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Natural Soccer
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댓글 296
Your Bodyguard ッ 2015년 2월 21일 오후 5시 03분 
any news?
Efrén 2015년 2월 5일 오후 8시 41분 
Congratulations Schleinzer!
Your Bodyguard ッ 2015년 2월 5일 오전 6시 43분 
great ;)
schleinzer  [작성자] 2015년 2월 3일 오전 8시 24분 
Hi Bodyguard,

we are currently working this out and you will get notified :-)
Your Bodyguard ッ 2015년 2월 2일 오후 1시 21분 
got this from gmg last year - how will steam keys be made available for buyers?
schleinzer  [작성자] 2015년 2월 2일 오전 11시 41분 
A dream came true: Natural Soccer is now available on STEAM!


MasviL 2015년 1월 31일 오후 1시 56분 
muzzer71 2015년 1월 30일 오전 10시 37분 
Great news... great game, and well deserved!!!
schleinzer  [작성자] 2015년 1월 30일 오전 6시 07분 
Natural Soccer got GREENLIT today! Totally awesome!

I cannot thank you enough for your support, making it happen! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Now I'm going back to work preparing the release :-)

Thanks again!
N0B0DY 2015년 1월 16일 오후 1시 52분 
mac available?
MasviL 2014년 12월 31일 오전 9시 35분 
I'd buy it on Steam for onlime multiplayer.
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 12월 7일 오전 10시 59분 
@lx2: Sorry for the late reply. A Linux release is definitely planned for *early* next year. If you would like to take part in the Linux beta test, I'd be happy to hear from you at beta@naturalsoccer.com!
lx2 2014년 11월 29일 오후 2시 20분 
Looks awesome!

Any info on when it will be available on Linux?
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 10월 26일 오전 10시 18분 
@Pod: Thank you very much! Really glad you like it - and THANKS for supporting my work by buying the game!

As for the dribbling: did you try the "UNASSISTED" dribble mode? Given it's even more far away from Sensi and closer to KO, but it might just what you are looking for...

The sliding tackles do - quite realistically - almost always result in a foul if you manage to hit any opponent before the ball ;-) Otherwise, hitting the ball, then the opponent, you should nicely get away with it most of the time. Best is to only hit the ball and no other player though ;-)

Yes, headers are - by design - quite hard. But again, they should (hopefully) feel rather "natrual" and are *very* rewarding when you manage to score a goal with a nice one!

Oh, the "chip" button actually is not only for high balls, but primarily meant for crossing - and for scoring awesome goals on one-on-ones with the goalie :-)

Thanks again for your feedback - it's greatly appreciated!
Pod 2014년 10월 22일 오전 11시 50분 
I bought this yesterday. It's pretty good fun, though I wish you'd taken more inspiration from Sensi rather than Kick Off. I found the dribbling a bit too annoying and slow, though maybe that was just the fatties in Sheffield Steel.

I found executing headers quite hard (maybe I was after a diving one from Sensi ;)) and every single sliding tackle caused a foul.

Still: Good game, it's very well made. I hope it gets on Steam!

ps: I had no problem doing longballs. No extra button required....
Dissection_Br 2014년 10월 4일 오전 8시 29분 
nice game, yes
Deadsin_Z 2014년 9월 18일 오후 7시 55분 
This game looks awesome! I would really love to play it.
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 9월 18일 오전 10시 30분 
@bun: Thanks for your feedback! I totally agree with you - there might be something "in between passing and shooting". Thing is, for example, when testing that, I figured that exactly applying Aftertouch to this does no good: you normally play a through pass and want to control the receiving player immediately, so you move the joystick accordingly but accidentally apply Aftertouch... It works better with long passes, and those are already covered by "abusing" the shot button...

By the way, the game's AI automatically plays through passes when they are appropriate. You will figure, that most of the time, a pass will reach the receiver still running full speed in the direction he was heading to. That's one of the subtle things of Natural Soccer which is/was quite hard to implement, but makes it so (hopefully!) well enjoyable :-)

Thanks a lot for your feedback - really appreciate that kind of feedback a lot!
bun 2014년 9월 18일 오전 9시 13분 
i have tried to use shoot button to pass the ball since it already have the aftertouch, but the kick power was too strong, that is why i suggest for a lighter version using the pass button.

allowing to pass the ball in any direction will encourage depth play. Its like a through ball, where players run to chase after the ball.

U can allow it as an option too. The game can still be simple with this addition. I hope to convince u abit haha.

Its great to hear u are trying out many combinations and options!
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 9월 18일 오전 8시 41분 
@pablo: An online mode is definitely something I'd *love* to have - but unfortunately on the other hand something very hard to do well, and something which have rather heavy implications on the existing gameplay (which I'd rather not touch too much as I am very happy with it...)

