Breezehome Basement Hearthfire Patch
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Enderninja16 25 декември 2014 в 3:30 следобед 
does it work for breeze home basement reborn.
Kolton Burke  [автор] 23 юни 2014 в 7:10 следобед 
I know. I'll fix it eventually.
paizuriprincess 20 юни 2014 в 1:43 следобед 
It's a sad thing but even with this patch CTD still occurs.
Kolton Burke  [автор] 10 април 2014 в 6:09 следобед 
.....this mod ads nothing of the sort, that is a different mod.
& I understand your plight for I am having similar problems. I can't seem to find the solution.
captmarc123 10 април 2014 в 4:06 следобед 
well I did the download of mod then patch as it said to do but the game never got to start screen just went CTD well I did the unsub and the game works again BUT now almost every interior has sagebrush type plants from belly to above the head, every place varies it is annoying, so do you have a fix for that???
Kolton Burke  [автор] 9 март 2013 в 3:22 следобед 
Yeah..if you have the original save with the stuff in it and you get it to work then you can get your stuff back. It worked for me when I was creating the patch and it CTD
Kaz 9 март 2013 в 2:38 следобед 
Would seem so. I'll try after I'm done playing to load JUST these two mods and see if it works, but I think I did try that and it still kept crashing. I take it that items in the BB are irretrievable without the mod loaded?
Kolton Burke  [автор] 9 март 2013 в 1:30 следобед 
Damnit. It's conflicting with something if you have the load order right.. I'm sorry man. ):
Kaz 9 март 2013 в 12:46 следобед 
Nope. Looks like this one's not going to work for me for whatever reason. Sadly, Iost a lot of gear now, because I stored it in the basement =\ Ahh well. For the times it loaded, it was a nice mod, though
Kolton Burke  [автор] 9 март 2013 в 11:48 сутринта 
Does it work for you now??
Kaz 9 март 2013 в 11:32 сутринта 
Ahh. Found it.
Kaz 9 март 2013 в 11:28 сутринта 
ok, I'll give that a try in a bit. I know I stumbled across load order at some point, but can you remind me where that is? Is it in settings on the initial start-up screen (cefore actually loading the game)? Thanks much!
Kolton Burke  [автор] 9 март 2013 в 9:40 сутринта 
Well I'm really sorry you're having a problem. You do have Hearthfire, correct? Try this: Unload BB & the patch, then save somewhere oustide of whiterun. Then subscribe back to BB then to the patch. Make sure Hearthfire is before BB in the load order, and make sure the patch is after BB. Then it should work. Otherwise I don't know what's wrong..
Kaz 9 март 2013 в 9:20 сутринта 
Would be nice if the good folks at Steam would include a character counter if they are going to impose a limit :P If you need any logs that might have been generated, I can try and find where they would be stored.
Kaz 9 март 2013 в 9:19 сутринта 
Sorry. I'm still new to DLC and how it works. Basically I had a fair number of workshop mods installed including your Breezehome Basement and had no problems for a couple weeks, including after installing Hearthfire. Then after ot playing for about a week the game would load thru the opening Bethesda splash, but the instant the game icon came up on the loading menu, poof! It just quit. No errors, just shut off. I unloaded several of the eye-candy mods, no luck. When I unloaded Breezehome Basement, the game was able to start again. I managed to get it to load once more after re-subscribing, but it started crashing again after that. When I saw your patch, I tried it once more (first re-subbing basement, and then subbing the patch) but again I couldn't load the game.
Kolton Burke  [автор] 9 март 2013 в 8:49 сутринта 
Please explain your problem in further detail so I may help you?
Kaz 9 март 2013 в 6:24 сутринта 
nope. Apparently didn't fix THAT problem =(
Kaz 9 март 2013 в 6:19 сутринта 
Will this fix the bit where it would crash out of skyrim just after going through the initial bethesda splash screen? And - since I've unsubscribed twice, did I lose the gear that I left in the basement before everything went haywire?
Stanley 8 март 2013 в 4:10 сутринта 
Thanks! Really glad it fixed my error, even tho I never use Breezehome. Its just annoying knowing that something in your game is broken :/
Kolton Burke  [автор] 7 март 2013 в 4:52 следобед 
Yeah man. Okay, if you have a mod that alters the navmesh in Breezehome and that mod isn't being using with the Hearthfire DLC, it creates a CTD situation upon entering Breezehome. This is because Hearthfire is a master file and drastically alters the navmesh. The confliction between the mod and the DLC creates the CTD. So all I did was make this mod to override my mods breezehome navmesh alterations with Hearthfires navmesh.
Stanley 7 март 2013 в 4:25 следобед 
Kolton can you go into detail with what was wrong with the nav mesh?
Kolton Burke  [автор] 7 март 2013 в 3:04 следобед 
@Igor: I hate the stupid bug. This was literally the only way to fix it without REDOING the mod. So thanks a bunch for being patient!
@Dragonboyvalin: I'm sure it will!
Dragonboyvalin 7 март 2013 в 2:15 следобед 
@Igor I have a similar problem, maybe this will fix mine too
Stanley 7 март 2013 в 1:11 следобед 
Well, fuck me. It fixed my error! Thanks for this mod mate.
Stanley 7 март 2013 в 1:02 следобед 
I have a CTD error with breezehome, no freakin idea why, apart from some interior lightning mods I have no mods that change the house in any way, no basements, no improved interior, no extra chests, vendors or other bullshit, yet it still crashes upon entering. This sir, is my last hope, my last chance of finally overcoming this bullshit bug. Hopefully this will work lol.
Дмитрий 6 март 2013 в 4:32 следобед 
you are welcome sir Kolton.
Kolton Burke  [автор] 6 март 2013 в 4:19 следобед 
Thank you very much sir.
Дмитрий 6 март 2013 в 2:17 следобед 
dude best skyrim mod ever played
Kolton Burke  [автор] 4 март 2013 в 12:31 следобед 
Thanks Jessica!!
Andriel 4 март 2013 в 12:06 следобед 
I am so happy to see you fixed it! And this is a awesome mod!!! I love the way you have it decorated and having your own merchent is so cool!
Kolton Burke  [автор] 3 март 2013 в 1:48 следобед 
Creepy, you just wait for your mods to synchronize. Then it updates by itself.
Дмитрий 3 март 2013 в 12:23 следобед 
wait when r u going to post new updates and how do i install them
Kolton Burke  [автор] 2 март 2013 в 8:55 следобед 
Make sure the original is installed before this.
YouKnowIt'sKrieg 2 март 2013 в 8:54 следобед 
yea, this still isnt working for me.
Kolton Burke  [автор] 2 март 2013 в 6:09 сутринта 
For anyone else who is a mid confused, this is how you do it:
Subscribe to Breezehome Basement
THEN subscribe to Breezehome Basement Hearthfire Patch (:
Дмитрий 2 март 2013 в 5:47 сутринта 
this is not working im not sure what i did wrong do u have to install the first basement then this one or what cause i want this mod to work
Дмитрий 2 март 2013 в 5:43 сутринта 
i hope this works
Lethal_Squ1rtz 2 март 2013 в 5:42 сутринта 
Lethal_Squ1rtz 2 март 2013 в 5:36 сутринта 
Thanks For All Your Hard Work On Resolving This CTD Glitch :)