Immersive Saturation Boost
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BlueDragon992 22. kvě. v 10.50 odp. 
"AAA" Developers please take note: Just because a game has a realistic art style does not mean that you have to make the game look brown or gray. This mod is ultimate proof of that!
☯op4_xendance.bsp☯ 20. kvě. v 4.51 odp. 
Aplestormy, I love this mod. I couldn't play without it. I'm wondering though, is there any way to change the saturation settings in this mod? I'd love to have more colour, like, 200% of your saturation value. Is this possible?
genghis1964 17. kvě. v 6.49 dop. 
your mods have improved the look of the game 100%. thank you
A2Creativity 2. kvě. v 2.59 odp. 
now i dont have to see an old man's view of the world
Aplestormy  [autor] 25. dub. v 7.32 dop. 
@Intrepid Eh, fell asleep or something.
Intrepid Potato Hunter 25. dub. v 5.33 dop. 
Jeffhub113™Rusty Nail 16. dub. v 5.26 dop. 
good mod, no fps loss on 5 yr old laptop
{ABR} Boats 7. dub. v 11.51 dop. 
What grass mod are you ussing it looks good???
AZ 28. bře. v 11.11 dop. 
Jamma77 20. bře. v 12.04 odp. 
One question: Why do you say that is incompatible with Immersive Contrast Boost? I've run the two mods together in the past without issue.
Aplestormy  [autor] 17. bře. v 12.16 dop. 
@Yrmama Oh, okay.
yrmama 16. bře. v 9.39 odp. 
I didn't like this mod - I like the tundra to look bleak.
edr3458 14. bře. v 10.03 dop. 
thank you for this mod love the pretty colors skyrim is awesome no lag either
Yurnero Yakumo 1. bře. v 4.36 odp. 
Go to "data files" on the first menu that pops up when you start to play Skyrim, then select the mod then use the arrow buttons to move it to where you want in the load order.
drpep007 1. bře. v 2.37 odp. 
and you say put at the bottom of the load order, how do i do that? im still new to most of this sorry.
drpep007 1. bře. v 2.36 odp. 
for someone playing on a lower resolution should i use this one or immersive contrast?
Aplestormy  [autor] 26. úno. v 9.49 dop. 
@DarkZen Definately the stupid people option.
Dagnerbit 22. úno. v 1.55 odp. 
this mod is rad. looks great and no preformance issues. thanks for this!
literally thousands of spiders 13. úno. v 5.13 odp. 
I never liked games with dark feels to them. That's the main reason I turned my back on Minecraft. This mod should bolster Skyrim for me! Thanks for keeping my hope alive!
DarkZen 8. úno. v 8.21 dop. 
@Aplestormy - I really want to try this mod. The idea of making Skyrim more lush and colorful without FPS drop sounds great, but looking at the comments I'm seeing several people who are having trouble deleting/tunring it off once they decide they don't want it anymore. Have you found this to be a legitimate issue or are there just a bunch of stupid people using the mod?
Aplestormy  [autor] 7. úno. v 10.23 dop. 
Acorf 1. úno. v 8.19 odp. 
dont download makes everything too bright or too dark and you cant turn it off
rodoku 31. led. v 6.55 odp. 
how do i uninstall this, ive tried unsubing, and unchecking it in the data files after unsubscribing but its still there.
MR. BAD NEWS 22. led. v 7.27 dop. 
The best mod ever
jArmAhead 18. led. v 5.02 odp. 
Does it fix the contrast issue?
Warsun99 17. led. v 1.35 odp. 
Thank you.Because climates of Tameriel and base game suck the life out of the game.An that pisses me off.
heavenly father save me please 17. led. v 6.00 dop. 
@god make copies of your mods and saved data then reinstall and paste the copies where they belong
Aplestormy  [autor] 17. led. v 2.33 dop. 
@Gold I would suggest re-installing Skyrim to solve your issue.
Hearthfire 16. led. v 5.17 odp. 
