Tamriel Compendium
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InsignisMemoria 17. dub. v 2.27 odp. 
Exactly what I was looking for.
Destructech_01 30. čvc. 2014 v 4.01 odp. 
Better immersion, more to read, what's there not to like ;)
reverendsholiday 13. čvc. 2014 v 3.12 odp. 
I love reading all the books just for the joy of immersion and relaxation from dungeon crawling, lol. If the book is relevant to some quest or lore in the game fine, if not, I enjoy reading for the pure entertainment of it. :) Great job!
Lord 25. čvn. 2014 v 2.17 odp. 
Хотелось бы на русском языке.
I would like in Russian.
Zoron246 13. čvn. 2014 v 9.30 odp. 
randomly putting an A. S. S. in the front page of a book does not make much sense XD
Malacare 2. úno. 2014 v 9.48 dop. 
Good job Cliff
gidora 31. led. 2014 v 10.24 dop. 
I think Creeper Fish had a good idea. Not only that but making a library with all the books would eliminate the glitching that goes with adding it to the merchent, and a lot of us wouldnt know the first thing about how to rebuild a bash patch.
Yanazake - Time s'lacking 4. lis. 2013 v 11.38 dop. 
I came all the way from the nexus, since there are no comments in there anymore, just to ask... What does this have to do with Dawnguard? I was checking the mod in Tes5Edit [making leveled lists more compatible with other stuff] and found strange records of the Soul Cairn. Are those supposed to be there, or are they stray data?
Shockwave_Taco 3. lis. 2013 v 12.36 odp. 
Thank you so much. I learned more about tamriel thanks to this
formorian5 1. zář. 2013 v 12.46 dop. 
I might dowload this in the future, but for now, I haven't even finished collecting the vanilla skyrim books.
Creepy Creeper 20. čvc. 2013 v 4.14 odp. 
This is a great mod, I have been reading pretty much every book I come across to see some of the lore involved between the time frame of oblivion and skyrim. I was wondering though if you'd be interested in adding a library with complete book collections. Considering most of the books from the base skyrim are scattered all over and the weight limit constraints of inventory it can be a pain to read them in the right order so it would be a really nice addition.
Ysmired 8. čvc. 2013 v 11.03 dop. 
Awesome! Thank you.
paulwoodland 5. čvc. 2013 v 10.04 dop. 
cool mod good work
{/L4P\}Anubis 19. čvn. 2013 v 3.17 odp. 
keep making mods dude!
Briskethead 12. čvn. 2013 v 7.48 odp. 
so just a though , this might be far more work then its worth, so spell book don't have any readable pages in them this seams a shame just a page or two that tells about the spell it would also give a person (like me who does this anyway) a better reason to collect and store on book shelves so after you know the spell get another copy and then be able to read it
Rognvald 21. kvě. 2013 v 2.25 odp. 
Thanks, man. I was about to make a mod like this myself, but I'm glad I checked first to see if anyone else had done it. Bethesda hired a number of professional authors to craft all the in-game lore, and I never understood why so much of it got discarded from one game to the next. Great work!
Cliffworms  [autor] 10. kvě. 2013 v 11.47 odp. 
@Big Daddy:
All for your argonian-spear-polishing pleasure!
Misinformed Zebra 10. kvě. 2013 v 10.47 odp. 
Does this add the Lusty Argonian Maid?
Cocky 5. kvě. 2013 v 8.03 dop. 
Cliffworms strikes again.
The Dark Ranger 11. dub. 2013 v 12.38 odp. 
iv had this mod for a good long time now since it came out infact and this mod is truly amazing it adds so much imersion to the game I am stunned and I truly admire it
Dapa* 6. led. 2013 v 6.40 odp. 
The 'hitboxes' on the added books appear to be a little wonky. For instance, when using the Unlimited Bookshelves mod, these books often end up inside of each other, whereas the vanilla books work just fine.
¤MonK¤ Fluffy Cactus 6. pro. 2012 v 3.13 odp. 
why did you stop working on soumds of skyrim
parsnips73 18. lis. 2012 v 2.50 odp. 
Nice reading and collecting the extra books, cheers. gotta agree with everyone else. it was great sneaking through the caves and dungeons or hunting in the wilds with the sounds from SoS. if you ever get them back up, i for one will be very appreciative.
Disco 27. říj. 2012 v 7.58 odp. 
where is sounds of skyrim?????? why do you no longer follow your steam??????????? Please respond I loved sounds of skyrim, oh and btw to anybody else who wants them you can get them from the skyrim+ collection I think. You can find most of them if you search sounds of skyrim under collections.
Drunken_Monkey 7. říj. 2012 v 5.41 odp. 
Im not sure but it still works, if you add it from a collection list. The synchronisation needs some time but I could install the "sounds of wild" mod with this very atmospheric sounds.

