Dungeons : Swamp of the Dead
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mouldypancake 3月27日 15時27分 
hahaha DONKEY!!!!
Mr.Scarf MJ 2月16日 17時34分 
WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bronzor 1月30日 23時30分 
Morekei 2014年12月5日 15時58分 
I cant find it and im looking near morthal like in the screenshot but i only see Movarths Lair
Bethany 2014年8月24日 7時23分 
Should mention that The Evil Mansion - Dark Edition mod is right on top of the entrance to this dungeon. You can still get inside but the gate is practically buried.
Reezy666 2014年5月2日 22時14分 
so dark souls in a nutshell
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014年4月15日 12時00分 
jus completed swamp of the dead, there were times i had so many arrows stuck in me, & i couldn't figure out where they all were comin' from. i gotta check on increasing the range of visibility. oh & rated the mod thumbs up. would you rate the smiley face on my avatar?
Google Chrome 2014年1月3日 17時12分 
oh and how do i start it?
Google Chrome 2014年1月3日 16時42分 
does it need any dlc's???
Ignis 2013年12月1日 0時54分 
my fallower gets stuck at the rotten witch boss :(
¬_¬ 2013年8月12日 8時57分 
9/10,it's cool,but the problem is it feels like a ruined city with streets as platforms and mushrooms as buildings. looks like an arena if you noclip and fly up. hope this improves more
Solid Country Gold 2013年7月15日 0時57分 
Breaks quest "The Break of the Dawn" after killing Malkoran and shade quest will not continue.
Zulu_uruK 2013年5月15日 14時37分 
Momcat 2013年3月24日 4時54分 
Nice mod!
litemerc 2013年3月8日 21時22分 
bosses were fun. lottsa guys to hit with my nifty dawnguard war axe,,, for the undead:) could use faster respawn time, but, i just like to hit things.lol. and, if you give me a necklace that allows me to breathe underwater, please put in some deeper water...and something interesting in it to find ( water is knee deep, haha). thx
jasocafo98 2013年2月26日 15時59分 
enemies should have less hit damage and react faster
vnfisk 2013年2月25日 17時01分 
bit of a cakewalk AI a little slow to re-act...ai does learn wuick though, the drauger began fighting as soon as they saw me but the skeletons where just useless roadblocks. it needs lots of improvements, nice idea overall, but again it needs work. (also make it bigger i felt like it was linear as hell)
Shin Dan, Saikyo Legend 2013年2月25日 14時16分 
put more knee high foliage in.
make me feel like it's a swamp, not a muddy watered down plain with glowy mushrooms.
FauxSatyrbunImp (DragonDong) 2013年2月25日 11時53分 
game requirements?(such as dragonborn and dawngaurd)
Thakiin (SWE) 2013年2月22日 5時32分 
little bit darker but it was realy nice :)
jeo2 2013年2月21日 13時52分 
Nice Idea. A good start. The mood was a little off. It was too bright and straight-forward. Make it darker. Maybe a few more bad guys. More twists and turns to the pathways. This is good, solid stuff. Just needs a little polish. Keep it up.
hawkewolfi 2013年2月20日 12時45分 
That shoud be very difficult, nice challange get it!
Dwarfinlord 2013年2月19日 8時07分 
sounds good ..will give it a try.
litemerc 2013年2月17日 22時35分 
will try it....
commando2893 2013年2月17日 16時17分 
Looks neat, but there's no lighting variety it looks like.