radar :)
q4arus 23 jun 2014 om 10:15 
Thx for response. I'm sure than Linux users (including me) understanding it. Much more sad when you was ignored from game developer that is using Unity. Unity engine allow to create Linux build with few clicks and it's cost nothing, but you still need to test and fix Linux related bugs though.
HardHex  [auteur] 23 jun 2014 om 6:37 
But for our future projects we'll do our best to have a Linux build as well!
HardHex  [auteur] 23 jun 2014 om 5:24 
Hey folks! Our games are created with UDK. In order to create a Linux build, we need the full Unreal Engine 3. Not only does that cost serious license money, but we're not even sure we can obtain a license for our projects. We're really sorry for all Linux users, but we can't pay more money to create a Linux build than we're making with all the sales of the games across all platforms.
nullzero 21 jun 2014 om 5:23 
I would also be interested in a Linux version, seems a good RPG :)

Also, about their other game KEL in IGS deal, does anyone know it it runs in wine?
q4arus 20 jun 2014 om 21:24 
We need more good Linux RPG.
akmelius 20 jun 2014 om 11:15 
I would buy this game if it is released on linux.
A_Gentle_Breeze 20 jun 2014 om 10:28 
+1 linux
Nick 20 jun 2014 om 9:37 
I concur with the other three people, needs Linux and gamepad support.
adolson 20 jun 2014 om 6:58 
I would buy this for Linux, for sure. But preferably if it also had gamepad support too. I like to game on my TV, and keyboard and mouse on the sofa is not fun.
Angry Penguin 20 jun 2014 om 6:32 
Hi, devs. I want ask you to create a version for Linux/SteamOS. Please make me and many other Linux players very happy :)
HardHex  [auteur] 13 mei 2014 om 11:10 
Not dead, just sleeping :) In the mean time, we've released another game called KEL Reaper of Entropy
01binarygames 16 mrt 2014 om 19:09 
dead project?
HardHex  [auteur] 27 sep 2013 om 12:21 
@VR_Phoenix: Thanks for dropping by! You're the first to ask about Linux. We will do a Linux version if there are enough people interested. It requires purchasing a UE3 license.
VR_Phoenix 27 sep 2013 om 12:14 
Looks good so far, but why no linux support?
Yila 24 jun 2013 om 6:10 
Really nice :D
Lorenz 1 mei 2013 om 1:50 
You guys have my support! Glad to see a promising game made by Romanians. :D
Proletar666 21 mrt 2013 om 11:41 
Ghost Machine 18 mrt 2013 om 21:04 
Looks cool so far
paduck1234 17 mrt 2013 om 14:08 
looks good
HardHex  [auteur] 17 mrt 2013 om 8:24 
Thank you very much everyone for your support and your kind words! We are working very hard to turn Noverat into a great gaming experience for you guys!
oOKHAOSOo 17 mrt 2013 om 5:28 
Good !
Qvidiu 17 mrt 2013 om 1:56 
You have my support!
BloodyRo 16 mrt 2013 om 16:40 
You have my support! (bafta)
♞ GamerKnight ♞ 13 mrt 2013 om 13:21 
Looks a very interesting project, nice job. You have my vote on Greenlight
[T1]WaR 11 mrt 2013 om 21:41 
Looks pretty cool, good luck.
GooserFive 11 mrt 2013 om 17:57 
From what i can see this game has alot of potential, Good luck! :)
HardHex  [auteur] 11 mrt 2013 om 9:36 
Thank you very much, ParaDICE!
Steen Steensen Blicher 11 mrt 2013 om 9:09 
Looks cool, good work! Keep on going:)
HardHex  [auteur] 7 mrt 2013 om 8:10 
Thank you, MAD!
MAD 7 mrt 2013 om 5:04 
Looks good so far, good luck!
HardHex  [auteur] 6 mrt 2013 om 23:03 
@clauja02: not really. Noverat is the story of Jay'Dan, so you will only be able to play with him. But you will determine how your character evolves during the game, because the choices you make during events and quests will offer different rewards and trait points. So in a way you will be creating your own version of Jay'Dan :)
lunagoddess44 6 mrt 2013 om 19:49 
Is there going to be character creation?
HardHex  [auteur] 6 mrt 2013 om 13:05 
@Thornius: thank you! We do plan to make the game look better, this is just a prototype.
Thornius 6 mrt 2013 om 12:15 
Increase the visuals just a little bit, otherwise I love what the game looks like. +1
Tzepesh 5 mrt 2013 om 23:43 
HardHex  [auteur] 5 mrt 2013 om 23:17 
Thank you, guys!
♞ GamerKnight ♞ 5 mrt 2013 om 23:06 
Nice work on the concept art guys. +1 from me.
<[Equinox]>//^Zedd^ 5 mrt 2013 om 15:20 
(Trebuie sa imi anunt niste prieteni)
primusamurai 5 mrt 2013 om 13:49 
very good