Ok, i installed this mod awhile ago and i unchecked it today, the mod wont turn off and its screwed up the AIs so they wont attack, any idea why thats happened? And no, im not reinstalling Skyrim
heavenly father save me please 16. led. v 3.29 dop. 
"Enhances Vibrancy of outdoor Lighting and Effects"

it needs to be toned down for vampires
heavenly father save me please 16. led. v 3.28 dop. 
it made my sky white everywhere everything is too bright... i am a vampire
bobrov2001 8. led. v 4.11 dop. 
can i somehow undo the effect? i unsubsribe and deleted the mod files but effect still on...
benmccormick22 6. led. v 3.09 odp. 
Absolutely incredible!!!
Aleksandr Pistoletov 6. led. v 2.54 dop. 
Game should have been released with these saturation settings. Looks amazing.. I prefer to avoid mods whenever possible but this is a must have.
Ethring 1. led. v 10.25 dop. 
This adds an amazing boost to the colors in Skyrim for little to know appreciable framrate hit. My system will run the game at max settings anyway, but my girlfriends daughter plays on her laptop. I suggested she try this and she was amazed at how much more vibrant the game looked.
The Doctor 28. pro. 2014 v 7.23 dop. 
pls make tropical skyrim
aroundthefur79 27. pro. 2014 v 5.20 dop. 
I love this mod been playing it for a while. (off topic) Anyone else having issues with the interior lighting in skyrim? everything is extremly dark in certain indoor places for example The ragged flagon and riverwood trader are extremly dim in certain areas.Also, The way the light is distributed around the cell isn't consistent anymore for some reason?
Northern Renegade 23. pro. 2014 v 11.50 dop. 
RCRN? ENB? what do they stand for?
CaveDiver 19. pro. 2014 v 3.26 odp. 
Really noticeable and looks great. Good job.
ZombiUbojica 17. pro. 2014 v 8.32 dop. 
Does this mod make nighttime super dark? I love the daytime graphics, but for some reason it's unplayably dark at night, even with a torch out. I have a few other mods that might be affecting the night, I'm just trying to figure out if it might be one of my other expendable mods.
IceWarrior 3. pro. 2014 v 5.16 dop. 
Makes everything brighter. The forests of Skyrim are now brighter and even more beautiful, and the autumn colored forest of the Rift is even more beautiful. This game just got even more addicting for me. (Thank you!)
findjlj 30. lis. 2014 v 10.11 dop. 
Wow, you made Skyriom even more addictive for me. Thanks
Stormrunner 29. lis. 2014 v 4.33 dop. 
Toast, do what Maximus said, that fixed it for me
NaughtiusMaximus 29. lis. 2014 v 1.16 dop. 
@SmoothToast39 did you try going into your data files pre game launch and selecting the mod then selecting delete?
SmoothToast39 27. lis. 2014 v 6.14 dop. 
@Aplestormy can i just dealete every file in skyrim and just install it again?
Aplestormy  [autor] 27. lis. 2014 v 5.57 dop. 
@smooth You can't delete this. It's permanent. The only solution is to apply a liberal amount of petroleum (or any other highly flammable liquid) to your hard drive and ignite using a match or flint. Wait for 1 - 2 hours. Make sure the hard drive is spongy to the touch and has a light golden brown colour. Cool for 20 minutes and serve with a chocolate fudge sauce or raspberry coulis. Enjoy.
SmoothToast39 26. lis. 2014 v 1.30 odp. 
how to delete the mod i have big issues plz somebody help!!! (sorry for bad english)
NaughtiusMaximus 25. lis. 2014 v 11.48 odp. 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game.
jackneuens 20. lis. 2014 v 3.35 odp. 
This mod is great but it makes the lights in caves and the such purple. Please fix this, still one of my top 50 favorite mods. 6/7
KatAllergies 19. lis. 2014 v 8.07 odp. 
I cannot play without this. There really is no going back! It's just so awesome!