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SandboxPlayer 7月3日上午4:50 
The thought of killing so many bosses....Awesome
shoryukenftw 6月19日下午5:32 
bbbbbut I have too much monies!!!! Oh wait, hullo thar Steam Summer Sale! Problem solved.
TOO DX  [作者] 6月19日上午10:21 
We're so glad that you all are finding your way to this page, months after the game has been out. The game does last FOREVER!!!
@shoryukenftw - Even though you would shell out cash for this (thank you for the complement! :D), WE WOULDN'T TAKE YOUR MONEY! There's nothing wrong with your money, it's just that the game is 100% FREE!
shoryukenftw 6月16日下午9:02 
I have the free version from their website and it's an enjoyable diversion. I'd be happy to pay a few bucks for it as is, and even more for things like more adaptable AI/upgrades, visual changes to the boss to signify certain upgrades have taken place, dynamic backgrounds, full controller support, and online leaderboards. Thanks for making a fun game!
Anebriate 5月22日上午9:27 
Didnt realize this was on Greenlight! I actually downloaded it from the site and put it on steam so i could have a convenient place to play it! Awesome game
[S´A] SirDanieloCZ 5月12日上午9:18 
Awesome soundtrack... and awesome gameplay :3
Grider 3月14日下午2:45 
I remember this back from a video northernbro made like a year ago.
Seems cool.
Alex 3月13日上午7:35 
Support Linux! You don't need a new computer to test on; just install alongside Windows or Mac OS, or run it directly from the disc. Linux support gives you SteamOS automatically and makes it possible to appear in a Humble Indie Bundle.

Hit me up if there are any specific issues you'd like an expert Linux user to weigh in on. I'd do anything in my power to be able to play this in my living room.
FlipskiZ 3月12日下午5:04 
Originally I knew about this game from Rockleesmile. But the NLSS sent me to this greenlight page. So raise your lionDongers
Jeffedhuang 3月12日下午4:52 
Same here Elucidate!
Elucidate 3月12日下午4:51 
NLSS sent me. Looks like a really fun game, thumbs up from me!
2fckineazy 3月12日下午4:21 
Watching NLSS and stopped by for a thumbs up. Heading for the download now.
redeyes7 3月11日上午12:27 
Looks awesome
Artful 3月7日上午7:03 
Really cool game, guys. Love the art style, and a really unique idea. Best of luck with the greenlighting!
gamma 3月7日上午1:39 
Kuma  [作者] 2月20日下午2:08 
@Pixel Lover: aw man, being compared to SCB is a nice honor; the game is totally free sir - you should play it at http://www.bossesforever.com! Hope you enjoy it!
Pixel Lover 2月16日下午8:12 
2 player super crate box but with infinite bosses YES if it ends up being free then would be stoked if its paid for like 2 to 5 bucks would be okay aswell
Kuma  [作者] 2月3日下午11:03 

Basically that hasn't changed since we were featured in our first month. We've gotten a trickle of yes votes and no votes since then. TBH though, Greenlight was more of an awareness/marketing angle for us - although the no votes on a free game surprised both Auston and me.

