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epiphxny Há 16 horas 
It doesn't include the sound :c
ScubaScoop 16 Set às 15:00 
They don't even move, they just kinda scoot around
BrutalWyvern 8 Set às 16:33 
Wrong page.
Get meowta here, please.
semen_demon 29 Ago às 14:18 
can you please include meows and purs to replace zombie talk? PLEASE I NEED MY IMMERSION!
Shrekᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ 22 Ago às 21:45 
Livin' Dead 21 Ago às 18:34 
Oh my god, that second video was so funny!
JAWSAWN 21 Ago às 14:51 
animal ab00se
reports sent to peta
your account will get VAC ban ;)
Wattati, Destroyer of Nothing 19 Ago às 21:07 
"omg animal abuse reported for killing cats" then why are you here to complain about it?
Terminator Champion Zeski 16 Ago às 5:16 
Just Like Dwarf Fortress
you know theres cheats some maps dont haves cheats on addons maps
Legity Sinpah 5 Ago às 16:36 
now we need the other zombies skins to replace with other types of cats! :D
notkingbw1 5 Ago às 13:26 
Lastplanet115 3 Ago às 13:46 
the cats have been plotting against us. do not pray for better lives, men, pray to be stronger men.
Juraian Emperor 31 Jul às 16:41 
its called messing around
Sammy 31 Jul às 12:45 
@skelly lol i hate cats i would slaughter them all the mess everything up.
☭Safiria 29 Jul às 17:45 
._. I hate you so much, they are super cuddly and cute ;_; why would you make a mod where you have to turn the infected into cute cuddly cats?
The Wilhelm Gamer 29 Jul às 13:19 
♠_mr.VoRon_♠ 26 Jul às 14:51 
Хуйня, не качайте.
PSquiddy 25 Jul às 13:25 
I don't wanna hurt them now.
PSquiddy 25 Jul às 13:21 
Holy friggin' horsesh*t!
Meta Knight 24 Jul às 11:47 
If only we had a mod to make them Meow...
Sturmgewehrz 14 Jul às 14:13 
need a mod that replaces the pipebomb with a ball of yarn and the trail with string
-*[GSR]-*Yenshi 13 Jul às 19:56 
oh never mind
-*[GSR]-*Yenshi 13 Jul às 19:52 
it missing texture at my computer. what am i post to do?
zpp policeman33 13 Jul às 14:50 
Make a mod for dogs.
smoker 12 Jul às 16:07 
wtf omg
WHY NOT ZOIDBERG? 12 Jul às 4:22 
i love dis c:
ᅚᅚ 7 Jul às 12:29 
The Cat Lady is planning to take over the world! Everyone run!
Xhaul 5 Jul às 15:32 
How do hitboxes work on these, like at all?
zXzR1pTr1xzXz 4 Jul às 11:31 
I'm now thinking of cat common infected, dogs special infected, mouses as survivors and Nyan cat as a tank, make it into a pack, call it The Screw You RSPCA Pack, make it! It'll be GREAT!!! No of course I'm kidding, this actually makes the game harder and I'm glad I got it, this is one of my favourite mods now ^_^ :)
The Batter 1 Jul às 9:40 
ok...who else things now of doge infected?
metalman 30 Jun às 19:14 
DRAGOS 29 Jun às 4:55 
I don't like it :(
KevinTheDoge [SWE] 27 Jun às 8:26 
Now we need dog survivors xD
PSquiddy 26 Jun às 13:13 
Cute,but I wouldn't shoot a cat
wubs1av3 23 Jun às 16:30 
WTF is a hit box
the awkward pikachu 23 Jun às 4:30 
turtle sandwich i argree with your idea and it would be a funny sight and hear of the big puffy grey cat
the awkward pikachu 23 Jun às 4:27 
the cat army came to attack all human kind so after the surviviors beat the zombies then came the cats
Halo master 22 Jun às 22:53 
The poor kittehs!!!!!
the awkward pikachu 19 Jun às 4:47 
yay i don't like cats
Found: Kitten 17 Jun às 19:23 
all my cats are checkerboards meaning they are missing heir tecture packs, what/how do i find the individual texture pack?
[S.S.M] WiTe 17 Jun às 11:58 
Take all my yes.
Nicolas Cage 14 Jun às 17:07 
The annoying long build-up was pretty annoying. And I would at least think the legs would be moving on the cats...
covear 14 Jun às 6:37 
this is creepy...... a new creepyposta!!!!
R2-D2 beep! bop! 13 Jun às 18:40 
Dude I wouldnt be able to download this, it would make me just feel guilty being around cats in real life.... xD
Your Beautiful Wife 9 Jun às 21:30 
The Tank needs to be changed to a big puffy gray cat and there needs to be Tank music except with the notes replaced with meows. MEOW, MEOW MEOW... MEOW, MEOW MEOOW! MEOOOOOOW, MEOW MEOW MEOOOOW... Yeah Ill stop that.
Mudora 6 Jun às 8:01 
If i'm not wrong this cat is the demon cat from Dragon Age?. Lol
prof.shipotle 6 Jun às 5:17 
Oh god..i can never take this game the same way anymore..
Steveohhh89 2 Jun às 11:27 
Did you get your ass kicked by cats when you were younger?