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yams4lunch 18 Dez às 14:40 
An invisible hitbox? Those darn awfuls cheetahs! And I always I feel bad when I have to puma them with a baseball bat. Still, I'd be lion if I said I didn't like the mod. I'll be sure to send my friends the lynx to it, and the videos.
jammer13 13 Dez às 1:41 
Banana Cat 6 Dez às 15:39 
The Horde Has been alerted:
☠Ricky the killer☠ 29 Nov às 9:26 
Thanks Now i cant kill a zombie without crying xD
HotBroadcastHD 27 Nov às 18:02 
Omg you should add the keyboard cat music to it
Baah I'm A Goat 26 Nov às 10:23 
Available meow!
Fedora The Explorer 26 Nov às 0:39 
@Mr. Owl
How catty of you to make such a remark!
Mr. Owl 25 Nov às 13:27 
You've cat to be kitten me right meow...
Grungydoughnut 24 Nov às 21:39 
You could make this into one big map pack! change the pipe bomb to look like a mouse (because cats chase them), molotov into, i don't know, a big thing of water (because cats hate water), boomer bile into milk (to attract them) and you can give the servivors "pest control" uniforms! It would be so cool! If anybody else has skin mod ideas post them.
Jonnytost 24 Nov às 12:50 
im not gonna download this i like cats
A Rather Festive Duck Clock 20 Nov às 18:25 
All we need now is a meow horde theme.
Questriolu 14 Nov às 19:12 
I think Firestar killed me...
Der Schneemann 9 Nov às 6:27 
I don't want to kill cats...
sonicdh1 7 Nov às 22:12 
um splinks, you ok, splinks can you get up, um your cat just teared you up, splinks RUN for you're life, haha, plus spinks you sound 35 years old, i didn't know you was that older wow, i'm gonna be 22 years old soon, but that was alot of meow's coming at you, they love you so much, haha, poor splinks, i think the cats got very lonely and wanted splinks so bad cause he takes good care of them, so they all came to him, hey splinks you got alot of cats, did you keep count of each one you named, ooh this is to funny messing with splinks,
Sidney 7 Nov às 21:00 
review: killing cats felt good, but they were just too damn hard too shoot D:
HOCOK 4 Nov às 21:54 
meow attack
Bonnie 4 Nov às 10:08 
please no kill cats
Sidney 3 Nov às 2:00 
YES! gonna kill all those evil creatures cuz clearly i couldn't do anything with my own cat *facepalm*
A Very Festive Ellis 23 Out às 8:49 
that first video xD
Dangerlurking 12 Out às 17:00 
cats overran a carnival and killed all the survivors 10/10 would cat again
Adamant Armor 7 Out às 15:02 
Meow cats brown
Kaname Chidori 7 Out às 14:04 
10/10 Killed by ginger tabby's
Battery 6 Out às 15:33 
ՀkՀ*Bogdan♛ 2 Out às 10:09 
haha funny,but is too hard to kill them,theya re soo tiny
MR.awesome132 29 Set às 17:49 
this is horror evil kittens
zomana9 27 Set às 7:50 
who knew abuse could be so horrifying
Radology 20 Set às 19:41 
It doesn't include the sound :c
ScubaScoop 16 Set às 15:00 
They don't even move, they just kinda scoot around
FeralGryphon 8 Set às 16:33 
Wrong page.
Get meowta here, please.
Yuki 29 Ago às 14:18 
can you please include meows and purs to replace zombie talk? PLEASE I NEED MY IMMERSION!
Livin' Dead 21 Ago às 18:34 
Oh my god, that second video was so funny!
JAWSAWN 21 Ago às 14:51 
animal ab00se
reports sent to peta
your account will get VAC ban ;)
"omg animal abuse reported for killing cats" then why are you here to complain about it?
Terminator Champion Zeski 16 Ago às 5:16 
Just Like Dwarf Fortress
Menace7DC2 6 Ago às 9:38 
you know theres cheats some maps dont haves cheats on addons maps
Ballade 5 Ago às 16:36 
now we need the other zombies skins to replace with other types of cats! :D
kingBMW1 5 Ago às 13:26 
Lastplanet115 3 Ago às 13:46 
the cats have been plotting against us. do not pray for better lives, men, pray to be stronger men.
Juraian Emperor 31 Jul às 16:41 
its called messing around
SlappyTheDummy 31 Jul às 12:45 
@skelly lol i hate cats i would slaughter them all the mess everything up.
☭Яed 29 Jul às 17:45 
._. I hate you so much, they are super cuddly and cute ;_; why would you make a mod where you have to turn the infected into cute cuddly cats?
The Festive Wilhelm Gamer 29 Jul às 13:19 
♠_mr.VoRon_♠ 26 Jul às 14:51 
Хуйня, не качайте.
PSquiddy 25 Jul às 13:25 
I don't wanna hurt them now.
PSquiddy 25 Jul às 13:21 
Holy friggin' horsesh*t!
Festive Fazbear 24 Jul às 11:47 
If only we had a mod to make them Meow...
Sturmgewehrz 14 Jul às 14:13 
need a mod that replaces the pipebomb with a ball of yarn and the trail with string
-*[GSR]-*Yenshi 13 Jul às 19:56 
oh never mind
-*[GSR]-*Yenshi 13 Jul às 19:52 
it missing texture at my computer. what am i post to do?