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Planet Explorers
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26. led. 2016 v 6.15 
она вышла? НАКАНЕЦТО!!!!!! УРААА ЕПТА1112312ё!!!!№"12313??№8127398192837109248013294891
16. bře. 2015 v 6.29 
R.I.P that was fucking stupid game DONT PLAY DONT BUY !!!!!!!!!!!
1. říj. 2014 v 9.42 
the game is dead?
24. čvn. 2014 v 15.22 
this is very nice game but i am having trouble with building because of the complex camera controls and will there be a first person mode
22. čvn. 2014 v 0.05 
16. čvn. 2014 v 12.38 
12. čvn. 2014 v 12.28 
i'd like to know if you intend to add support for other languages?
24. dub. 2014 v 22.43 
if your making it first person, design compatibility with oculus rift!
1. dub. 2014 v 2.51 
19. bře. 2014 v 19.34 
17. bře. 2014 v 7.27 
very nice game !!! its awesome "!!!
I love this Game
12. bře. 2014 v 6.47 
yeeeeeeeey finely on steam
12. bře. 2014 v 5.27 
get this game at www.gigaoffers.co.uk
12. bře. 2014 v 3.18 
I am a Japanese. Please support Japanese.
11. bře. 2014 v 20.41 
$25 is almost the cost of my meals for 2 weeks as i'm a student in CN( well, the cost in the cafeterias at schools would be much lower, by which i mean eating outside the school would be more expensive). i hope there is a discount for chinese buyers since the income level in our country is not such high( on average, maybe $500 per month, and dont trust the data from gov) .
11. bře. 2014 v 15.16 
If we bought the game before steam release will we be receiving a steam access key?
11. bře. 2014 v 13.45 
its out, wahoo
11. bře. 2014 v 11.29 
The email you provided is where the steam keys should be
DiDi 11. bře. 2014 v 10.04 
Hi, the people that bought ur game in ur website.. when we are going to receive the steam keys? thank u
11. bře. 2014 v 3.56 
i love it !
10. bře. 2014 v 20.38 
Cant wait for this game! Iam paying for this game no matter how much it cost! YAY!
10. bře. 2014 v 16.32 
Yes! Finaly! It is being released on steam tommorow acording to latest update on panthea o_0
10. bře. 2014 v 15.25 
10. bře. 2014 v 12.42 
this is taking forever to come out :(
10. bře. 2014 v 8.46 
Looks good, downloading the demo now. :)
9. bře. 2014 v 22.18 
lbdd: It cost me $22 of the Pathea website.

爱护电视机: It was submitted to steam last week, so it's all up to steam now when it is released.

If you buy it from the pathea website you will also get a steam key when it's released on steam.
9. bře. 2014 v 18.02 
How much will it cost?
9. bře. 2014 v 17.41 
it should be in steam in 3/7,WTF??
9. bře. 2014 v 17.11 
Lança logo pls q_______________q
9. bře. 2014 v 7.45 
it's already submitted, now it's Steam's turn. If you buy on their page you still get Steam key (eventually :) )
9. bře. 2014 v 4.58 
When you'll add this awesome game into Steam? I tired waiting))) (not want buy from site. for me more comfortable have all games in one place)
8. bře. 2014 v 16.31 
How much will it cost?
8. bře. 2014 v 12.35 
Hiya Zede05, great game mate. I'm in Australia and I saw this on a youtube video which caused me to get the demo from your web site. I would like it to be released on steam, when... it gets released (patience), as in the final release (patience), it will happen, just not on our timetable people.
Waiting Patiently ..
8. bře. 2014 v 7.35 
8. bře. 2014 v 2.05 
Downloading 0.75 now from the pathea website.
7. bře. 2014 v 23.38 
lolz Come at me bro...
7. bře. 2014 v 22.56 
@BlackShade I'd like to break your face.
Jake4159 7. bře. 2014 v 21.40 
I must decide between 2 games i want to buy -.- Dam
7. bře. 2014 v 21.31 
And...? Don't break your arm trying to pat your self on the back. It's in ALFA, delays are to be expected. No big deal.

Besides, they said they are going to release the non steam a0.75 build on their site this weekend.
7. bře. 2014 v 18.08 
Like I said 2 days ago; DELAYED, it won't be out till next Tuesday, maybe Monday.
Steam doesn't approved games on the weekend.
7. bře. 2014 v 11.10 
I hope it will be released on steam before next week thursday cuz then i'm way to bussy with Titanfall
zede05  [autor] 7. bře. 2014 v 10.07 
Yep, we're just waiting now. We're asking for today, but we kinda pushed the build on them only yesterday, so not sure how fast they can approve of it.
7. bře. 2014 v 7.27 
Cheers here is to good success. This is a good start and the product is already light years ahead of a lot of alpha stuff out there. Very ambitious and very possibly could be something fantastic once they get more people involved.
7. bře. 2014 v 5.22 
A0.75 Update #4
Posted on March 6, 2014

Planet Explorers has been submitted for Steam approval. Now we just sit back and wait. We’ll put out the a0.75 version here on Saturday. For now, it’s time to hit the sack.

posted http://planetexplorers.pathea.net/a0-75-update-4/

just waiting on steam to approve it
7. bře. 2014 v 4.18 
6. bře. 2014 v 23.28 
Blackshade speaks the truth its coming any day now :}
6. bře. 2014 v 22.25 
Nice try? In what way?
6. bře. 2014 v 22.21 
wow nice try
6. bře. 2014 v 17.50 
They just finished v0.75 and uploaded it for approval. :-)
6. bře. 2014 v 17.15 
pst 03\07\14 12:00