As for the editor: Definitely! It's in the making and will definitely become available some time in the future - but still will take a lot of time, so bear with me.

Thank you!
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 9월 18일 오전 8시 39분 
@bun: Thanks a lot for your nice feedback! Really glad you like the update.

As for the passing: I really want to keep the controls as simple as possible. That's a fundamental design decision. Having said this, I do try out different control styles to see if they improve the gameplay or not. For example, I hesitated quite some time if to add the third "CHIP" button, but figured it's an important and valuable addition, and never looked back.

As for your idea, I consider adding "hold PASS" in contrast to just tipping it, to pass the ball into the direction the stick is facing. I will test if this is actually worthwhile (and ask my beta testers about it, of course), so, yes, I am looking into it :-)

Thanks again!
pablomauro 2014년 9월 17일 오후 8시 06분 
el juego tiene modo multi player online ??? y se puede editar los jugadores y equipos ?
gracias !
bun 2014년 9월 17일 오후 12시 55분 
The feeling of the dribbling mode is great and feels really natural. comparing it to the previous version is a huge difference.

I notice i can lope the ball slightly and header with ease now.

I have tried the unassisted mode too but i cant control the ball and only able to move one direction with it.

Great wORK!

I am wondering if u can make passing(button A) the ball also with aftertouch and choosable direction, instead of a designated towards the player pass, because the Ai will anticipate and intercept the pass although i will instead like to pass a different angle.
bun 2014년 9월 17일 오후 12시 28분 
I didnt know there an update! nothing like a date was written in humble library that this is updated. Thx. looking forward to try it now.
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 9월 17일 오전 11시 51분 
@bun: There is been a recent update of the Windows version (v1.1.0), which contains the DRIBBLING MODE setting. It's available to all owners of the full version as a FREE UPDATE (just redownload from GMG/Humble Store/IGS).

So both Windows and Android versions do offer the new dribbling mode (only IOS is still a bit behind).
bun 2014년 9월 17일 오전 11시 18분 
I am still waiting for the game to update on par with the android version.
Its been very long since. I hope to try the dribble mode in the android version.
pablomauro 2014년 9월 16일 오후 8시 38분 
Votado !!! SI !
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 9월 15일 오전 11시 00분 
@Zankman: Thank you VERY much for this really valuable input - greatly appreciated! Will definitely consider all of this while improving Natural Soccer!
Zankman 2014년 9월 11일 오전 11시 31분 
B) A decent option of Leagues and Cups - Everyone who plays these types of games likes the feeling of playing in a top-level League and the Champions League, but it is even better if you can also start in the 4th League and make your way up *or* just play in [Insert D Tier Foreign League] for fun.

C) Transfers of you and other players, salaries and negotiations, getting older, getting accomplishments (or not, if you aren't good enough) and all other such aspects that make the game feel "real" and make it compeling for the player to play.

I'd also mention that creating a good stat (of player skills, I mean) is important. Both you and AI players should feel and play differently based on whether their skills are just Average or Great, and of course there should be a progression system through which to work rise and decline of players skills.

If all of this sounds too hard, make a simple "Achieve as much as you can" single season mode.
Zankman 2014년 9월 11일 오전 11시 30분 

A) Challenging enough AI and good enough World Simulation to keep things going - I want to improve my player and bring success to my club, but even if I am good I don't want to roll over my opposition and win everything. This is also why I say that New Star Soccer is so imbalanced - I went from my first 10-ish games being incredibly hard and frustrating, to a point where my skills got upgraded enough for me to suddenly become a god - and then I started winning every game and ended a season with 100+ scored goals... Talk about a bad game. To make it worse, the game World is simulated so badly that it doesn't even recognize that (aka I didn't become a 100,000,000$ worth player).

schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 9월 11일 오전 8시 20분 
@Zankman: Thanks a lot! Yes, both Career Mode and Editor are very high on my todo list - and I sure do hope they will be great fun. Thanks for your comment about simplicity - really appreciated!

Would you mind explain in a bit more detail, what such a barebones approach would need to offer you personally to be fun? Thanks a lot!
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 9월 11일 오전 8시 18분 
@pablo.gonzalez1981 First, thanks for your support! Second, thanks a lot for your motivating comment! Indeed I hope to bring some "fresh air" (although I consider FIFA/PES and Natural Soccer rather different: simulation vs. arcade, one guy vs. multi-billion dollar companies, ... ;-) )
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 9월 11일 오전 8시 17분 
@ruggilutrl: Thanks a lot! Yes, I'd dare to say that Natural Soccer indeed is "SWOS like" ;-)
Zankman 2014년 9월 9일 오후 6시 26분 
Looks cool; I hope the Editor and Career modes will be fun - if you don't have the resources and/or skill to do something *great* with the Career mode, you should just focus on making a simple barebones one - because it is better to have a simple functioning one than a "promising" but broken one.

