Portal 2
Check Bounce
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11 megjegyzés
lfairban 2017. júl. 24., 9:54 
Nice map. Kind of bouncy but not too tricky.
bullfrog 2016. okt. 24., 15:34 
Really good map with some imaginative ideas and the method of making the gel go further was a new one on me - thank you
Spaceminnow 2015. máj. 29., 16:05 
I like the cube puddle skip idea :) It was fun. Thank you
Chelliste 2014. dec. 25., 20:01 
A bouncy bundle of fun. Accidentally stumbled onto the way to fling the gel farther, Hard to do precisely, but with blue gel you don't need to be precise.
mebe 2014. jan. 18., 10:06 
Enjoyed that but I admit the second last chamber stumped me! Good one,
kimist108 2014. jan. 17., 16:37 
Skyferret  [készítő] 2014. jan. 17., 14:09 
I think it was the second last chamber, but did you manage to do the gel re-fling where it spews out on to the portalable floor, and then pop 2 portals on the floor and make the gel fling further? Thus painting the floor.
kimist108 2014. jan. 17., 13:55 
Painted the floor.
gambilier 2013. okt. 31., 12:45 
Nice job
h99pilot 2013. okt. 30., 5:12 
Nice use of gel toss. :)
Bad_Aim 2013. aug. 27., 1:20 
That was fun! I quite enjoyed this chamber :)