Test #36
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Petutski 20 сен в 18:17 
Well done. Not too hard but fun and unique!
BUG 30 июн в 15:39 
Nice map.
mood3rd 6 сен, 2013 в 18:02 
well constructed map.
good view of areas, to enable an understanding of where to go & what to do etc.
but lack puzzle elements.
saying that, it would be ideal, for a novice.
jam.lab1 22 июл, 2013 в 18:04 
cool it was fun
Mr.bob806 18 июл, 2013 в 11:52 
just the right level of difficulty. can't be done with no effort or thought, but isn't too hard that it's at all frustrating. I enjoyed it, especially the last little trick
ryedstar 24 мар, 2013 в 5:56 
LIttle bit too easy, but it was smooth, fun and pleasure to play anyway. Thanks and good luck with future creations!
WiktorGames 22 мар, 2013 в 8:15 
Spaniała mapa dobra napewno coopcord ytubr zagra mape WARRING! My polish!
daloboy 18 мар, 2013 в 19:22 
Nicely built! Easy but still fun!
Please try one of mine and comment! Thanks.
avatar_1987  [автор] 13 мар, 2013 в 11:06 
thx test my revised "Test #36, Reloaded 2.0"
[ ]_Aldarion 13 мар, 2013 в 10:30 
very good map
FaZe Cleetus 12 мар, 2013 в 16:28 
great map
Julo 12 мар, 2013 в 14:53 
[OKA] Kick!Suckers 12 мар, 2013 в 13:08 
No challenge, no fun.
Chrisu 12 мар, 2013 в 9:34 
i like potal 2!
o.W.n Makbot 12 мар, 2013 в 5:29 
GROON 11 мар, 2013 в 23:43 
awesome map do more of this stuff
Execuris 11 мар, 2013 в 15:19 
That was a good map. Not much more I can say about it =) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=122246572
P2 11 мар, 2013 в 15:03 
Great map! I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!
Lonsie 11 мар, 2013 в 12:32 
danchik.kzzz 11 мар, 2013 в 9:34 
норм класная карта
Motieman 10 мар, 2013 в 19:10 
great little map only one thing i would say change is at the top of the stairs put a flat piece as the jump to the corner isnt really nessesary. that just said to me trying to make harder where ever possible instead of it being the puzzle.but again great little level keep it going
Jimmy 10 мар, 2013 в 15:12 
quite easy, also good
Nube52 10 мар, 2013 в 13:24 
Easy but fun, not a big fan of having to jump, still good map.
813holly 10 мар, 2013 в 13:16 
to easy butt a good map
avatar_1987  [автор] 10 мар, 2013 в 8:59 
thx ;-)
reindeh Pinne 10 мар, 2013 в 6:04 
Very nice Map!
Mr Fraggle (UK) 10 мар, 2013 в 1:35 
That was fun.
Andi 9 мар, 2013 в 19:54 
Nice map. I found it to be fairly easy but it was a very nice design and it was a pleasure to play it. Thumbs up. Not sure what the button the turrets were in front of did... in fact I was able to finish it without doing anything in that room at all...

Would you mind giving my latest a try?
xevious 9 мар, 2013 в 16:08 
i dont understand the purpose of the room to the left of the door
xevious 9 мар, 2013 в 16:07 
are the turrets supposed to not see you until you're standing in front of them?
Infern0 9 мар, 2013 в 14:55 
zacho984 9 мар, 2013 в 14:37 
You can completely skip over the turret room
(H.M) Towerhouse 9 мар, 2013 в 11:40 
best level i've ever played!
Medal 9 мар, 2013 в 11:34 
Too easy for me
Индеец Джо 8 мар, 2013 в 19:35 
avatar_1987  [автор] 8 мар, 2013 в 13:47 
thank you Myr (FID) ;-)
Jade BGE 8 мар, 2013 в 11:11 
Fun as always. Thank you.
the Worst forever 8 мар, 2013 в 6:40 
avatar_1987  [автор] 7 мар, 2013 в 23:26 
thx @ all :-D
DJPMTL 7 мар, 2013 в 15:51 
This definitely deserves its raating it was fantastic! make more!
Max van Straaten 6 мар, 2013 в 13:33 
Very nice, loved it!
ZAEROS 6 мар, 2013 в 11:11 
Nice puzzle,good fun to solve, Thank you.