Immersive Saturation Boost
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Baron Von DickButt III Esq. 04 月 8 @ 8:55下午 
What about Enhanced Lights and FX?
BrickermanPalooza 04 月 4 @ 12:30下午 
Awesome mod, it makes the colors that need it really pop.
cskaj88 04 月 4 @ 10:10上午 
@ Mr Iggyx - Yes this works with Pure Weather. I only have Pure Weather an Pure Water installed an than I downloaded this an loaded up my game. Worked just fine, looked great but just wasn't for me. Download if you prefer a more vibrant look. It's well worth it in my opinion.
Carrier of Echoes 04 月 2 @ 9:20上午 
This is the only mod I've ever seen that makes Windhelm nice to look at...!
mateus-sagf 03 月 30 @ 8:47上午 
Awesome mod.
andrewkeener27 03 月 30 @ 7:18上午 
I LOVE all of the mods like this. I've subscribed to mostly all of them. Solitude, Whiterun, Riften, WIndhelm, and all of the little villages (Ivarstead, Riverwood, etc) they all look beautiful. And this mod increases it's awesomeness.
SiljCnR 03 月 30 @ 5:48上午 
@Archway just look in your Skyrim launcher at data files if the box for this mod is really unchecked. Subscribing and unsubscribing sometimes isn't enough or the launcher seems to set mods back to 'load' or 'not load' automatically..

@Mr Iggyx @Rebel_Viking912 i ask myself the same thing.. On some sunny days of 'Pure Weathers' the brightness/colours seem to interfer and add up so it looks all way too I turned ISB off for now..though some rainy days now are really grey :((
idk.. lol
Mr Iggyx 03 月 26 @ 10:09上午 
I have the same question as Mr Rebel Viking. Is it compatible with pure weather?
Rebel_Viking912 03 月 22 @ 7:06下午 
Is this compatible with Pure Weather?
Archway 03 月 14 @ 8:05上午 
I have subscribed and unsubscribed. It was very good but too bright. Now the saturated effect has remained. Any ideas how to get rid of the effect? Again, it was very good, but not for me. Thank you
Iron Dice 03 月 12 @ 9:17下午 
I've not seen the blurry bit, so can't say, but it's really very pretty.
Aidan isn't 03 月 7 @ 8:43上午 
liked it at first, but in one game something happened where the screen became EXTREMELY blurry, indoors and out. not postive its this mod, but it seems like it.
Stoned Stone 03 月 3 @ 12:57下午 
A great mod, improves the colour in the game without affecting FPS.
kylerlewis54 03 月 1 @ 1:57下午 
How can i disable this mod?? please help...
Necroflesh 02 月 24 @ 2:48上午 
I have water missing in spots .
Mikkimoomoo 02 月 22 @ 12:23下午 
when i install it, it doesnt show the change until i go on the options menu, then it disappears again, can this be stopped?
dark_blade_13 02 月 16 @ 10:25上午 
does it work with the realistic lightin mod?
Golden Shower Simulator 02 月 16 @ 7:46上午 
Absolutely amazing. Gives that nice little touch the scenery without having to tank your FPS with stuff like ENB; definitly recommended for people with low end PCs
fire552011 02 月 15 @ 6:26下午 
I have a mod that is suppose to be at the bottom of my load order. Will this mod still work if I put it above it?
AdApt | Project.D 02 月 13 @ 7:04下午 
Love it, thanks
Naedix 02 月 10 @ 10:40下午 
It looks beautiful! I don't like too much colour either but I find that it combined with RCRN keeps it just natural enough.
N-ZIM! 02 月 2 @ 3:39上午 
cool adon! It makes colours more beautiful.
