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Огледайте наоколо и разучете относно тази игра. Ако това е нещо, което желаете да видите достъпно в Steam, можете да помогнете, като го оцените, използвайки бутоните по-долу. Натиснете тук, за да научите още относно този процес.

Natural Soccer
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schleinzer  [автор] 1 април в 10:50сут. 
@bun Yes, this one's on the list, too :-) THANKS!
bun 1 април в 9:03сут. 
i have another idea. To be able to save a replay of a goal.
I want to collect my best goals and play back.
schleinzer  [автор] 1 април в 7:40сут. 
@Toshiro Mifune: Thanks A LOT for supporting my work! Highly appreciated!
schleinzer  [автор] 1 април в 7:39сут. 
@USSR Thanks a lot for your feedback! Really appreciate it! There is a quite huge update coming to the OUYA soon, to add those features already present in the current desktop version, such as league play, 200 new teams and players and many, many more.

Both versions are under constant development and I also plan to update the desktop version soon. But first I want to setup a community so that players can decide what to implement next.

As for multiplayer: for the time being, both OUYA and desktop versions will be local-multiplayer only, with up to 4 players. Adding (robust) net play to such a high paced, 60fps game is all but trivial, so this will still take some time.
schleinzer  [автор] 1 април в 7:35сут. 
@bun Sorry for the late reply!

Multiplayer currently is only possible locally (no LAN yet) and only if more than one controller is connected. But I am working on adding keyboard controls (but lacking the 360 degrees of freedom, it won't be the same....).

Tactics and formations are on my TODO list as well, so is a sprint feature.

Actually there are A LOT of ideas and suggestions I'd love to add but a day only has 24 hours :-) So I am actually currently setting up a community so that players can vote for the next features!

Thanks for your feedback! - and DEFINITELY YES - Natural Soccer is under constant development and I am planning to add a lot of things in the future!
Toshiro Mifune 31 март в 11:16сут. 
Just purchased via your website/humblebundle. Couldn't wait for Steam!
Blaze 2012-2014 30 март в 9:04след. 
Got it today for OUYA and I am loving it so much!! Do you plan on adding multiplayer to the OUYA and when do you plan on pushing out the next update for the game on PC and or OUYA?
bun 30 март в 11:01сут. 
After almost a week of playing, Its a very fun game especially playing with friends. we all hope that this game has sprinting, so we could dribble into the penalty box, or run to intercept as defenders. Pls also implement offside rule. Offside trap ai. switch formation. IS the game completed? I can only found yr tweeter post and the game hasnt been updating. Really want this game to be even better. Alot of potential. Pls update it more. thx
bun 23 март в 9:50сут. 
bought yr game. where is the multiplayer options??? Is lan play possible?
Fun game but can be improve. lack tactics and formation. lack button for smashing to run faster. no keyboard controls, i have only one gamepad, cant local coop. Are u still improving the game?
schleinzer  [автор] 16 март в 11:10сут. 
Natural Soccer for Windows is now available at http://naturalsoccer.com/buy !

But that does not mean I will stop trying and hoping to get it greenlit! Getting Natural Soccer on steam is a huge opportunity to get it known to a lot of players.

So please, if you know/tried or even bought Natural Soccer and like it - VOTE FOR IT HERE!

Thank you!
HellasManager 24 януари в 12:16сут. 
I only hope Steam gets S E N S I B L E and give us this game in the store
[#!] r00k13 19 декември 2013 в 2:39след. 
The game is called football
Toshiro Mifune 18 декември 2013 в 4:17сут. 
Hope this gets green-lit! Loved "Sensi" back in the day!
PJJ 17 ноември 2013 в 2:17след. 
Thanks matte, you are my hero of retro amiga games - could you please do the same with Wings of Fury :-))))))
schleinzer  [автор] 17 ноември 2013 в 12:10след. 
@PJJ: The desktop versions (Win, Linux, Mac) will be available early 2014, I hope.
PJJ 17 ноември 2013 в 9:33сут. 
Schleinzer: And when can I buy it for UBUNTU ????
schleinzer  [автор] 17 ноември 2013 в 9:09сут. 
@PJJ: So am I :-) As for buying Natural Soccer, you can actually play/buy it for Android and OUYA (see NaturalSoccer.com for details).

As far as the PC version is concerned, I am starting to get the feeling, Natural Soccer won't ever get greenlit ... But nevertheless, I am working on the PC version and hope to release it in early 2014 (probably not on steam though,...).

