Ce jeu a été Greenlighté par la communauté !

La communauté a montré son intérêt pour ce jeu. Valve a contacté ce développeur afin de préparer la sortie de ce jeu sur Steam.

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Barroso Perigoso Il y a 6 heures 
nice nice nice!!!
Fulysic - فليسك 13 avr à 6h55 
Im glad it has been Greenlit its a great game i own all content but i think i will keep my account of steam i dont want the steam background stuff poping up during my races etc glad im well past rookie class might have to spectate a few races once its on steam
They will sure get alot of protest to look at
ziher 12 avr à 4h18 
Only if optional, i don't want Steam crap running in background and bloating my PC with retarded console copycat 'features' like achievements etc. while iRacing has 100% full functionality on its own.
Arivictor 18 mar à 6h04 
very nice!!!!
boerovich 15 mar à 18h51 
Best of the best but be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars/euro,s to get all oval/road content.
All oval content will cost you around 500/600dollars or so ;)
Ow and dont even try without a proper wheel&pc build...
I went from rookie to Class A in 16days trying to go pro later this 2014 chasing the 10.000 dollar price for the world champ..
I personaly dont think Iracing belongs in/on steam it will wreck the rookie& D class and carburater cup with a army of newbies that aint ready for this and start trolling&wrecking out of frustration :(
MANHUNT 15 mar à 11h18 
Atom-Prof. M.T. Head 15 mar à 8h43 
best sim i´ve driven ever!
renattorenatto 12 mar à 5h57 
bora comprar
Uskoton 9 mar à 19h21 
Very nice
OldigamesGER 9 mar à 12h01 
larva lol
roger 4 mar à 14h54 
RedSun 24 fév à 5h33 
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VIDIHO 23 fév à 5h08 
please get it on steam that will be nice
budwheizzah 20 fév à 17h05 
I just hope to be able to retractively link my account on Steam. This is the best consumer racing sim available IMO. Its presence on Steam will be highly welcome!
.::CyrusWicked::. 19 fév à 9h28 
nice game
ENPRANI 18 fév à 20h01 
so nice
actarus 18 fév à 12h04 
Fluttershy 12 fév à 13h59 

The playerbase is a lot bigger nowadays!
senrim 12 fév à 0h44 
Hi guys, i played this game back in 2012 or so and i just recieved 3 months for prize of one and thinking of going back. How is the playerbase? Is it bigger or smaller than it was in 2011-12?
The13thGhost 31 jan à 21h19 
To answer a few recent comments: yes it is a simulator, but sims are games too. A wheel is not required... but highly recommended. It is the best online public racing you can find anywhere. Content is expensive to purchase (yes every car and track must be purchased individually, but some are given to get you started) but you are paying for accuracy. You can be guaranteed that the content you buy is identical to it's real life equivalent. If you are looking for some good YouTube channels to check it out see: "Empty Box" for road racing, and "RutgersKev" for oval racing. If you are interested you don't need to wait for a Steam release, just search Google for "iRacing" and you can view purchase details.

No, I'm not an iRacing employee, just a satisfied customer. :)
MobileChicane 26 jan à 10h12 
Best sim on the market.

I hope we'll now be able to use our Steam Wallet to make any in-game purchases.
[PFS|A]Fried Dough 25 jan à 19h04 
aza1498 19 jan à 17h16 
otto43. This isnt just a game. Its a simulator. Some of the best real world racers do use this
otto43 16 jan à 21h16 
From the looks of it, this will possibly be one of the really good racing games. (maybe not the best) but one of the really good ones. We'll just have to wait and see when it comes out on Steam.
zechinese 16 jan à 11h38 
a test
nascarman24 15 jan à 16h17 
What I find nice is that it actually has the local short track near where I live. Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford Maine. Every year they hold the TD Banknorth 250 which is considered the Daytona 500 of short tracks. NASCAR even had a couple of races here back in the 60's, Richard Petty also won at one of those races. This is a great short track to go to.
Jebediah Kerman 14 jan à 4h56 
This game is a big bucket of NOPE.
Chris 11 jan à 17h18 
Cant wait!
Rplay12HD 11 jan à 7h43 
Guys iRacing is not a game and it requires a racing wheel.
change my world 9 jan à 6h19 
I love racing games!
Bulls 7 jan à 14h08 
Best game ever!!!!!
R35P3C7 | pcmadd.com 6 jan à 23h48 
need to get a steering wheel :)
[wakedeath] 6 jan à 11h20 
I love racing games!
LORD3N 3 jan à 18h36 
iRacing is awesome. Went to check it out about a year or more ago and got completely swallowed up by it. Anyone who enjoys racing seriously needs to just try this out. Just try it, then decide if its worth it for you. But I would say it is absolutly worth trying. You just might find something you love doing and look forward to playing regularly.

Im not sure I can explain it, but iRacing, to me at least, seems to really make your adrenaline go up. makes winning much more rewarding, makes you work to be competative cause there are a lot of very talented racers on there and just brings real emotion into the picture, where as games like GT5 (which is a good game in its own genre) have never made me feel this way. iRacing races are tense, at the edge of your seat stuff when your among the leaders and gaining ground. Just one slip, and all is lost ;-)

Dont pass on what may be the best racing "experience" out there right now.
alexvam1 3 jan à 18h18 
muito bom...
colorectal 2 jan à 4h42 
just like f1 champ right?
Apollo Justice 1 jan à 16h35 
You guys know it's also avalible on Mac right?
ultimodragao 31 déc 2013 à 19h40 
acho legal este jogo
DoppelQ I Marc 30 déc 2013 à 5h01 
Very Good :)
SherBet 28 déc 2013 à 18h58 
baszaza 23 déc 2013 à 7h26 
JACKHAMMERMC 21 déc 2013 à 7h00 
Make it happen on steam, i want to be able to pay my subscription with paysafecard instead of having to get an upgraded credit card and/or link one to paypal......
team43_1 16 déc 2013 à 17h53 
Member for 5 plus years plus aplha and beta tested and by far the best online racing you will ever have. For those complaiannig about cost, there is really only two reasons. You simply cant afford it, nothing wrong with that, or you simply havent done your homework. So many ways to save money it aint funny. Half price yearly deals, discounts for buying more than one car or track, Money back for completing X amount of races ina season. I am a 100% content owner and dont have one complaint about pricing. I used to race RC cars and would cost me over 100 bucks a saturday night just on Tires, fuel and parts at our local track, three times that at Big meets out of state. This is not a game, well it is, but you will hate it if your idea of racing is wrecking AI cars and cutting corners for uber fast lap times. Thats another reason alot of you hate it. Stick to your consoles and joy pads if you arent interested in actually racing like you would in real life basically
Nemmeh 16 déc 2013 à 8h17 
iRacing is THE best racing sim - Get it on steam already!
MertoL 13 déc 2013 à 2h54 
Forza sucks donkey balls compared to just about any PC racing sim.
-Tr3ElocC- 11 déc 2013 à 22h22 
If it's something close to Forza, I am interested.
MaxDec10 9 déc 2013 à 11h00 
iracing has been around for years! Im confused as to why its on Greenlight? Nothing else comes close to iracing for physics engine. Amazing sim but the cost can rack up quickly due to needing to buy tracks and cars nearly every 2 weeks to keep up with the championships.
Peebs 8 déc 2013 à 10h22 
also its the best sim in my opinion wheel is a must though. wont let you race with out a wheel
Peebs 8 déc 2013 à 10h21 
the game is out been out for many years. go to iracing.com