The called mod was/is great and gives the game a great feeling! :)
tyloros 11. zář. 2012 v 3.14 odp. 
I have to agree with previous posts, why have you taken down SoS? I found them in a collection and tried them out and loved them. (you can still subscribe to things from the collection page) The only problem I encountered was a few freezes here or there. In any case, SoS was a really good mod as far as I can tell. PS sorry about posting here, but there is no longer a page for SoS
Oats 5. zář. 2012 v 11.26 dop. 
. 3. zář. 2012 v 6.49 dop. 
thank you!
Grayfeathers 15. srp. 2012 v 12.27 odp. 
A must-have mod!
=D Joe Mama 10. srp. 2012 v 8.26 dop. 
Cliffworms why'd you take down Sounds of Skyrim? I loved Sounds of Cyrodiil, if that was you.
Galle 8. srp. 2012 v 2.10 odp. 
hi cliffworms - ive found something to rescue my bloated savegame (SoS)

1. Load a game with the SoS mods installed.
2. Disable all the sounds by using the console commands:
Startquest SosConfigCivilization
Startquest SosConfigThewilds
Startquest SosConfigThedungeons
3. Then stopquest the mods by using the console commands:
Stopquest SosConfigCivilization
Stopquest SosConfigThewilds
Stopquest SosConfigThedungeons
4. Save the game and quit to desktop
5. Deactivate the mods.
6. Remove the mods and the scripts (as mentioned in the first post of this thread).

but i have not the sos files anymore - will this help me? and sorry this was the only way to contact you while youre offline^^
Flibby W. 5. srp. 2012 v 4.22 dop. 
Baws, just got the feeling to play Skyrim again, updated my gaming rig and now my favorite mod is missing ;_; I need you "Sounds"
Grampus 4. srp. 2012 v 9.05 odp. 
Sounds of skyrim is gone, im probably not the ony person whom is concerned about this but are you doing an update or putting all the packs into one just wanting to know.
Sir Lord Pickle 4. srp. 2012 v 7.09 odp. 
Is everything okay? Just wondering since you took down Sounds of Skyrim.
Da5id2701 29. čvc. 2012 v 11.21 dop. 
Hello, as rk31969 pointed out, your mod isn't compatible with my Unlimited Bookshelves mod. However, it is really easy to fix. Simply select all your new books in the CK object window, right click, and select 'recalc bounds'. Then, change anything else so it registers as having unsaved changes, and save the mod. Your books will then display correctly on my shelves and I will add this mod to my description as a compatible mod. Thanks!
Nick Beard 26. čvc. 2012 v 11.49 odp. 
I know this isn't related to the mod, but where can I get "The Sounds of Skyrim"?
thatjokeisntfunnyanymore 24. čvc. 2012 v 11.25 dop. 
Sorry, your mod isn't compatable with Unlimited Bookshelves, so I'm going to have to subscribe. Shame, I collected alot of books only to find out they don't work.
fantasyjunkie 16. čvc. 2012 v 9.19 odp. 
There are even books from Daggerfall? I'm asking because I really enjoyed some of them.
[LapFox] Cupcake Goat 14. čvc. 2012 v 7.48 dop. 
When you say "new items to merchant stocks", would that include book mods that add unique (i.e., not in older games) books to leveled lists?
thatjokeisntfunnyanymore 12. čvc. 2012 v 2.24 dop. 
God I love you (Yes homo) ~o^
anvil2011 11. čvc. 2012 v 11.55 odp. 
Thank you Clifford.
Herbert the Necron Lord 10. čvc. 2012 v 4.28 odp. 
makoarctus 7. čvc. 2012 v 7.49 odp. 
Subbed, and Cliffworms?

Nice System Shock 2 reference.
coldsummerdays 4. čvc. 2012 v 8.41 odp. 
From a bookworm- Thank you for making this mod.
GeekTheMan 3. čvc. 2012 v 11.52 odp. 
God I love you. (No homo) Sounds great! Patience is something my mother blessed me with so take as long as you need to work out them kinks. =]
Cliffworms  [autor] 3. čvc. 2012 v 11.48 odp. 
There's one final bug I'm trying to fix before release. In the best of worlds, it will be released tomorrow. Otherwise, it might be closer to the end of the week.

You'll notice when sneaking around that some important NPCs snore...especially ones related to assassination quests.
GeekTheMan 3. čvc. 2012 v 11.40 odp. 
Hahah I know it is this week sometime right? Any exact day? I would be thrilled to know! As ridiculous as it sounds I was estatic to see that you are adding snoring to sleeping NPCs! I think that is awesome and I play a stealthy rogue character and that is just one of those small touches that help one become aware of one's surroundings.
GeekTheMan 3. čvc. 2012 v 11.36 odp. 
Yeah I know it's unfortunte that Gamebyro hasn't got their act together and put out an game engine without numerous bugs. Thanks Cliff for the reply! I will keep trying different load orders and see if that does some thing. I am looking forward to SOS Civilization! =]
Cliffworms  [autor] 3. čvc. 2012 v 11.32 odp. 
That wouldn't be Tamriel Compendium since it only affects merchants and books inside dungeons/buildings. A modded Skyrim is always a bit unstable and CTDs will happen from time to time. :)
GeekTheMan 3. čvc. 2012 v 11.27 odp. 
Well I am not sure what mod might have conflicted with this but I was just walking through whiterun towards dragonsreach and got a nice little CTD. =/ I just subscribed to this minutes before the crash. I'm only running 77 mods and none of them really interfere with merchant stocks and the book list.