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Immersive Contrast Boost
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Cyanide [SKWERL] 10月27日 0時02分 
but I want contrast AND saturation - may I request a version with both or a version compatible with immersive saturation boost?
papiwa 9月26日 14時04分 
Don't mind those haters bro. Looks good and works great. Sky is a bit bright. But after many comparisons I do see a pleasant difference.
NaughtiusMaximus 9月20日 10時43分 
Oh thank god i figured out what mod was making all the shadows pure black in the middle of the fucking day time. Shit mod bro keep up the troll!
Aplestormy  [作成者] 9月13日 0時22分 
GreazyGill 9月12日 19時54分 
looks like shit
MajesticBacon_ 8月28日 6時49分 
I prefer this over an ENB, well, maybe not, but for now yes because my game cant handle and ENB :(
Hong Kong Phooey 7月28日 3時26分 
Hurts my eyes after a while.
ConnorMcfarland66 7月27日 17時56分 
i love this!!!!! but, any way you can make the same mod with a touch of dark? or less bright? =D i really do enjoy this tho! thanks!
凸( ̄▽ ̄凸) UBANUB :) 7月3日 14時29分 
My brightness is already at 70 and yet lol
凸( ̄▽ ̄凸) UBANUB :) 7月3日 14時18分 
Cephei The Cat 6月15日 2時01分 
i can spot things now-not just grey!
genghis1964 5月17日 6時48分 
fantastic. thank you. my game looks so much better than the drab greyness it had before
Mironson 4月30日 11時37分 
Super:) :!
Alexy 4月23日 20時36分 
trying to switch from this one to saturation... but even if i completely uninstalled this one, unsubscribbed, and removed this from nexus.. I load my existing character and try to get the saturation boost, but it crash :(
Eeoneguy CSGLAD.RU 4月11日 23時19分 
I've decided the contrast boost was more effective than the saturation boost.
Eeoneguy CSGLAD.RU 4月11日 22時51分 
Too bad you can't use both. I need blacker blacks & greener greens. Anything's better than fog-dimmed colors.
BeatMachine.44 4月1日 6時47分 
quite eye tiring.
in prison 3月24日 5時57分 
is it compatible with all dlc
Silas Renegade 3月1日 12時44分 
ok cool thanks
Aplestormy  [作成者] 3月1日 9時10分 
@Silas If you prefer a more dramatic world - contrast; slightly happier more vibrant world go for saturation.
Silas Renegade 2月27日 18時10分 
hey whats better immersive sat or contrast?
SassySocrates 1月21日 12時08分 
It was working great, but now it just suddenly stopped working, the nights aren't as dark and days aren't as bright. Very confusing.
Warsun Games 1月17日 13時36分 
I am still having issues with Climates of tameriel on this subject.Can you patch that is to fix the OVER contrast it causes please?
Rienna Cruzar 1月15日 20時08分 
That is sad that it's not compatable. It would be pretty sweet if you could mix them or if someone made a mod that did both.

skiper103 1月5日 13時07分 
good job)
Viruz 1月5日 9時58分 
cant decide if this or the saturation boost one Q_Q they both look amazing
grant_e_erickson 2014年12月13日 11時31分 
Pretty Reliable
﴾Sign Of Variety﴿ 2014年11月26日 11時02分 
can it work for mid computer
RenderedSoul 2014年11月10日 14時05分 
i love it
PrimalSlave 2014年10月29日 14時39分 
Thanks looks great with the Saturation one!
Arty 2014年10月28日 14時59分 
In my opinion ISB is a far better addition, this one just feels way too dark and somewhat unrealistic, even on high brightness, sorry
Stel_ard 2014年10月27日 16時06分 
Weston 2014年10月15日 12時57分 
What's the big difference between this and ISB, and which one would people choose? Trying to decide between them currently
Julianos ☢ 2014年10月4日 14時23分 
Looks great in the game, thank you!
juliopchile 2014年9月14日 19時06分 
how it's look at the nigth?
g r e e n^ 2014年9月13日 16時20分 
Love it no more washed out!
Darth Chalupa® 2014年9月11日 22時50分 
Thank you. I always enjoyed the palet of Oblivion over that of Morrowind.
Taracmeden 2014年9月9日 19時13分 
Aplestormy, I was gonna download your mod, but after that conversation, I'm gonna download it and give you a cookie. You, my good sir, are a master of the currents of chi.
GuitarChainGun4 2014年9月7日 15時36分 
Well thats a cool conversation. (Below)
Icemelt 2014年9月6日 14時42分 
Aplestormy  [作成者] 2014年9月6日 14時20分 
@Icemelt There is no morning, only the transition of our planet moving through a seemingly infinate universe. What is morning to bacteria on another planetoid? Nothing, just a jumble of sound waves that interact with them on a subatomic level. And what is a pill, it's merely a chemical mix that we add to more chemicals, in order to produce chemicals? Hardly noticable in the great song that is life.
Icemelt 2014年9月6日 14時15分 
*hands Aplestormy a sarcasm pill*

take that and call me in the morning :P
Aplestormy  [作成者] 2014年9月6日 14時14分 
@Icemelt There's no need dude, just gaze up at the stars and zone out, your body is part of that universe and that universe is part of you. Embrace life.
Icemelt 2014年9月6日 14時13分 
I've been waiting here mad as hell for you to respond this entire time..... XD
Aplestormy  [作成者] 2014年9月6日 13時57分 
@Icemelt Chill out man, just take a breather, sit outside and enjoy life. It's all cool, we're all on like this path to our future, and these little obstructions mean nothing in the larger scheme of things bro. You get me?
Uncle Bobby 2014年9月5日 17時32分 
dang this is neat
DeltaWhite 2014年8月26日 20時24分 
Icemelt 2014年8月26日 18時17分 
Every one of your mods is catagorized by "worlds" .. think you and some other developers need to learn what that means... your mod is NOT a "world".. it has nothing to do with BEING a "world" .. un F-ing mark it as one.

If you've designed a new LAND (like the Dragonborn expansion) .. fine, but if it's JUST a town or some graphic mod that effects the current pre-made WORLD .. don't F-ing flag it as one.

It's almost impossible to find actuall "world" mods, because idiots like you have miss-marked ALL your freaking mods!
Muffin_Man01 2014年8月23日 10時50分 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over.
WicKed | BeAsT 2014年8月22日 16時36分 
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░█░░█░█░▀▀█▀▀░█▀█ ░ █▀█
░█░░█░█░░░█░░░█▀▄ ░█▀▀█
░▀▀▀▀░▀▀▀░▀░░░▀░ ▀░▀░░▀
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
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