Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Dnightshade před 4 hodinami 
a catnip boomer bile bomb mod would go great next to this mod. lol
imagine a horde of cats mauling a survivor to deah (evil laughter) >XD
matryoshka 29. lis. v 4.41 odp. 
ive downloaded so many reskins i dont even think people know what game im playing anymore. nice job by the way! id kill a cat if it could potentially kill me.
[TOR] HauntEDGX 25. lis. v 1.53 odp. 
\/ Or the fact a Zombie Cat Apocalypse is amazing.
stevebot60 25. lis. v 7.14 dop. 
this is only guys that dont like cats
Christmas is a lie 21. lis. v 10.27 dop. 
in response to the 5 post below this one

because its fun, dont fucking tell the creator to kill himself
EQ(В отъезде до 25.12) 20. lis. v 9.38 dop. 
Sosuke Aizen 16. lis. v 6.46 odp. 
While I will say the uploader has every right to make and upload this mod, that doesnt make it right. This doesnt seem fun at all, if somone wants to make something like this at least do it with say....the sabre cats from skyrim or khajiit that also look "Infected" Just seems in terrible taste IMO
BIKER 2. lis. v 6.24 odp. 
[insert nostalgia critic reference here]
żarówka 1. lis. v 12.42 dop. 
noooo!! its so awfull. i would never kill a cat
31. říj. v 11.50 dop. 
Why wopuld you attack cats? kys
Ceddy 23. říj. v 9.55 dop. 
cat apoycalypse!!!!!
ϟ~ۣۜNinjaScoutOfficial™~ϟ 14. zář. v 6.17 dop. 
By the looks of it, a cat-astrophe has occurred.
菜鸟也疯狂 1. zář. v 5.00 dop. 
Lazy Pyro 30. srp. v 6.12 odp. 
should b e removed
eva git dat feelign uf deyshavoo 27. srp. v 7.49 dop. 
sóda 27. srp. v 7.26 dop. 
Omg, poor cats ;(
FiskpinneForSale™ 16. srp. v 1.33 odp. 
Sorry brother! But I just can't subscribe to this Mod... Cats are my favorite animal!
eva git dat feelign uf deyshavoo 14. srp. v 4.30 dop. 
What the fuck
Pine 13. srp. v 4.12 odp. 
i fucking hate cats I want them all to die I hope every cat that has ever lived gets kicked by a 6'4 black man with an abnormally huge penis and then sent to an animal shelter to get euthanized. #nohomotho
eva git dat feelign uf deyshavoo 12. srp. v 2.07 dop. 
Zerxal 11. srp. v 8.51 odp. 
this would make the game twice as hard lol.
Flamejack68 11. srp. v 3.26 odp. 
yes it is
eva git dat feelign uf deyshavoo 8. srp. v 2.28 dop. 
It's not
Flamejack68 8. srp. v 2.19 dop. 
well this is cruel as fuck
randomgamercarson 4. srp. v 12.03 odp. 
this mod is what my family thinks about cats :3
eva git dat feelign uf deyshavoo 29. čvc. v 7.48 dop. 
AnarchistEbay 28. čvc. v 9.05 odp. 
This is fucking cruel
anus 28. čvc. v 1.11 odp. 
everyone's talking about how its bad to kill cats.

what if the cats were infected.

there you go m8.
eva git dat feelign uf deyshavoo 28. čvc. v 4.51 dop. 
Also,everyone stfu about animal cruelty and not wanting to kill cats
eva git dat feelign uf deyshavoo 28. čvc. v 4.47 dop. 
Julian_The_Fox12 5. čvc. v 11.22 odp. 
that in paw-sible i was just (kitten) around about my (yokes) :sans:
Mr. Trout 31. kvě. v 11.57 odp. 
The targets are too small;it's hard to aim at them.Very amusing mod.
animatedSansipher 8. kvě. v 7.27 dop. 
@LeoNextGen, I guess you could say it was a... CAT-astrophe.
LeoNexGen 8. kvě. v 1.29 dop. 
LOL Aren't these cats from Gmod?

Anway, very hilarious until you realize they're a pain on Expert because they're so small and hard to hit, even with melee weapons, and no headshot hitbox. I tried to increase the common infected limit and I also set z_throttle to 0 (no post hit-invinicbility) and it's super hard just to finish a stage
ツ 𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 7. kvě. v 8.13 odp. 
Hardest fucking thing to do 1. To cute 2. So small can barly hit them
Ep1C R4Id3R 6. kvě. v 7.11 odp. 
Screw you. Cats are the main source of cuteness and puns.
Marine 1. kvě. v 7.30 odp. 
best mod ever, i fucking hate cats, finally i can kill some asscats
Temmie 30. dub. v 1.19 odp. 
I can't stop laughing because of this
fnaf2 28. dub. v 8.53 odp. 
Siliconite 15. dub. v 10.57 odp. 
is this for multiplayer only? cause this is stuped

ChefSuperNono 11. dub. v 3.37 odp. 
i cant kill cats
Mister Crazy 8. dub. v 11.03 dop. 
+ cats
- animation and position dead cats
FPS Crossfire 4. dub. v 1.17 dop. 
Animal Cruelty ain't cool...


Let's just say, curiosity... killed the cat. https://youtu.be/c3wudO3E_Pg?t=27s
animatedSansipher 27. bře. v 9.53 dop. 
rip cats.
Okay 27. bře. v 2.11 dop. 
you'r going into orbit you stupid cats
animatedSansipher 21. bře. v 1.55 odp. 
listen kiddo, it wasn't supposed to be directed toward animal cruelty. more of a fun mod, not in any harm.

just to clear this up.
Elliooto 21. bře. v 8.05 dop. 
thats not cool, killing cats!
Kitty 20. bře. v 5.50 odp. 
I love cats.. and even I can laugh about this.. why do people take this so serious? It's a fcking game.. also the description is great and deserves upvotes "So imagine if you're wearing an invisible suit with a cat doll stapped to your right leg."
animatedSansipher 19. bře. v 9.57 odp. 
D.J turn up the MEWsic! this addon was SANS-ational! people hate this addon? you've got to be kitten me! the PAWty is gonna start. everyone! over that MEOWtain!

polaski4life 24. úno. v 3.27 dop. 
i love that everyone is going ape shit in the comments