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Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L. Eye
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89 kommenttia
Wario 5.1.2016 kello 19.52 
I was looking forward to this one, too bad it's been (aparently) abandoned...
청춘풀파워 8.6.2014 kello 7.56 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
soggof 15.3.2014 kello 13.19 
video and website don't exist anymore, it seems this project has been abandoned
therealfatshady 17.2.2014 kello 17.03 
>Video does not exist
I guess neither does my vote right now
Enzo69 4.12.2013 kello 13.27 
Beautiful game
Alcodis 18.7.2013 kello 14.10 
Looks like it could be fun.
G. 8.7.2013 kello 14.26 
My game company HAHAHA, oh wow, glorious.
*~ℯ✗ℯ~* A-TA-TA 5.7.2013 kello 12.42 
Good memories about high-quality platformers. I hope gamepad is supported.
Fallen_StarAngel 21.6.2013 kello 12.36 
Looks like something designed to play for free, like a Facebook app. Not something I'd actually pay to play.
IRefIectI 13.6.2013 kello 11.06 
There is a standard of quality that is expected from games today. This just seems to be mocking that standard.
Nooke 25.5.2013 kello 4.44 
My Game Company? .. Seriously?
Spleenslitta 8.5.2013 kello 5.25 
Synthellite is right. That is the pistol sound from Doom.
As for the game itself - We could play a huge number of games of similar or higher quality in hundreds of places across the web for free.
Affroker 9.4.2013 kello 0.41 
why not!He is just a fun game and i like this!Go continue man
MyGameCompany  [tekijä] 1.4.2013 kello 18.06 
@Synthellite and @Earnest Wolf:
As far as I know, the pistol sound was not ripped from Doom. I purchased it from Sound Rangers, and they're pretty reputable. I agree it does sound similar though (didn't realize it at the time I bought it).
Venus Ɔ̶ 27.3.2013 kello 20.42 
Synthellite 27.3.2013 kello 16.30 
What bothers me most, is that I hear the pistol sounds from DOOM. Please don't use sound-files ripped from other games or carelessly found on the internet.
alex jones 27.3.2013 kello 6.39 
Ew. I don't really like the visual style. No offense.
SawedOffLaser 20.3.2013 kello 14.22 
I don't usually care for retro games, but this is the right level of old school for me! I love the quirkiness of it. The design looks good, hope it gets on Steam!!!
As a not to the dev, I think you should include some unlockable stuff, like new characters and patch in new levels over time. That is just a personal suggestion, and best of luck to you!
Christ Catnap 15.3.2013 kello 22.01 
This is an excellent game for a solo effort, and I admire the effort put in to variety and length.

I might play the Demo, even though I am not likely to purchase it, unless my boy would like to play it.

Steam for You!
NateinMpls 10.3.2013 kello 23.31 
I wish more old-school/retro games would use more modern graphics like this game
Sheogorath 10.3.2013 kello 8.20 
this game would be better if it was in 8 16 bit but looks like a na less than a ok
AlloyForce 9.3.2013 kello 21.30 
For some reason,I already hate looking at him 0-0

Marios 7.3.2013 kello 13.22 
Lovely platform game with a funny theme that reminds Contra and Super Mario combined in an intriguing blend!
Marky_Mark 4.3.2013 kello 22.22 
historyb 4.3.2013 kello 19.23 
I love this game, it's a great game!
Tardivex 3.3.2013 kello 18.43 
looks kind of interesting but the sound effects are really subpar
Brezlon 3.3.2013 kello 15.19 
Fancy graphics for an 80's style game. Trying too hard with the humor. Not my thing, sorry. Maybe a kid would like it.
LaKriz 3.3.2013 kello 6.51 
Not for me. Visuals are subpar, gameplay is uninteresting. Downvoted.
majormusket 2.3.2013 kello 19.59 
Love it. Has a real "old-school" feel.
ViggyNash 2.3.2013 kello 14.43 
I don't know how much time you spent on this, but I suggest you go find a job. This is terrible in every way except the amount of effort put into it.
↖ Robyn 2.3.2013 kello 10.33 
I like. ;)
Onkendog 2.3.2013 kello 9.53 
SnowMew~ 2.3.2013 kello 6.13 
It looks like what Dungeons of Dredmor could do to a Splinter Cell game. Looks great.
боRщ 2.3.2013 kello 1.23 
идея хорошая
☣-BlueSkuLLy-☣ 2.3.2013 kello 0.57 
Looks great m8 thumbs up....
fastmike47 1.3.2013 kello 21.54 
вспомнил свою первую приставку dendy!!!
MaurhiEX 1.3.2013 kello 17.48 
This looks more like a game that kids may like... and i don't have childrens, so no, downvoted
Leozin 1.3.2013 kello 14.56 
o jogo parece ser bem legal
Yizak 1.3.2013 kello 14.28 
I'm not going to say this game is good, but I am going to say that it would be good for a laugh.
Lachra 1.3.2013 kello 11.39 
Cool, I am one of those people that will play the first, before the second. However, I might just get the second game first, keep it in the backlog, until I get the first.
Teppetroll 1.3.2013 kello 10.28 
i think i would buy this if it come,s on steam with a fear price
kaay 1.3.2013 kello 10.21 
I own it on Desura and its a very good title, well worth the price, upvoted.
MyGameCompany  [tekijä] 1.3.2013 kello 8.03 
@Lach Rae Dawn - If Dirk Dashing 2 is greenlighted, then I'll submit the first one as well.
MyGameCompany  [tekijä] 1.3.2013 kello 7.54 
@xXMr. AlmightyXx - It's fixed now (for the moment). I hate the way Desura does pricing. Instead of setting one price and dynamically converting it to each region based on current exchange rate, they make devs set hardcoded prices for 5 different regions, and they require devs to manually update those prices as exchange rates fluctuate. Sigh.
Lachra 1.3.2013 kello 4.20 
upvoted once I saw the night vision segment. I love thermal, and star-light.
Lachra 1.3.2013 kello 4.19 
Animations like others have stated, and I will be in.
Also what about the first game, is it coming here too? Could do an awesome bundle pack.
B(O)G 1.3.2013 kello 0.59 
Неплохая игрушка я бы поиграл )
El Pollo Santos 28.2.2013 kello 20.44 
Eh, looks like a flash game, but seems decent
leo 28.2.2013 kello 16.41 
Price ain't right, it's $10.30 on desura.
MyGameCompany  [tekijä] 28.2.2013 kello 15.22 
Thanks everybody for the feedback and votes so far. Appreciate it! I created a FAQ under Announcements to address some of the repetitious questions/comments.