Left 4 Dead 2
Boomer played by Michael from RoosterTeeth's RageQuit
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Dr. Krieger 27 вер 2016 о 11:24 
A fantastic mod, I just wish it had more lines sometimes.
Scaleon1 5 лип 2016 о 22:20 
i'm too busy crying from laughter to look at the screen
Trade.tf Unoriginal Cunt 27 чер 2016 о 3:08 
Poor Gavin Lol
PinkPortrait 16 бер 2016 о 20:38 
I'd love to have a mod for it being a survivor.
[Yeee]Cable02 28 лют 2016 о 9:59 
go achievement hunter!
Anivasion  [автор] 28 лют 2016 о 9:55 
Oh how time does fly. If only I could work on it when I am thinking about it most. I.e. when I am sitting at my desk at work listening to Achievement Hunter.
₩ɨƶ 28 лют 2016 о 9:46 
Been using this and its always funny!
But wheres the updates you said?
Been 3 years now, updates?
Sora Toriyama 28 лют 2016 о 1:42 
at 2:12 in your video that matches every boomer player ever XD also love this mod!!
[Yeee]Cable02 26 лис 2015 о 9:49 
*sigh* well I have every reason to love boomers now :D
Ronan Erudon 21 вер 2015 о 0:09 
also Make Gavin the Hunter
Ronan Erudon 20 вер 2015 о 23:47 
I would laugh my ass off if u could make the common infected into Michael model instead of the custom zombie models that would be funny as hell
Renegade 20:16 28 сер 2015 о 20:43 
Straight Outta Salem 22 лип 2015 о 20:57 
Too funny
ПΛПО Prince Dragoon 3 тра 2015 о 9:40 
i love this!
sonicdh1 20 січ 2015 о 13:56 
haha the heck to funny every time you melee him, haha crap,
SAM 11 гру 2014 о 18:19 
10/10 ily
beowulfs.wiglaf 14 лис 2014 о 20:01 
This mod is perfect. Could you make one for the Jockey as Gavin Free?
R2D2 8 лис 2014 о 6:51 
а на русском есть?
Fuyu_Seishin12 15 жов 2014 о 8:08 
Tank would be more fitting though...
Anivasion  [автор] 8 жов 2014 о 17:30 
Thank you :) I've been meaning to import the fem Boomer soon. One of these days
BlackSheepMarie 8 жов 2014 о 16:51 
This is the best sound mod for the Boomer I've ever heard in all the years I've been playing this fucking game. Congrats, I'm using this all the time now.
Dutchoven00012 24 вер 2014 о 0:14 
DreadedGhoul575 19 вер 2014 о 5:36 
I love mods that make the infected sound like youtubers because it feels like you are playing with them, plus it's hillarious. :D
Livin' Dead 21 сер 2014 о 18:48 
This is hilarious! Great work!
Perfect Strange Pony 23 лип 2014 о 18:14 
Sergeant Schlock 16 лип 2014 о 1:29 
I want one for Barb now. Maybe Witch? Or Smoker?
Legacy's Infinity 3 лип 2014 о 14:52 
Make this for the tank
Monst3rP3nguin 3 лип 2014 о 14:08 
I cant stop laughing! this is too funny
Ronald McGodDamnDonald 29 чер 2014 о 13:48 
Too funny.
DreadedGhoul575 26 чер 2014 о 3:23 
lol, please make more. e.g basicallyidowrk for smoker
EmazingOmega 26 чер 2014 о 1:41 
this is fucking halarious
David Ralphsky 13 чер 2014 о 5:27 
This is genius.
Biohazard 11 чер 2014 о 9:37 
This is my #1 favorite mod of all time - THANX so much, I love RQ and this just makes the game epic!
R Kely P N on U 29 тра 2014 о 9:57 
dudei cant lmao, im in tears over this from laughing so hard abahaha
Arararagi Koyomeme 27 кві 2014 о 3:54 
lol the video made me crack up when he kept shoving the boomer
Faux Pup 26 кві 2014 о 15:28 
I've been on a mod download spree recently and this has to be my favorite mod. Everytime I hear him screaming in the distance it cracks me up. Doesn't really seem to work well with the female boomers, aside from death sounds apparently. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to more from this mod and more from you, especially if you continue to make Achievement Hunter related stuff. Great job making a great game greater ^^
Zireael 26 кві 2014 о 6:34 
More please :D
Hollow Zangetsu 26 кві 2014 о 3:11 
So Awesome xD
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 23 кві 2014 о 16:55 
i love this so much
DROP DEAD MARCY LONG 22 кві 2014 о 16:47 
Thank you so much for this omg
Fu|3a|2 20 кві 2014 о 8:44 
Revanchist7 18 кві 2014 о 20:03 
lolololol, god damn, its soo good.
Serious 16 бер 2014 о 22:20 
i had a heart attack
LOL so funn
Serious 16 бер 2014 о 22:19 
The Health Inspector 2 лют 2014 о 11:24 
Wind 30 січ 2014 о 21:04 
dude ive had this mod for months and i still laugh my ass off while playing, great job
Gorilao da Bola Azul 26 січ 2014 о 20:41 
StraightEdge 26 січ 2014 о 2:35 
nice one
The_Angry_Woodsman 12 січ 2014 о 13:15 
I can't stop laughing. Help.
Anivasion  [автор] 7 січ 2014 о 22:02 
Oh, I see. I use Cool edit. And good to know!