Left 4 Dead 2
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ǝpıuɐʎƆɟOsɯɐǝɹᗡ 27 август в 7:49 сутринта 
Nuggets 27 август в 7:26 сутринта 
Omg, poor cats ;(
Johnson McSpoos 16 август в 1:33 следобед 
Sorry brother! But I just can't subscribe to this Mod... Cats are my favorite animal!
ǝpıuɐʎƆɟOsɯɐǝɹᗡ 14 август в 4:30 сутринта 
What the fuck
Pine 13 август в 4:12 следобед 
i fucking hate cats I want them all to die I hope every cat that has ever lived gets kicked by a 6'4 black man with an abnormally huge penis and then sent to an animal shelter to get euthanized. #nohomotho
ǝpıuɐʎƆɟOsɯɐǝɹᗡ 12 август в 2:07 сутринта 
Zerxal 11 август в 8:51 следобед 
this would make the game twice as hard lol.
Flamejack68 11 август в 3:26 следобед 
yes it is
ǝpıuɐʎƆɟOsɯɐǝɹᗡ 8 август в 2:28 сутринта 
It's not
Flamejack68 8 август в 2:19 сутринта 
well this is cruel as fuck
randomgamercarson 4 август в 12:03 следобед 
this mod is what my family thinks about cats :3
ǝpıuɐʎƆɟOsɯɐǝɹᗡ 29 юли в 7:48 сутринта 
Generic 28 юли в 9:05 следобед 
This is fucking cruel
anus 28 юли в 1:11 следобед 
everyone's talking about how its bad to kill cats.

what if the cats were infected.

there you go m8.
ǝpıuɐʎƆɟOsɯɐǝɹᗡ 28 юли в 4:51 сутринта 
Also,everyone stfu about animal cruelty and not wanting to kill cats
ǝpıuɐʎƆɟOsɯɐǝɹᗡ 28 юли в 4:47 сутринта 
Julian_The_Fox12 5 юли в 11:22 следобед 
that in paw-sible i was just (kitten) around about my (yokes) :sans:
Weltschmerz 31 май в 11:57 следобед 
The targets are too small;it's hard to aim at them.Very amusing mod.
sansipher. 8 май в 7:27 сутринта 
@LeoNextGen, I guess you could say it was a... CAT-astrophe.
LeoNexGen 8 май в 1:29 сутринта 
LOL Aren't these cats from Gmod?

Anway, very hilarious until you realize they're a pain on Expert because they're so small and hard to hit, even with melee weapons, and no headshot hitbox. I tried to increase the common infected limit and I also set z_throttle to 0 (no post hit-invinicbility) and it's super hard just to finish a stage
(CSPC) тσσтнℓєѕѕ 7 май в 8:13 следобед 
Hardest fucking thing to do 1. To cute 2. So small can barly hit them
Spongegar 6 май в 7:11 следобед 
Screw you. Cats are the main source of cuteness and puns.
Allahu Akbar 1 май в 7:30 следобед 
best mod ever, i fucking hate cats, finally i can kill some asscats
Pumpkaboo | BDay in 45 Days 30 април в 1:19 следобед 
I can't stop laughing because of this
fnaf2 28 април в 8:53 следобед 
๖ۣۜ[NWA]=[RZ]=Siliconite༻ 15 април в 10:57 следобед 
is this for multiplayer only? cause this is stuped

ChefSuperNono 11 април в 3:37 следобед 
i cant kill cats
Mister Crazy 8 април в 11:03 сутринта 
+ cats
- animation and position dead cats
FPS Crossfire 4 април в 1:17 сутринта 
Animal Cruelty ain't cool...


Let's just say, curiosity... killed the cat. https://youtu.be/c3wudO3E_Pg?t=27s
sansipher. 27 март в 9:53 сутринта 
rip cats.
Okay 27 март в 2:11 сутринта 
you'r going into orbit you stupid cats
sansipher. 21 март в 1:55 следобед 
listen kiddo, it wasn't supposed to be directed toward animal cruelty. more of a fun mod, not in any harm.

just to clear this up.
Elliooto 21 март в 8:05 сутринта 
thats not cool, killing cats!
Kitty 20 март в 5:50 следобед 
I love cats.. and even I can laugh about this.. why do people take this so serious? It's a fcking game.. also the description is great and deserves upvotes "So imagine if you're wearing an invisible suit with a cat doll stapped to your right leg."
sansipher. 19 март в 9:57 следобед 
D.J turn up the MEWsic! this addon was SANS-ational! people hate this addon? you've got to be kitten me! the PAWty is gonna start. everyone! over that MEOWtain!

Polaski4life 24 февруари в 3:27 сутринта 
i love that everyone is going ape shit in the comments
Authentic Mikutard 20 февруари в 12:07 следобед 
I knew I should have fed Mr.Mittens before leaving, now they cloned him... and somehow ALL of them are pissed at me, Mr.Mittens N--- ARGH X_X

The survivors have been overwhelmed, feed your pets
Bonkle 18 февруари в 7:04 следобед 
Cats are my favorite animal. Make them anthropomorphic and I'll be satisfied with destroying them
Hunter 15 февруари в 5:42 следобед 
I laughed so hard XDD
nades 12 февруари в 1:43 следобед 
Alec Denston 11 февруари в 1:00 следобед 
People are so mad thinking this is just wrong, literally it's a L4D2 Addon that replaces zombies with some cute kitties, you're not doing anything wrong when you kill them, they're already dead zombie cats. *ANIMAL ABUSE!*
bæ♡ 10 февруари в 10:36 сутринта 
I love cats, so.. no.
Lazy Pyro 16 януари в 12:47 сутринта 
this is not funny or anything
Elmo Loves You! 14 януари в 10:24 следобед 
Love this but its really hard to kill the cats
GhostR Cat./Team pyro 9 януари в 6:46 сутринта 
Why Cats when you can kill the stupid dogs?
Simpsons_01 3 януари в 8:10 сутринта 
Dollar in the Woods 23 декември 2015 в 6:10 сутринта 
This is so hard to play with, but it doesn't get any less funny.
ψ She-Devil ψ 21 декември 2015 в 6:10 следобед 
Lmao. I won't download this, but the video gave me a few minutes of loud laughter xD And it's not even looking like he's killing cats, there's no blood.
Frau Ursula 7 декември 2015 в 11:32 сутринта 
Author Flayer ((((((((
Meow TPR 30 ноември 2015 в 8:42 сутринта 
awesome XD