Este jogo recebeu o sinal verde da Comunidade!

A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

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179 comentário(s)
Altair 29 de jan às 14:40 
DeadBeef 20/set/2014 às 2:06 
Please god no.
samfu123 30/ago/2014 às 1:17 
☭Artyom Pelinski☭ (quitcs) 14/ago/2014 às 2:47 
Voted yes
kiselyofpr1 2/jun/2014 às 20:02 
Забавная игра, жду!
ionutudor2012 23/mai/2014 às 6:27 
G3rt 9/abr/2014 às 0:23 
Shaggy 20/fev/2014 às 6:37 
Sigh another mobile game for pc.
PurplePonyvania 3/fev/2014 às 13:02 
I'll buy.
Totemking360 24/dez/2013 às 2:16 
I personally think this has a lot of potential. It will be interesting to see what people think of a game where jumping is the main mechanic but this does look like it can pull it off. I think your aims of multiple platforms are good particularly looking at IOS as something like this could do extremely well on there. Good luck with this you have my vote.
ஐĜ҉ Ǻ҉ Ӎ҉ Ế҉ Ʀஐ 30/nov/2013 às 17:46 
coldReactive (Iyeru) 14/out/2013 às 8:41 
If it's based off of Flash, Linux will have poor support. =/
Memfys 28/set/2013 às 23:32 
Забавный кот, я бы поиграл! Жду выхода и удачи в гринлайт!
SilverVoltage 22/ago/2013 às 14:43 
didnt even look at the thing but the cat is cute so i vote up!
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 15/ago/2013 às 1:11 
Lovely game that would be a nice edition to Steam :) I voted, good luck!
[ThλtGENERIC.KugaFluga] 12/ago/2013 às 22:00 
Looking forward to it!
"Bob" the Space Cadet 11/ago/2013 às 22:42 
Agreed - typically phone games should stay on phones. This is no exception.
Corpsolian 6/jul/2013 às 10:42 
Phone port, nope. Music's kind of nice though.
W.A. the Anum | Fuse 28/mai/2013 às 16:04 
Garfield meeds Angry Birds, what comes out? this game. upvote for the nice idea and the nice character.
ᴰᵉᶜᵏSmashHD 25/mai/2013 às 14:47 
I'm not surprised by the kickstarter results, upvoted
Big Daddy 21/mai/2013 às 10:23 
Nice!!! I must get it
Inventor 18/mai/2013 às 16:28 
awww so cute
WEELO 13/mai/2013 às 13:38 
Please put the Kickstarter back up again
[SIN]Plainbear 4/mai/2013 às 16:40 
Cute :3
Catscratch 25/abr/2013 às 16:13 
Looks pretty adorable.
Try throwing up the Kickstarter again.
Shin Chan 22/abr/2013 às 9:53 
This game looks original
Arctia 19/abr/2013 às 15:47 
Garfield Square (Pants)? :-) Cute!
arnzzz 8/abr/2013 às 17:19 
great game for Mobile, not sure about PC
Crevic 8/abr/2013 às 7:37 
nice but may a bit borring but the cat ^^ cute
shusbasa 5/abr/2013 às 8:58 
ohh cute <3 a square kitty!
Athari 3/abr/2013 às 18:04 
Accurate eye is useful, brain is useless. Not the kind of "difficulty" I enjoy in games.
*Damian* 3/abr/2013 às 15:19 
is there a way i can play this game now
a Yellow Pikmin 1/abr/2013 às 17:08 
It seems as though someone is trying to cash in on a phone game by porting it to PC. No thanks.
CRAZY BRAINDEAD CAT GUY 😈 27/mar/2013 às 11:12 
(SÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜSS) 23/mar/2013 às 10:09 
Seems cute enough-+1
wssmith04 22/mar/2013 às 16:27 
I love the music, the relaxing pace, the characters, the artwork, the color palette, the game mechanics (what we have seen so far). I hope the developers can make it interesting, expansive, and in-depth enough to justify a release on Steam. Upvoted.
Nimja 19/mar/2013 às 23:53 
Fully agreed with Princess Teal Heart, this is a mobile app. Plus there are tons of games like this on Newgrounds.
Champion Skye 19/mar/2013 às 18:33 
Sorry, but this looks more like a mobile app than a Steam game. It's cute, but not for Steam, in my opinion.
"Feel no Pain", baby... 18/mar/2013 às 2:44 
Looks like some animations missed
tumashov  [autor(a)] 15/mar/2013 às 16:57 
Thanks all! Video updated.
L-chan 15/mar/2013 às 15:32 
It looks very fun and the little cat is so adorable. The story sounds a little like Ookami, and that is a very good thing!
[CM] Emperor Solaris 15/mar/2013 às 1:22 
piece of advice ignore that voronischev hes been posting the same comment on every single game i voted on todayits not like if you needed a traduction for such a small and eays to understand game ... o btw upvoted i relaly enjoy the relax music
Big Daddy 14/mar/2013 às 5:44 
Как здорово!
Big Daddy 14/mar/2013 às 5:44 
Так автор то русский!
*Damian* 12/mar/2013 às 9:39 
This Game looks so awesome
tumashov  [autor(a)] 12/mar/2013 às 4:25 
Thanks! Russian - maybe on start. But text in game too small.
Yury1414 12/mar/2013 às 1:54 
Russian language????Please!
REY 12/mar/2013 às 1:16 
Pinchy 11/mar/2013 às 23:41 
It's a cube with a cat painted on it.
Nate. 11/mar/2013 às 11:30 
LOL this looks fun! i had fun just watching the video!! bring it to steam!!