Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Cute Engineer (G.E.W.P) 4月25日上午11:53 
Hazmat Cats? add them please?
$noselfcollisions 4月22日上午7:53 
sans 4月22日上午7:50 
@Sheep. your right
sans 4月22日上午7:49 
btw copy and paste what i said below
sans 4月18日下午1:17 
coment #formethismodisheaven
BlueBasterBallz 4月10日上午5:52 
@Splinks Oh WHAT THE FUCK? THATS NOT THE PIC I WAS THINKING OF. I DONT KNOW HOW I GOT THAT PIC. I DONT REMEMBER THAT ONE. Oh for fuck sake, please tell me i was just really tired and confused, or drunk, or it was someone else. Fuck. How do i delete that? Kill me now. Dear god no, im NOT into that kind of stuff.
BlueBasterBallz 4月10日上午5:45 
@Splinks Yes i know i did that. I did that so could get a spray for TF2 to troll around (im not actually into that kind of fnaf stuff, and when i said "i wish it was me" That was suppose to refer to me and crush, i wish she would grab me like that. Looking back, i realize how stupid that was. Dont ask me what i thinking, i was just dumb). I forgot to delete it afterwards because its been 1/2 a year since i last used steam. XD. shoot me in the back in the head please.
Splinks  [作者] 4月9日下午7:27 
Aren't you the same guy that took a screenshot of toy chic grabbing toy bonnie's dick and wishing it was you. Also those robots are possessed by dead children. So it seems you may be the sickest of the bastards here

Here's the one I was talking about

And here's a screen grab in case it ever disappears for you
BlueBasterBallz 4月9日下午12:20 
i dont if this is made "for humor purposes only", making it so we are killing cats is TERRIBLE. What kind of sick bastard...
Sheep. 3月28日下午5:57 
I love cats but this is just really funny.
mrsimon155 3月27日上午9:12 
BEST THING EVER!!!!½!!!!!!!!
techintuky-bandit 3月14日上午12:31 
oh god the game became 10X harder

i can't even see them half the time
Sunder 2月26日下午12:12 
Hell Death Warrior 2月21日上午3:53 
im a cat fan but what if the tank was a tiger instead of a cat?
不会推比利(CN) 2月12日下午8:09 
wtf,it‘s good
BinxTheJinx 1月27日下午10:22 
请停止你的表演 1月7日上午1:24 
omega_woofy(ita) 1月6日上午1:37 
i loveeee killing cat i eat cat. not look me wrong im a wolf
HairyPotatoCat 1月3日上午11:18 
HairyPotatoCat 1月3日上午11:16 
This Is How Splinks Lost Fame
Csömpös 2016年12月29日上午1:13 
HairyPotatoCat 2016年12月18日下午3:35 
The One Eyed Queen ♕ 2016年12月14日下午7:29 
Best mod ever
Nootsal 2016年12月8日下午2:41 
This is such a hilarious mod! 11/10
Dnightshade 2016年12月7日上午12:05 
a catnip boomer bile bomb mod would go great next to this mod. lol
imagine a horde of cats mauling a survivor to deah (evil laughter) >XD
matryoshka 2016年11月29日下午4:41 
ive downloaded so many reskins i dont even think people know what game im playing anymore. nice job by the way! id kill a cat if it could potentially kill me.
HauntEDGX (COD:FISHWAR2) 2016年11月25日下午1:53 
\/ Or the fact a Zombie Cat Apocalypse is amazing.
stevebot60 2016年11月25日上午7:14 
this is only guys that dont like cats
Dr.Kek Professer Of Memes 2016年11月21日上午10:27 
in response to the 5 post below this one

because its fun, dont fucking tell the creator to kill himself
EQ 2016年11月20日上午9:38 
Sosuke Aizen 2016年11月16日下午6:46 
While I will say the uploader has every right to make and upload this mod, that doesnt make it right. This doesnt seem fun at all, if somone wants to make something like this at least do it with say....the sabre cats from skyrim or khajiit that also look "Infected" Just seems in terrible taste IMO
BIKER 2016年11月2日下午6:24 
[insert nostalgia critic reference here]
Machine Gun Fuku 2016年11月1日上午12:42 
noooo!! its so awfull. i would never kill a cat
Why wopuld you attack cats? kys
Ceddy 2016年10月23日上午9:55 
cat apoycalypse!!!!!
ϟ~ۣۜNinjaScoutOfficial™~ϟ 2016年9月14日上午6:17 
By the looks of it, a cat-astrophe has occurred.
菜鸟也疯狂 2016年9月1日上午5:00 
Frosty 2016年8月30日下午6:12 
should b e removed
$noselfcollisions 2016年8月27日上午7:49 
Horn 2016年8月27日上午7:26 
Omg, poor cats ;(
DestroyerOfBothWorlds™ 2016年8月16日下午1:33 
Sorry brother! But I just can't subscribe to this Mod... Cats are my favorite animal!
$noselfcollisions 2016年8月14日上午4:30 
What the fuck
Pine 2016年8月13日下午4:12 
i fucking hate cats I want them all to die I hope every cat that has ever lived gets kicked by a 6'4 black man with an abnormally huge penis and then sent to an animal shelter to get euthanized. #nohomotho
$noselfcollisions 2016年8月12日上午2:07 
Zerxal 2016年8月11日下午8:51 
this would make the game twice as hard lol.
Flamejack68 2016年8月11日下午3:26 
yes it is
$noselfcollisions 2016年8月8日上午2:28 
It's not
Flamejack68 2016年8月8日上午2:19 
well this is cruel as fuck
randomgamercarson 2016年8月4日下午12:03 
this mod is what my family thinks about cats :3
$noselfcollisions 2016年7月29日上午7:48