Selafyn 01 月 29 @ 2:40上午 
It is free. Just make sure to donate if you want to support the artist:)
karyn.atwell 01 月 28 @ 4:27下午 
um, ok, this will sound stupid. Im new so, yeah, how much is it to subscribe?
patricktristan 01 月 27 @ 1:45下午 
pure awesome thanks alot for this beautiful mod
raziel871 01 月 26 @ 4:11下午 
BEAUTIFUL .. works a treat makes every colour like a summers day.
vanessa090604 01 月 21 @ 8:09下午 
when i get older i will buy skyrim and get the mods that Venturian uses
∆ηh†εvεяﮖε 01 月 20 @ 2:20下午 
I'm agree with somes players here about colors really intensive but this mod is really nice. It is perfectly stable too; This mod is excellent for less configuration like me because it boost visual, contrast and colors on textures. My game is more confortable to see now. But I think a "semi -boost configuration will be more adapted for ultra/high configuration. Thank you about your excellent work. Keep your talent!
Chiefox 01 月 19 @ 3:32下午 
I agreed with Feral Kevin. It is almost too much color and too neony. Maybe you should made a semi-boost saturation mod where it is inbetween of vailla and this mod.

Other than that, thos mod does make skyrim look more beautiful. Thumb up!
James Bush 01 月 17 @ 11:19下午 
The pics made me subscribe. :) hope i like it. some people seem to think its too much, so...
qazaq 01 月 14 @ 8:14上午 
what is the load order when i have this and pure waters?
Feral Kevin 01 月 12 @ 5:13下午 
almost too much color - maybe halfway between vanilla and this would feel more realistic. but still, prettier than vanilla. thanks.
Greek Viking 01 月 7 @ 12:40下午 
Hey guys I accidentaly moved the brightness in the options and the effect went away (I run both the saturation and the contrast boost) and now it doesn't seem to come back on, even after restarting the game. Got any solutions?
feris.sera 01 月 6 @ 3:13下午 
I'm running a pretty-much Vanilla version of Skyrim (I mostly want to not have to concern myself with fiddly bits interfering with enjoying my game), but this is a game-saving mod. Without it, the world seems so washed out and featureless; thanks much for making it!
Shabbit 01 月 6 @ 2:33上午 
@Thoryan you could try the mod "Skyrim In Color". I'm not sure if you can tweak it in the console, but it looks more balanced than this mod.
Thoryan 01 月 6 @ 1:48上午 
Saturation looks good in the preview pictures, but in game it seems like a little too much. I don't know if it was because one of my mods was interfering with it, but anyways it was a little bit too much. Anyone know if this mod has a slider or console command settings to lower the saturation by a little bit?
Nephazim 01 月 5 @ 1:07上午 
wich one is better: Contrast or Saturation boost?
Malrey 01 月 3 @ 9:57上午 
One of the better immersion boost in my opinion. If I was forced to pick only one, this would be it. It creates a warm rich color environment like no other.
EH 2013 12 月 30 @ 7:35上午 
@Ecolyne Notice I said "I would also like to know"
And thanks Aplestormy
Greeηpoιs0η 2013 12 月 30 @ 4:33上午 
@EH Dude, did you not see my comment right there?
Aplestormy  [作者] 2013 12 月 30 @ 1:56上午 
@EH Would you now? No offence, but judging by the fact I said I used Towns and Villages in the screenshots, common sense would probably give you an answer ;)
EH 2013 12 月 29 @ 3:42下午 
I would also like to know if it conflicts with Towns and Villages Enhanced
Greeηpoιs0η 2013 12 月 29 @ 1:14下午 
Does this conflict with the Towns and Villages Enhanced and Skyrim Enhanced mods?
steigendraak 2013 12 月 22 @ 7:26下午 
I love the ambience this mod gives Skyrim. Now it doesn't feel so dull and washed out.
Unknown Rabbit 2013 12 月 22 @ 8:08上午 
´chDSeM.. 2013 12 月 21 @ 5:12下午 
Great job mate thx
The Ironclad General 2013 12 月 21 @ 2:33下午 
is this compatible with the skyrim in colour mod?
Aubri 2013 12 月 17 @ 6:52上午 
Kumako, did you even read the description? It says under Compatibility, in bold letters, that this is 'NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IMMERSIVE CONTRAST BOOST, PICK ONE!'
Bane47 The Tank (Engine) 2013 12 月 15 @ 2:54下午 
Too much brightness and happiness for me.
Natalia Poklonskaya 2013 12 月 15 @ 2:35下午 
Does this drop the frame rate?