Nordic Mountain Dew
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SMALORGEN 17 de jan às 17:08 
lubacho88088 5 de jan às 7:02 
the effect should make you
devinf 18/dez/2014 às 18:02 
i must climb it......
RadManCrazyDude 13/dez/2014 às 4:10 
Lord Shaden 11/dez/2014 às 16:58 
So, not only will I be a super powerful, legendary hero of unimaginable skill and prowess, but I'll be as caffinated as starbucks on black friday sales. Wonderful.
SUPERSCIOLI 19/ago/2014 às 21:46 
what is the item code so i can spawn some in.
SUPERSCIOLI 9/ago/2014 às 13:55 
"It's like Skyrim with Dew" - IGN
Pack Guar 9/ago/2014 às 10:32 
DEW (lol, crappy pun) all the different types of mountain dew!
GrimeTime 5/ago/2014 às 14:36 
MOM GET THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nekohibiki 23/jun/2014 às 9:08 
Can you do some for Caffeine Free Coke, 7UP, and A&W Root Beer?
thegamematthewjames2005 15/mai/2014 às 19:20 
RyanWuzHere69 18/mar/2014 às 19:27 
Can you make a coca- cola one of these?
Sky Lord Gliscor 25/dez/2013 às 17:09 
does this mean you buy the mountain dew from belethor?
Haunter 20/dez/2013 às 0:12 
I have alot of mountain dew in my Fridge here in my house... if only drinking some gave me the effects that the Mods dew does .__.
kimbi 10/dez/2013 às 19:36 
i just can't even believe this is real still but i thank sweet baby jesus every day for it
Twelve 11/nov/2013 às 18:03 
kidfusion3000 9/nov/2013 às 12:25 
daveleveque 6/set/2013 às 14:39 
This is Awesome!!!
FalloutmanN7 4/jun/2013 às 17:21 
Aplestormy  [autor(a)] 15/abr/2013 às 4:37 
@Rainbow, Better late the never! SUREOO!
A Banana 7/abr/2013 às 16:51 
Hey applestormy i was wondering if i could use you mountain dew mod to go with my mod im making The unique soda mod?
TheSurpriser 25/mar/2013 às 9:43 
You know you're a god, right ? ^_^ xP
#2_:3 19/mar/2013 às 18:58 
gigolo 9/mar/2013 às 13:21 
Of course its nordic Elves cant take the cafine....Damn Thalmor
Alastor 8/mar/2013 às 11:04 
love this can you make it so i can buy it at inns
Blut und Boden 4/mar/2013 às 13:46 
This will be fitting with my master cheif armor set
aFallenSentinel 4/mar/2013 às 5:57 
wat abot dem doritos
Pacifish 3/mar/2013 às 18:07 
Mountain Dew is the best soda ever!!! I must have it in Skyrim aswell as my 2 24 packs!
timmy0451 2/mar/2013 às 16:27 
lookes good
Leechy 1/mar/2013 às 18:27 
I got a 2nd idea, can you add this to other citys? and like adding them to barrels? something like that?
[TFDN]DerpTrooper RIP Okami 1/mar/2013 às 13:41 
francis oughta see this mod
Shay the Kitty Femboy assassin 1/mar/2013 às 13:05 
Finaly something I will drink.
Steelseries | Shmogurts  [autor(a)] 1/mar/2013 às 4:05 
@joyfull4030 Thanks dude it is always good to see pepole liking my mod.
Jbros201 28/fev/2013 às 22:31 
LOL this is what i call an epic mod. thumbs up
Shin Dan's Defense Training 28/fev/2013 às 15:37 
I'll drink to this!! *drinks can of gaian mountain dew*
Steelseries | Shmogurts  [autor(a)] 28/fev/2013 às 5:07 
@Luke Well they could use the console to spawn in gold, but we don't want to make it a exploit that you can use without having to use a console.
Luke 27/fev/2013 às 15:48 
But if people wanted to exploit Skyrim on PC would they not just console command a million gold?
Leechy 27/fev/2013 às 12:37 
Oh, okay. still a good mod.
Steelseries | Shmogurts  [autor(a)] 27/fev/2013 às 12:08 
@Leech111 We could try and make the inn keepers sell it, but we won't be able to make the price because we don't want to make it like a exploit.
Leechy 27/fev/2013 às 11:52 
I love this mod.
IDEA: can you make inn keepers sell this? and the price should be 100-300 gold, sence it's powerful.
*seb 27/fev/2013 às 10:33 
SPAM223 26/fev/2013 às 17:36 
Captainmar-Exactly what this world needs... and maybe some cheetos.
Honey Badger 26/fev/2013 às 15:13 
this is pretty damn legit, i hope you dont get nailed for copyright infringment tho XD
Dr. Homunculus Manslave 25/fev/2013 às 18:55 
now you just need doritos
|>LN<| evenmagic 25/fev/2013 às 17:55 
best location would be on top were u meet the dragon i forget whats the name of the place tho :(
Dusty 24/fev/2013 às 15:37 
These should really be located on a mountain near some dewy plants.
Aplestormy  [autor(a)] 24/fev/2013 às 13:13 
@FrostofLava It's just the mountain dew logo, edited onto the texture. Nothing too special! :)
Aplestormy  [autor(a)] 24/fev/2013 às 13:13 
@Lordargin I'm pretty sure they'd sue me, or Shmogurts for that matter.
Lordargin 24/fev/2013 às 12:14 
Cool and fun. Perhaps you could make some money out of it ;-) Talk to Mountain DEW and tell them of your mod.
Salty Bill 24/fev/2013 às 11:45 
I approve of this! also, no code red? :)