New Star Soccer's is pretty solid now that you mention it, though, the gameplay... The gameplay doesn't hold up.

Good luck!
pablo.gonzalez1981 2014년 9월 8일 오후 4시 46분 
In this time of FIFA and PES it is really awesome that someone can give us some fresh air.
ruggilutrl 2014년 9월 1일 오전 7시 36분 
Great, it will be really cool to play a Sensible Soccer like game.
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 8월 7일 오후 12시 09분 
Thank you all for your nice feedback - really appreciated!

Yes, there will be an editor to create new teams, players and competitions!
lore.benve 2014년 7월 31일 오전 11시 13분 
great!! There will be an internal editor for teams and players and to add a new league or team?
stemansal 2014년 7월 29일 오전 10시 05분 
good game
TaD 2014년 7월 27일 오전 2시 56분 
haha, good old C=64 times show up... Nice work guys! Upvoted of course!
niccohaze' 2014년 7월 22일 오후 10시 38분 
It looks nice! Good job!
PyzAtkA 2014년 7월 16일 오전 12시 06분 
Great :D
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 7월 5일 오전 5시 45분 
@initials Thank you very much! "Best football game out there" is just really, really amazing! GREATLY appreciated, thanks!
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 7월 5일 오전 5시 44분 
@parabolee Wow, thank you VERY much! Yes, SHIELD + Natural Soccer are an awesome dream team, imo! I was very delighted when I first played it on SHIELD - definitely "The Way it's Meant to be Played"!

Glad you like the new dribbling mode!

In fact, both a team/player editor are very high on my TODO list and so is a "simple" career mode, that is with improved individual statistics along with both league and cup in a season.

Thank you very much for your praise of the gameplay! Greatly appreciated!

As for New Star Soccer: I totally agree, it's a very nice game that get's you hooked for quite a while! So, indeed, something like NSS + Natural Soccer is what's in my mind for Natural Soccer's current road map!

Thanks a lot for your *very* motivating and helpful comment!
initials 2014년 7월 3일 오전 3시 23분 
Played it on OUYA, and it's smooth and responsive. Best football game out there.
parabolee 2014년 6월 29일 오후 10시 34분 
Great, thanks! Just got the game on Andoid too (Nvidia Shiled) and WOW the dribble mode is fantastic. That will be my method of choice for sure when it comes to the desktop game! Once you have editable kits and a career mode (even just full league seasons with cups and career history would be good enough for me), I will be playing a LOT of this game!

I have probably played every retro style soccer game out there and this one is the best for on the pitch gameplay! I even played this Ouya when you first launched and it has come a long way!

I would strongly suggest you play some New Star Soccer 5 for some inspiration, you only play as one player (Player Manager style) but that guy has done wonders with that game It's really something special. But Natural Soccer is winning in the gameplay!

So congrats on the great game, please keep up the good work and I'll continue eo support you on every platform you launch on.
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 6월 29일 오전 7시 31분 
@parabolee Thank you very much both for supporting my work and your valuable comment!

Actually, I am working on a team editor and this definitely is high on my TODO list. Yes, and sharing those edits will be easy!

Also, career mode is something I am also very busy working on! Did not play too much New Star Soccer yet, but yes, something along those line, paired with Natural Soccer's match engine is what I am aiming for.

Thank you!
parabolee 2014년 6월 25일 오후 6시 26분 
Love the game, bought it a few days ago.

REALLY needs the ability to edit team names, kits and player names! And the ability to share those custom edits!

Game is really fun but it still feels like it could really use some more polish. Like a career mode and team logo's. Would take the game to the next level!

Would be amazing if this game had the kind of career stuff that New Star Soccer has! A full Player Manager style career would be equally awesome. Something along those lines anyway!

Keep up the great work!
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 6월 22일 오전 10시 59분 
@mastrpe & @munkor Yeah - PM was awesome! Really liked the game engine - for me it even had a slightly better feel than the later KO2's one (although the "complete package" of KO2 was much better).

What *exactly* was it you liked about PM most?

* Buying/Selling players?
* Being able to play in a fixed position opposed to the whole team?
* Editing tactics?

In other words: what would you like to see in Natural Soccer and (if applicable) in what order?

(Feel free to start a "discussion" about this, see tab above!)

Thank you!
schleinzer  [작성자] 2014년 6월 22일 오전 10시 55분 
@Youth! Full Power!! Thank you very much for your encouraging comment!