Left 4 Dead 2
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RED_ROSEX 21 февруари в 1:45 
Зомби-котик - кусь, и ты не жилец
Darth Porg 2 февруари в 3:33 
m8 they are so cute\challenging cuz they are so small and u need to shoot them by looking down and cant see a shit :P
Crixus 30 януари в 12:53 
so cutty
DeadlyPeeta 19 януари в 10:41 
saint200 6 януари в 17:36 
This might be the worse mod i have ever done Because its soFricken hard to kill them, But This Mod is really great, they just slide and wobble, sometimes you can't tell if there dead, I give a 10/10
zion030 6 декември 2017 в 6:40 
hey can you pls make a zombie husky dog from isismahiros winter comics?
Aura 2 декември 2017 в 8:28 
Jostrand 22 ноември 2017 в 9:53 
I am not shooting these.
BagarBerta69 18 ноември 2017 в 6:06 
huh cat zombies
Fappy Feet 8 ноември 2017 в 18:07 
This is a cheat mod. It gives the infected team an unfair advantage.
Nigward 8 ноември 2017 в 11:42 
Ah, now some cats have helmets! That is improvment! It makes the mod so much better, I'm sorry for ever saying this was bad and it hasn't changed. God bless you, son.
Nigward 8 ноември 2017 в 11:40 
Head doesn't move, limbs don't move, they just do that autistic run that slender man does in those shitty free mobile slender games.
Nigward 7 ноември 2017 в 17:45 
I got this a long time ago and it still hasn't changed. I wouldn't say rage, it's just an inconvenience.
Splinks  [автор] 7 ноември 2017 в 17:01 
Working as intended. Feel free to record the rage for a nice montage
Nigward 7 ноември 2017 в 16:05 
This mod is really shit. This will make you laugh one time but after that the only thing this mod will do is make you regret forgetting to turn it off.
Officer Waffles 30 септември 2017 в 4:11 
Officer Waffles 30 септември 2017 в 4:08 
now we need a dog for all survivors mod
Blinkz 13 септември 2017 в 14:45 
it will be better if you made a seperate mod for them to be big as the zombies :3
ฅ 鱼板猫 ฅ 🎀 30 август 2017 в 4:30 
Patata 28 август 2017 в 18:28 
rat 26 юли 2017 в 13:39 
Who ever hates cat's are evil!
DIO_The World 22 юли 2017 в 6:48 
Hibigana 5 юли 2017 в 19:41 
AssassinGodz 22 юни 2017 в 14:11 
Next up, CLOWN CAT
wirefr4me 2 юни 2017 в 11:36 
wirefr4me 2 юни 2017 в 11:36 
wirefr4me 2 юни 2017 в 11:36 
if you catch my drift
wirefr4me 2 юни 2017 в 11:36 
I like shooting pussies
fR0$7B1T3 1 юни 2017 в 10:45 
Mr_Marmy (GBR) 27 май 2017 в 20:52 
Even though it's a mod, I just can't bring myself to kill what I like to call "The most beautiful of all God's creatures."
抹茶饼干 23 май 2017 в 8:43 
hot dog 16 май 2017 в 15:47 
@blue wut
Heavy and Engineer (G.E.W.P) 25 април 2017 в 11:53 
Hazmat Cats? add them please?
DʀᴇᴀᴍsOғCʏᴀɴɪᴅᴇ 22 април 2017 в 7:53 
Eliteface640 10 април 2017 в 5:52 
@Splinks Oh WHAT THE FUCK? THATS NOT THE PIC I WAS THINKING OF. I DONT KNOW HOW I GOT THAT PIC. I DONT REMEMBER THAT ONE. Oh for fuck sake, please tell me i was just really tired and confused, or drunk, or it was someone else. Fuck. How do i delete that? Kill me now. Dear god no, im NOT into that kind of stuff.
Eliteface640 10 април 2017 в 5:45 
@Splinks Yes i know i did that. I did that so could get a spray for TF2 to troll around (im not actually into that kind of fnaf stuff, and when i said "i wish it was me" That was suppose to refer to me and crush, i wish she would grab me like that. Looking back, i realize how stupid that was. Dont ask me what i thinking, i was just dumb). I forgot to delete it afterwards because its been 1/2 a year since i last used steam. XD. shoot me in the back in the head please.
Splinks  [автор] 9 април 2017 в 19:27 
Aren't you the same guy that took a screenshot of toy chic grabbing toy bonnie's dick and wishing it was you. Also those robots are possessed by dead children. So it seems you may be the sickest of the bastards here

Here's the one I was talking about

And here's a screen grab in case it ever disappears for you
Eliteface640 9 април 2017 в 12:20 
i dont if this is made "for humor purposes only", making it so we are killing cats is TERRIBLE. What kind of sick bastard...
Bonjour! 28 март 2017 в 17:57 
I love cats but this is just really funny.
mrsimon155 27 март 2017 в 9:12 
BEST THING EVER!!!!½!!!!!!!!
techintuky 14 март 2017 в 0:31 
oh god the game became 10X harder

i can't even see them half the time
Sunder 26 февруари 2017 в 12:12 
Disbelief Incarnate 21 февруари 2017 в 3:53 
im a cat fan but what if the tank was a tiger instead of a cat?
CY 12 февруари 2017 в 20:09 
wtf,it‘s good
BinxTheJinx 27 януари 2017 в 22:22 
PEACH&PEACE 7 януари 2017 в 1:24 
ACE 6 януари 2017 в 1:37 
i loveeee killing cat i eat cat. not look me wrong im a wolf:steamsalty:
HairyPotatoCat 3 януари 2017 в 11:18 
HairyPotatoCat 3 януари 2017 в 11:16 
This Is How Splinks Lost Fame
Csömpös 29 декември 2016 в 1:13 
Left4Cat :Burn: :steamhappy: :steamhappy: :steamhappy: :steamhappy: