Boomer played by Michael from RoosterTeeth's RageQuit
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ПΛПО Prince Dragoon 14 uur geleden 
i love this!
sonicdh1 20 jan om 1:56nm 
haha the heck to funny every time you melee him, haha crap,
tiddlywink 11 dec 2014 om 6:19nm 
10/10 ily
beowulfs.wiglaf 14 nov 2014 om 8:01nm 
This mod is perfect. Could you make one for the Jockey as Gavin Free?
Айзик 8 nov 2014 om 6:51vm 
а на русском есть?
Fuyu_Seishin12 15 okt 2014 om 8:08vm 
Tank would be more fitting though...
Anivasion  [auteur] 8 okt 2014 om 5:30nm 
Thank you :) I've been meaning to import the fem Boomer soon. One of these days
BlackSheepMarie 8 okt 2014 om 4:51nm 
This is the best sound mod for the Boomer I've ever heard in all the years I've been playing this fucking game. Congrats, I'm using this all the time now.
Dutchoven00012 24 sep 2014 om 12:14vm 
DreadedGhoul575 19 sep 2014 om 5:36vm 
I love mods that make the infected sound like youtubers because it feels like you are playing with them, plus it's hillarious. :D
Livin' Dead 21 aug 2014 om 6:48nm 
This is hilarious! Great work!
Perfect Strange Pony 23 jul 2014 om 6:14nm 
Sergeant Schlock 16 jul 2014 om 1:29vm 
I want one for Barb now. Maybe Witch? Or Smoker?
Legacy's Infinity 3 jul 2014 om 2:52nm 
Make this for the tank
monst3rp3nguin 3 jul 2014 om 2:08nm 
I cant stop laughing! this is too funny
1e+030 29 jun 2014 om 1:48nm 
Too funny.
DreadedGhoul575 26 jun 2014 om 3:23vm 
lol, please make more. e.g basicallyidowrk for smoker
EmazingOmega 26 jun 2014 om 1:41vm 
this is fucking halarious
David Ralphsky 13 jun 2014 om 5:27vm 
This is genius.
Biohazard 11 jun 2014 om 9:37vm 
This is my #1 favorite mod of all time - THANX so much, I love RQ and this just makes the game epic!
R Kely P N on U 29 mei 2014 om 9:57vm 
dudei cant lmao, im in tears over this from laughing so hard abahaha
Lazy Spongie 27 apr 2014 om 3:54vm 
lol the video made me crack up when he kept shoving the boomer
Faux Pup 26 apr 2014 om 3:28nm 
I've been on a mod download spree recently and this has to be my favorite mod. Everytime I hear him screaming in the distance it cracks me up. Doesn't really seem to work well with the female boomers, aside from death sounds apparently. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to more from this mod and more from you, especially if you continue to make Achievement Hunter related stuff. Great job making a great game greater ^^
Thrawn«¦ 26 apr 2014 om 6:34vm 
More please :D
Hollow Zangetsu 26 apr 2014 om 3:11vm 
So Awesome xD
The Great Saiyaman 23 apr 2014 om 4:55nm 
i love this so much
Queen B 22 apr 2014 om 4:47nm 
Thank you so much for this omg
Pro killer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 20 apr 2014 om 8:44vm 
Revanchist 18 apr 2014 om 8:03nm 
lolololol, god damn, its soo good.
Serious 16 mrt 2014 om 10:20nm 
i had a heart attack
LOL so funn
Serious 16 mrt 2014 om 10:19nm 
Lightning Larry Luciano 2 feb 2014 om 11:24vm 
Wind 30 jan 2014 om 9:04nm 
dude ive had this mod for months and i still laugh my ass off while playing, great job
Gorilao da Bola Azul 26 jan 2014 om 8:41nm 
Neon 26 jan 2014 om 2:35vm 
nice one
The_Angry_Woodsman 12 jan 2014 om 1:15nm 
I can't stop laughing. Help.
Anivasion  [auteur] 7 jan 2014 om 10:02nm 
Oh, I see. I use Cool edit. And good to know!
₩ɨƶ 7 jan 2014 om 9:19nm 
Cool, no was wondering since I use audacity for edits.
But the sound is good to me.
Anivasion  [auteur] 7 jan 2014 om 9:11nm 
@ WIZ, I just adjust my in game speakers for the device I am using and recorded it like that with an in-game demo. I don't run a lot of other sound mods concurrent with this so I wonder if myabe other mods are drowning mine out. If you play as the boomer himself and can't hear Michael, I fear the problem may not be able to be fixed by me!
₩ɨƶ 7 jan 2014 om 9:02nm 
This is a very funny mod I had it for a long time.
What software you use to pump the volume up for this?
Just wondering! Thanks!
HDSounDI 5 jan 2014 om 12:45nm 
imagine if this was done with amnesia?
Nick_The_Ninja 1 jan 2014 om 10:57vm 
was so funny i watched it again and again and again XD
Rizbo 27 dec 2013 om 11:10vm 
@Andenali Okay, id love to hear a Raging Michael running round the Streets so ill be waiting :)
Anivasion  [auteur] 27 dec 2013 om 10:26vm 
@Rizbo, A lot of people have said that it's too quiet. But I have pumped up the audio to the point of near distortion and don't know how to fix it further. I can hear his cursings echo through the streets. Source does have its own audio processing in game to make things sound far away, echo and so forth and I am not entirely sure how it works. There is one last update coming and I hope this can rectify and remaining problems.
Rizbo 27 dec 2013 om 10:05vm 
@Andenali you have to make this ALOT louder Please. ive tested the mod for about 4 hours now and i could only hear him once, that being 2 words. It seems very funny because i like Michael very much, but i just cant hear Shit so please make it louder. Thx ^^
Anivasion  [auteur] 3 dec 2013 om 3:49nm 
@ People like grapes, I started making a Gavin one and then some life stuff happened. He isn't as easy to get clips for considering the amount of repetition the special I chose I have been monitoring his videos since then for the perfect lines. Of course, if anyone else out there has ideas for using more Rooster Teeth personalities, I welcome them to make them!
People like grapes 3 dec 2013 om 3:28nm 
Are you going to make any more Rooster Teeth and/or Achievement Hunter sound mods? Because this has almost too much potential to ignore.
Soraku Fett 11 nov 2013 om 1:17nm 
Maybe Geoff as a Tank and just have him giggling like when he has the WiiU pad...
Soraku Fett 11 nov 2013 om 1:16nm 
Funny how, as I watch a Let's Play, I find this.
Haans Job 8 nov 2013 om 2:56nm 
Ray/Mr.Diddlez as a hunter