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Dangerlurking 12 Οκτ @ 5:00μμ 
cats overran a carnival and killed all the survivors 10/10 would cat again
プリンセスケニー 7 Οκτ @ 3:02μμ 
Meow cats brown
Kaname Chidori 7 Οκτ @ 2:04μμ 
10/10 Killed by ginger tabby's
Battery 6 Οκτ @ 3:33μμ 
ՀkՀ*Bogdan♛ 2 Οκτ @ 10:09πμ 
haha funny,but is too hard to kill them,theya re soo tiny
MR.awesome132 29 Σεπ @ 5:49μμ 
this is horror evil kittens
zomana9 27 Σεπ @ 7:50πμ 
who knew abuse could be so horrifying
epiphxny 20 Σεπ @ 7:41μμ 
It doesn't include the sound :c
ScubaScoop 16 Σεπ @ 3:00μμ 
They don't even move, they just kinda scoot around
FeralGryphon 8 Σεπ @ 4:33μμ 
Wrong page.
Get meowta here, please.
oniiguy 29 Αυγ @ 2:18μμ 
can you please include meows and purs to replace zombie talk? PLEASE I NEED MY IMMERSION!
Shrek the policeᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ 22 Αυγ @ 9:45μμ 
Livin' Dead 21 Αυγ @ 6:34μμ 
Oh my god, that second video was so funny!
JAWSAWN 21 Αυγ @ 2:51μμ 
animal ab00se
reports sent to peta
your account will get VAC ban ;)
Wattati 19 Αυγ @ 9:07μμ 
"omg animal abuse reported for killing cats" then why are you here to complain about it?
Terminator Champion Zeski 16 Αυγ @ 5:16πμ 
Just Like Dwarf Fortress
PetFlutterShyLunaRainBow Dash 6 Αυγ @ 9:38πμ 
you know theres cheats some maps dont haves cheats on addons maps
Spooky`s Guidence System 5 Αυγ @ 4:36μμ 
now we need the other zombies skins to replace with other types of cats! :D
notkingbw1 5 Αυγ @ 1:26μμ 
Lastplanet115 3 Αυγ @ 1:46μμ 
the cats have been plotting against us. do not pray for better lives, men, pray to be stronger men.
Juraian Emperor 31 Ιουλ @ 4:41μμ 
its called messing around
Sammy 31 Ιουλ @ 12:45μμ 
@skelly lol i hate cats i would slaughter them all the mess everything up.
☭Яed 29 Ιουλ @ 5:45μμ 
._. I hate you so much, they are super cuddly and cute ;_; why would you make a mod where you have to turn the infected into cute cuddly cats?
The Wilhelm Gamer 29 Ιουλ @ 1:19μμ 
♠_mr.VoRon_♠ 26 Ιουλ @ 2:51μμ 
Хуйня, не качайте.
PSquiddy 25 Ιουλ @ 1:25μμ 
I don't wanna hurt them now.
PSquiddy 25 Ιουλ @ 1:21μμ 
Holy friggin' horsesh*t!
Greevee 24 Ιουλ @ 11:47πμ 
If only we had a mod to make them Meow...
Sturmgewehrz 14 Ιουλ @ 2:13μμ 
need a mod that replaces the pipebomb with a ball of yarn and the trail with string
-*[GSR]-*Yenshi 13 Ιουλ @ 7:56μμ 
oh never mind
-*[GSR]-*Yenshi 13 Ιουλ @ 7:52μμ 
it missing texture at my computer. what am i post to do?
zpp policeman33 13 Ιουλ @ 2:50μμ 
Make a mod for dogs.
smoker 12 Ιουλ @ 4:07μμ 
wtf omg
TheRetartedShadow 12 Ιουλ @ 4:22πμ 
i love dis c:
BigCityGamer 7 Ιουλ @ 12:29μμ 
The Cat Lady is planning to take over the world! Everyone run!
SubmarineSubwoofer 5 Ιουλ @ 3:32μμ 
How do hitboxes work on these, like at all?
xRip 4 Ιουλ @ 11:31πμ 
I'm now thinking of cat common infected, dogs special infected, mouses as survivors and Nyan cat as a tank, make it into a pack, call it The Screw You RSPCA Pack, make it! It'll be GREAT!!! No of course I'm kidding, this actually makes the game harder and I'm glad I got it, this is one of my favourite mods now ^_^ :)
The Ledendary Batter 1 Ιουλ @ 9:40πμ 
ok...who else things now of doge infected?
metalman 30 Ιουν @ 7:14μμ 
Dragos2197 29 Ιουν @ 4:55πμ 
I don't like it :(
KevinTheSweDoge 27 Ιουν @ 8:26πμ 
Now we need dog survivors xD
PSquiddy 26 Ιουν @ 1:13μμ 
Cute,but I wouldn't shoot a cat
wubs1av3 23 Ιουν @ 4:30μμ 
WTF is a hit box
the awkward pikachu 23 Ιουν @ 4:30πμ 
turtle sandwich i argree with your idea and it would be a funny sight and hear of the big puffy grey cat
the awkward pikachu 23 Ιουν @ 4:27πμ 
the cat army came to attack all human kind so after the surviviors beat the zombies then came the cats
Halo master 22 Ιουν @ 10:53μμ 
The poor kittehs!!!!!
the awkward pikachu 19 Ιουν @ 4:47πμ 
yay i don't like cats
Found: Kitten 17 Ιουν @ 7:23μμ 
all my cats are checkerboards meaning they are missing heir tecture packs, what/how do i find the individual texture pack?
WiTe 17 Ιουν @ 11:58πμ 
Take all my yes.
Nicolas Cage 14 Ιουν @ 5:07μμ 
The annoying long build-up was pretty annoying. And I would at least think the legs would be moving on the cats...