Thanks again!
schleinzer  [автор] 17 ноември 2013 в 9:06сут. 
@muzzer71: Thanks for your great and motivating comment! I am actually considering releasing a PC version early 2014, with beta tests starting in the coming weeks. If you would be interested in beta testing Natural Soccer, please contact me at naturalsoccer@schleinzer.de . THANKS AGAIN! :-)
muzzer71 11 ноември 2013 в 3:11сут. 
Hi schleinzer, this game looks great. I love Sensible Soccer, Yoda Soccer has promise although the development is very slow, and I'm still playing/editing Total Soccer today which looks the most similar to your game. But although TS is a fantastic game no-one is around to update it and make it even better (everyone seems to want something that is either online or has a management feature like SWOS). Natural Soccer looks like it has great potential, and to have a retro style game out on the market with a keen developer will be a massive boost to the retro football gaming community. I wish you lots of luck and success with this and I'll be following closely. I don't have Ouya or an Android device but looking forward to a PC version being released soon. Do you have any plans for a release date please?
PJJ 11 октомври 2013 в 4:33след. 
I was an AMIGA fan and the heart still beats for it ... - When can I buy it? :-)
korzef 29 септември 2013 в 2:34след. 
I like football
DEgenHeART 4 септември 2013 в 4:34сут. 
Sensible Soccer... yeah... there i was young ^^
akcaye 30 юли 2013 в 4:18след. 
Keeping the sensible spirit alive.
Sportgoofy 15 юли 2013 в 8:26сут. 
I loved Sensible Soccer!
666gruesel 12 юни 2013 в 1:48след. 
@ schleinzer: Thank you for answering, now my instant upvote for the game is even more well deserved. Really looking forward, good luck!
schleinzer  [автор] 12 юни 2013 в 9:42сут. 
@666gruesel: Well spotted :-) Actually the video has been recorded with a rather early version of the game, which did not yet feature sliding tackles. In current versions there are sliding tackles, along with fouls, yellow/cards, free kicks and penalties!
schleinzer  [автор] 12 юни 2013 в 9:40сут. 
@Andreika-kanareika: A cool dad you have :-) But I remember my mum also tell us to go and play outside and not only play Kick Off all the time ;-)
[]PurpleHaze[] 10 юни 2013 в 2:50след. 
uhhh wtf
666gruesel 10 юни 2013 в 5:03сут. 
@ schleinzer: Couldn't spot any sliding tackling performed in the video. Coincidence or just utter absence of that feature?
perkele 8 юни 2013 в 2:17след. 
Pcheloza! 6 юни 2013 в 2:09след. 
I remember the time when i with my dad played it and my mom want to we get out of home coz we played it for 50 hours per week)
Pyrrhus 28 май 2013 в 11:02сут. 
schleinzer  [автор] 28 май 2013 в 7:13сут. 
@RvN 10 [L]: So true! Thank you! Really hope you like it!
33rd /L/ 27 май 2013 в 4:58след. 
so oldschool <3
Kamishirov 12 май 2013 в 4:12сут. 
This is like World Cup Italia 90... Fond memories of when I played as the Soviet Union Vs Brazil and tonked them 13-0 in the final! (Glory days) ;)
schleinzer  [автор] 11 май 2013 в 9:13сут. 
@HardPenguin: Had to google Total Soccer. According to the youtube videos I found it indeed looks very similar to Natural Soccer! Also I did not play it myself it looks equally hard to control like Kick Off (2), while Natural Soccer is a bit easier to handle (more a mix of Sensible Soccer and Kick Off). But I'm sure, if I had known Total Soccer, it would had been fun to me! So, today, I have my very own soccer game and *love* how it plays ;-) but that's at you to judge :-) Thanks for cheering me up!
HardPenguin 5 май 2013 в 1:55след. 
Total Soccer is an amazing Sensible Soccer clone I played back in 2001. This looks very similar. Cheering for you guys!
schleinzer  [автор] 1 май 2013 в 12:24след. 
@ilpincy: So did I - countless hours of Kick Off and Sensi matches, mostly with friends. Yes, it'll be released for Windows, MacOS, Linux --- and already is available for OUYA and Android :-) Thanks for your vote!
ilpincy 1 май 2013 в 10:52сут. 
I loved Kick Off and Sensible Soccer as a kid, and I can't wait to play this game. Also, I love the fact that it works on Linux! :-)
schleinzer  [автор] 29 април 2013 в 12:12след. 
@Catscratch: That is very kind of you! Thanks! Really appreciate your upvote even you are not in those kind of games - wow! Thanks again!
schleinzer  [автор] 29 април 2013 в 12:11след. 
@OneTrueSaxon: Thank you - I'll do my best! If you have an Android device, you can get a foretaste in the Google Play Store! (Just remember the desktop versions will be even better!)
Catscratch 28 април 2013 в 9:48сут. 
Not my cup of tea but seems well-made and other people seem to really want this game, so have an upvote.
OneTrueSaxon 28 април 2013 в 9:25сут. 
I had both Kick Off and Sensible Soccer...... Think I'm too old for flashy style of Fifa, bring back the grass roots footie games!! Looking forward to this one!!
schleinzer  [автор] 22 април 2013 в 8:52сут. 
@ryansumoto: Thanks! I really hope you'll like Natural Soccer and it's admittedly familiar but nevertheless fresh and natural gameplay!
schleinzer  [автор] 22 април 2013 в 8:50сут. 
@ITSHAIRTIME: Wow! Thanks for your support and encouraging comment!
schleinzer  [автор] 22 април 2013 в 8:49сут. 
@Rosey: Thanks for your kind words! You nailed it - let's have some pure and fresh arcade fun besides the (albeit GREAT) PES and FIFA!
ry 22 април 2013 в 5:42сут. 
cool i wanna play this game that looks exactly like all those other games you described with no discernible differences
ITSHAIRTIME 18 април 2013 в 8:46сут. 
when i first saw this and the title i was thinking sensible soccer and after a few seconds of watching the video it made me go "YES!!" out loud so yeah going to upvote even if i dont play it
Rosey 15 април 2013 в 4:40сут. 
I'm gonna vote this up, because the modern highly polished football games with new versions every year are already boring and because EA sucks. Good old classic style for the win! And EA realy sucks, okay?
schleinzer  [автор] 11 април 2013 в 11:54сут. 
@COLOBOC & @BlackHawk3: Sorry, I don't understand that :-) But I am sure it means something like "get this greenlit, finally", doesn't it ;-)