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Ray's The Dead - Create and Control your own Zombie Army!
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Komentarzy: 571
HELLFIRE§§§ 9 lutego 2016 o 11:44 
Sounds goood:steamhappy:
KabaL 4 listopada 2015 o 9:06 
Lol - game ^^
RagtagChris  [autor] 20 września 2014 o 18:30 
Thanks technograffti8!
DJ Ranjit 19 września 2014 o 15:32 
Just backed looks amazing :golden:
Regul [YKT] 23 czerwca 2014 o 16:05 
Cant wait!
Cat Cookie 9 stycznia 2014 o 19:32 
oh looks good hope to see stubbs the zombie on steam that would be awesome
MudMonster 8 stycznia 2014 o 2:43 
looks great
RagtagChris  [autor] 22 grudnia 2013 o 7:12 
Thanks for the awesome comments friends!
Smooth Jazz For Your Soul 21 grudnia 2013 o 15:34 
im definatley gonna save the money in my steam wallet for this! i loved stubbs the zombie and after searching for it for awhile, i can say i found the next best thing
BarnitoSupreme 14 października 2013 o 3:40 
It seems quite fun!
Alpha 12 października 2013 o 9:28 
Cant wait! :hmm:
Danduw 9 października 2013 o 2:42 
Omg, I'm buying this, the art work of the charactors remind me a hint like dont starve's charactors, but i love how the terrain is 3d, nice touch. Getting to make your own zombie army to take over the living is just fun as hell, and i believe your doing it the right way. A addictive, funny game i will play for a long time.
RagtagChris  [autor] 8 października 2013 o 7:35 
@Krate - We aren't sure on that either. That's something we'll determine as we are closer to completing the game. Right now we are just concentrating on making the base game as awesome as possible!
Krate 8 października 2013 o 7:07 
last question: will this have dlc?
RagtagChris  [autor] 8 października 2013 o 5:17 
@Krate - We aren't entirely sure yet. Our goal is to make the game a good value for the price you end up paying. We also want to include some incentives to play the game through a second time.
Krate 7 października 2013 o 20:43 
how long is it?
Newman Biggio 2 października 2013 o 13:25 
that i didnt know
RagtagChris  [autor] 2 października 2013 o 13:05 
@PinkiePyro - As one of the developers of Stubbs the Zombie, the siliarities are not a coincidence!
Newman Biggio 2 października 2013 o 13:01 
this game looks like 2d stubbs the zombie the main character even looks exactly like stubbs.
Sir Useless 29 września 2013 o 4:46 
Oh ok. That makes sense.
RagtagChris  [autor] 29 września 2013 o 4:36 
@Kreed2202 - We haven't shown anything yet, but we will soon. Ray as a human is a big part of the game, but its also something that we don't want to show too much of, a lot of the story is told through the flashbacks and we don't want to give away too many surprises. But keep an eye on our Ray's the Dead Steam Community, we'll be talking a bit more about that in the near future!
Sir Useless 28 września 2013 o 13:51 
I like the game so far, but is anything about Ray BEFORE he was a zombie? It DID say that you would play as him when he was alive.
Liko 28 września 2013 o 8:08 
Saw this at PAX East and even talked to one of the devs. Gotta say I'm looking forward to it.
cancel 27 września 2013 o 11:57 
Reminds me of Pikmin. Seems like a pretty interesting game!
Namo 19 września 2013 o 9:58 
YOU FRICCD UP MY FACE 15 września 2013 o 21:53 
looks awesome, cannot wait. Good work on the trailer and good luck!
RagtagChris  [autor] 14 września 2013 o 7:19 
@GabrielBelmont - Thank you very much sir! Your support has been fantastic. :)
EvilMrHyde 14 września 2013 o 5:53 
rays the dead is fun as hell to play check it out----> http://youtu.be/NDddilStxX0
panaderou_ 8 września 2013 o 1:17 
OhMeSoPwNy 8 września 2013 o 0:07 
This looks really fun!
Cpt.Crunch121 3 września 2013 o 10:32 
Super excited to play this game!
RagtagChris  [autor] 3 września 2013 o 5:34 
@azazl#74949# - We hope to support the 5 primary European languages, as well as Japanese! It may not be right at launch, but we will do our best.
[FR]azazel#74940# 3 września 2013 o 0:28 
perhaps another languages? french spanish:Clot:
RagtagChris  [autor] 2 września 2013 o 18:03 
@The Ninja - Exploring Ray's mind and figuring out what made him who he is today is a big part of the game. He is a zombie though, I'd be a little bitter too if that happened to me! :)
The Ninja in FlipFlops™ 2 września 2013 o 18:02 
Ray sounds a bit cold hearted to me. Game looks really cool, can't wait to see the end product.
marpla78 30 sierpnia 2013 o 8:58 
Im waiting for the number so i can make the purchase!

Good works guys/girls
Kassan6ra 29 sierpnia 2013 o 9:16 
Congratulations guys, well deserved :) :8bitheart:
Lucky Thirteen 29 sierpnia 2013 o 1:59 
"RAY'S the dead"... clever, clever :hee:
Looks like nice little game, if it's gonna have achievements and a fair price, I'll very likely buy it when it's "alive" :smile:
RagtagChris  [autor] 28 sierpnia 2013 o 21:06 
Thank you everyone! We were Greenlit because of YOU, and for that, we are eternally grateful!
Galestorm 28 sierpnia 2013 o 16:07 
Congratulations, glad I voted for this one. I look forward to your release on steam. :)
SkB War Skull 28 sierpnia 2013 o 12:03 
Zombiegratz ! Come to me my Zombies , Your Zombie Leader awaits . :D
bl33ding_silence 28 sierpnia 2013 o 11:14 
Congrats! Please don't forget about Linux support!
Dablim 28 sierpnia 2013 o 11:04 
Lesbillionaire smother-hope 27 sierpnia 2013 o 22:49 
Guess this looks like an interesting...*sunglasses* ...thriller. YEAAAAAA!A!A!!!
Cali 27 sierpnia 2013 o 20:34 
looks cool
MayYourDayBeGreat 27 sierpnia 2013 o 15:26 
I would love to play it! It's a whole different take on your avarage zombie games! +1 etc ^_^
Fearless Dork 27 sierpnia 2013 o 11:06 
Oh...Well you still have my money! Good luck with the game. Can't wait!
RagtagChris  [autor] 27 sierpnia 2013 o 11:02 
@N8an8or28 - We would love to do that, but when Plants VS Zombies did it they recevied a Ceace and Desist!
Fearless Dork 27 sierpnia 2013 o 10:48 
add an easter egg where they do the thriller and you have my money
RagtagChris  [autor] 27 sierpnia 2013 o 10:45