@B-2 BRAWLER thanks bro. We love bro-op mode, Auston and I used to play some rounds before we crashed when we were both in San Fran. Glad you're digging the game!
Canaduhz 2月1日下午5:46 
Hows This game looking mate, how close are we to greenlight?
KillerSombrero 2月1日上午7:34 
Great game, really fun to play with others and really exited it is on greenlight. vote yes guys this game is gonna be better than the video portrays, bro-op is one of the best co-op gamemodes ive played in a while. so remember, vote yes!
STVR 1月6日上午10:47 
Awesome game! Lots of fun. Let me know if you need help with controller support. Flash supports it now, but it's a bit wonky, AFAIK
Kuma  [作者] 2013年11月1日下午7:16 
@Moogle Emperor: We're working on it! Definitely will be a thing for Mac and PC builds; I'm not sure you can do native controller support in Flash but I'll ask Auston.
@"Bob" the Space Cadet: What part of the scoreboard is distracting? Is it too big?
@Lord Fawful DX: shortlisted idea is for his glasses color to change according to his body damage, to showcase that in a meaningful way
@swheat109: thanks so much for the praise; the beta linked is quite old, he's much more responsive now - the "finished" build should be up next week!
"Bob" the Space Cadet 2013年8月15日下午9:45 
Awesome concept. The scoreboard up the top is a bit distracting though. Definitely agree that bosses should at least change colour from level to level. Would also be nice to see a few random platforms in the level design so that there's an extra variable and you don't just feel like you're in box after box.
Moogle Emperor 2013年7月30日下午10:11 
The idea of an action platformer that's nothing but bosses sounds great. However, not implementing native controller support in a game of this type is just unacceptable. I'm going to wait to vote on it in the hopes you'll find a way to bring it up to minimum control standards, because if that's done it will definitely get my thumbs up.
Lord-Fawful 2013年7月16日下午5:48 
make it so the bosses have like at least different colors
karmakills 2013年7月15日下午5:30 
Just played the beta and it's fun and very addicting, as well as completely unforgiving. It'd be nice if the bosses had a little variety from one to the next, but it's free so who can complain. Hope it gets greenlighted!
Frightro 2013年7月7日下午7:28 
That looks kinda fun.
EyeOfRa 2013年5月21日上午7:23 
Always interested in free games.
DarkMage752 2013年5月12日上午7:44 
Thank you for the tip! But I do already use joy 2 key and it's broken on my computer :(. I've tried re-downloading it but it doesn't work. Still can't wait for the game though!
TOO DX  [作者] 2013年5月12日上午12:01 
@Business Cat: Although the game doesn't have native controller support, there are links to programs on the title screen for programs that will let you use controllers for the game. You can also customize the controls for your keyboard as well!
DarkMage752 2013年5月10日上午3:43 
I completely agree with NemisisZidar, but if you can't do all those things, I'm still down. Although It would really MAJORLY improve the fun if there was controller support. (Also if you could, I think you guys should try to make buttons rebindable for keyboard and or controller.)
Good luck guys, you already have a beautiful game here.
TOO DX  [作者] 2013年4月20日下午10:08 
@bitcrusher: Awesome dood! Keep it up and you'll be wrecking bosses with the best of them!
@abderedovic (ITA): He's the one boss to rule them all.
@NemesisZidar: Thanks for the feedback! I'm down for more characters, if we get the time to make them. We don't have nearly enough lady bros in the roster. But, we likely won't see more upgrades. I've tried a couple other options (a sword and speed) but they really made the game worse. The three upgrades make a difficult a tight selection every time.
NemesisZidar 2013年4月20日上午7:35 
Ok u got my vote and are on favourite list, i would put u in my collection but steam greenlight is kinda bugged at the moment for me (dont know why but my favourites and stuff is disappearing all the time today).
Some suggestions:
First:Change the boss skin for the progressing player its annoying to fight all the time the same guy or do a bunch of different bosses appearing randomly (just the visual or maybe type of boss).
Second: Controller Support Please in finished Version it's awful to play with keyboard even more in 2 Players.
Third: Plz more Weapons or more upgrades for weapons for maybe double shot or something, cause its getting boring to just have one weapon.
and the last: If u give some different weapons maybe u can insert some different characters with different weapons. Till now u have this black and blonde haired guy, maybe put in some others and give them different starting weapons. Would be more funny to play then and mix it up with a coop partner.
Abderedovic (ITA) 2013年4月19日上午4:43 
There's only one boss?
Floop the Pig 2013年4月16日下午9:22 
played it, got taken out in round 5 fun game.
TOO DX  [作者] 2013年4月14日下午6:01 
@mecca1871 - I can't wait for greenlight either, but you don't have to wait to play! Try out the beta at bossesforever.com!
@Abominator - Bummed that you don't like our style bro, but it's hard to be 4 popped collars cool.
@Troll Eater - vs mode will be dope. If the game gets greenlit, windows users will be able to install the game as a standalone exe, yes!
@Kris Viking - I was not pro enough to face that boss, but to be compared to such a classic is a high honor! I hope you have a chance to try the beta!
@Jotabhe - Stoked you like the feel! I agree that the sound should be rebalanced. It's on my long list of things I want to make better!
The_White_Squirrel 2013年4月12日下午8:19 
I CANT WAIT! This has classic written all over it.
Abominator 2013年4月10日上午11:37 
Horrible graphics (I love retro games, but this is just ugly) and the whole BRO thing is so derivative and played out.
Troll Eater 2013年4月10日上午10:40 
vs mode! yes needz! Will the final game be a standalone exe?
Kris Viking 2013年4月4日上午7:27 
It seems sort of like a mix between a megamn bossfight and the bossfight against the skull robot in Super Probotector: Alien Rebels/Super Contra: The Alien Wars(Same game, but the first title is european and the other is american). The gameplay seems interesting actually.
Jotabhe 2013年4月1日下午12:36 
Awesome gameplay, but awful sounds...
Kuma  [作者] 2013年3月25日下午5:09 
@FistohuggeЯ: Sure! Thanks for the upvote, glad you liked!
@Pinkie's Pies: Awesome, good to hear. The game will be free for a very long time :)
ℐℎℯ Genji 2013年3月24日下午12:39 
scott pilgrim vs the world!:D, upvote !
[PwH] Amy 2013年3月23日下午4:28 
As long as this is still free, I'M PLAYING THIS EPIC GAME!
Kuma  [作者] 2013年3月23日下午12:11 
@ZenLest Stehum: It is exactly like that - glad you are enjoying!
@Siveon: Mesmerizing, isn't it. Just like it is supposed to be ;)

So, for those of you who are awesome but missed the announcement.... vs. mode - good idea or no?. Discuss in discussions :)
5cr3am1ngBee 2013年3月20日上午3:19 
Hahs still on boss 1 and round 27-28 this is an epic game you get to Vs bosses without killing it's minions!
Siveon 2013年3月20日上午3:13 
Jesus the long gallavanting hair is really hard not to stare at. Not complaining, but jesus.
Kuma  [作者] 2013年3月19日下午8:14 
@TOO DX: *groan* That was punful, you pun-k, I will pun-ish you with a swift pun-t after I smack you for the "yolo" comment.
TOO DX  [作者] 2013年3月19日下午8:11 
@MegaMuffins: Stoked you like it dood! We're polishing it, but what do you want to hear/see/feel? What would you do to make it better?
@Siveon: You can select your character from the main menu! We've got two characters...for now...
@Kuma: PFFFTT! This game can totally get on steam. BY THE WILL OF THESE GAMERS! Things are just heating up! The code I'm writing is the coal to our fire! Don't get all steamed up about a few numbers. A bit more polish and the pipes will burst on this one.
MegaMuffins 2013年3月19日下午5:23 
This is a great game, and totally sellable on steam but just make sure that you up the production values a bit. Music, graphics, controls. You need to make it better than is already available for flash. Otherwise this is a really good concept for a game. :D