Dilapidation: Part 6
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aniretak92 4月11日上午12:23 
Seconding Yugh. Impossible without noclip.
LoneWolf2056  [作者] 3月19日上午9:06 
@RBTOAB Thanks very much, glad you liked it, looking back, these maps are pretty awful xD I have improved so much since I made them, also Portal Stories had to be delayed slighty :( But its for the best, so we can make it as awesome as possible :)
RBTOAB 3月18日下午10:26 
PS Looking forward to the end of this month :)
RBTOAB 3月18日下午10:13 
LoneWolf I have to express my gratitude to you for providing hours of enjoyment and frustrated torture. I had to quit on part 4 a few nights with thoughts of how to solve the darn thing haunting my dreams, until I did. Absolutely awesome puzzle. I am giving up part 6 because the quick moves thing just doesn't do it for me. Knowing how to solve but not being able to execute fast and precise enough is a thing about Portal that makes it boring. That point aside, still your maps are freaking amazing. Thanks to people like you, Portal is the game that keeps on giving. Thanks for the brain workouts.
Yuhg 1月8日上午6:55 
Hmm, well call me stupid but I have a block on part 6.
LoneWolf your solution vid on YouTube says it's private and the other solutions online show a completely different setup with the button for the bombs being behind a fizzle screen and not just on the ground at the bottom of the bomb tube, making it impossible to complete in the obvious way (and the way it is done in one vid)
I have tried another method but it's impossible to hit the angled wall on the opposite side as the barriers are too high and the jump doesn't go high enough and is obscured by Glados. Did you change this recently? Is there in fact a solution now it's changed?
Excellent series up to this point but now utterly frustrating :(
Freeman|TR 2014年8月16日下午10:11 
TS_Mind_Swept 2014年7月25日下午9:42 
Although i think it was really cool that you animated GLaDOS and made her interactive, most ppl just stick her in and she doesn't even have a colision model. XD
TS_Mind_Swept 2014年7月25日下午9:34 
AAHH! i wanted to liszten to that whole song! >:s i did get stuck in the pit area at first, but then i watched the video and before he passed that part i had an idea. I tried it and it worked! :D I finished the video after i was done with the level and he did taht part a little differently, but it was a similar idea. The only thing i didn't like was the turrets, that was cheap. >:s but then i passed them and stuck them all in the corners (like i usually try to do) and it didn't let me out so even though i didn't want to, i tried killing them and then it let me through. 8/10

Just a side note for the series though, on the wide emansapation grills, the edges are all streached and it looks dumm. There are textures in hammer for the sides and center for the wide grills so the edgs don't look all streached out like they do here, you may want to look into that.
LoneWolf2056  [作者] 2014年7月23日上午11:21 
@Pacoiones thanks for the feedback, just to let you know, Portal Stories: Mel should hopefully be on greenlight soon, when it is, please vote for us xD
Pacoiones 2014年7月23日上午7:51 
I just played through and I feel terribly stupid. I played all the way without needing to cheat a single time, but then I got to the companion cube (one of the easiest, to be honest) and I had to cheat because I didn't understand what I had to do. Anyway, this was by far my favorite custom mappack.

On a side note: I'm looking forward to portal stories: mel, I saw it a while ago but I didn't know you were developing it too. Good luck with that, and thank you for the maps.
Natsuke 2014年7月18日下午2:24 
Oh man, these tests were really intense. Like a few others, test 4 was the only one I cheated on by watching the instruction video, but only in the beginning and the end. And that GLaDOS fight? Juggling that last bomb was the hardest part for someone who keeps forgetting which portal the bomb came out of . I'm glad I didn't cheat on this one, because solving the pit part made me feel proud of myself. dick move with the turrets though
LoneWolf2056  [作者] 2014年7月16日上午11:07 
@jjjlenn, thanks, and im glad you enjoyed the series. Yea the puzzle room in this level is quite tricky. Look out for the free to play Mod im working on with a team called Portal Stories Mel, we will be going public on greenlight soon.
jjjlenn 2014年7月14日下午3:34 
Loved this puzzle and the entire series. I had a few cheats along the way but never looked at solutions beyond the nut i couldn't crack. This last one i just couldn't figure out how to cross the pit, the rest was easy. Sometimes i think the physics of different versions (I play the pc version) makes a fairly big difference. i see walk-throughs and people's relatively short jumps through portals causes way more momentum than mine. Maybe its just me. It didn't seem like my first attempts to put a portal at the bottom of the pit and rebound through were creating enough oomph. Once i KNEW it was the way, a fair ampunt of trial and error got me across.

Thanks so much, LoneWolf. you are really increedible.
ATLAS 2014年7月7日上午1:04 
I'm quite proud of myself for not cheating at all.
ATLAS 2014年7月7日上午1:02 
Now that I've finished, my heart is beating so hard. A great seriess in bith art and puzzles. You really feel smart after working them out! I really liked that bit at the very end, where thereare the two arrows. That was clever.\I'm DEFINITELY recommending this to my friends!
Free Beer 2014年5月24日上午11:37 
played through this collection a few times. Still one of the best out there.
townandroid 2014年5月4日下午12:40 
Great work! I was able to solve the first 5 maps but the last map was really hard somehow, couldn't do it without the solution.:)
But I had a lot of fun with "Dilapidation", thank you for making this.
quaternary 2014年5月3日下午5:02 
@ASkinnyWhiteGuy You're crossing the pit the wrong way. Leave a portal in the room with the cube dropper. I did that too :)
ASkinnyWhiteGuy 2014年4月25日下午11:53 
Dude...I've beaten the first 5 maps without cheating. How the hell do you get the companion cube across the gap in the level 6 chamber? There's no way you can just jump across, and the button doesn't give you enough time to really do anything. I thought the level with the 3 cubes and the center room exit was tough...but this...?
InCytE 2014年3月10日上午9:28 
It was really good even great. Except the ambush from behind. That was cheap.
dues 2014年2月5日上午10:36 
Excellent set! The only one i cheated on was 4. even after cheating and seeing the solution to 4 i was still very impressed. It was mind crushing (for me anyway, or maybe i was just having a bad day). i was very pleased with the end as it gave a full polished feel of the set, reminiscent of the original single player. And who doesn't love glados? I also liked how you looped it pink floyd style.
I will admit I almost gave up on you in one of the early levels. The one where you have to stand on a VERY thin ledge. I thought it was cheap, and very annoying. That was my only beef. Anyway, thank you for the hard work. The levels expressed the spirit of the game beautifully.
enumag 2014年1月26日上午3:13 
Nope, couldn't do this one without youtube unlike the previous ones. Great ending though.
Instantiation 2014年1月25日下午9:45 
A little different from the others, but I liked it. The boss was tough until I realized what I should have been doing. That long fall should not have been as hard as I made it. All in all, a great way to make a boss fight.
LoneWolf2056  [作者] 2014年1月3日下午6:11 
@Eagleshadow, glad you enjoyed, and congrats on solving them :D
Eagleshadow 2014年1月3日下午6:09 
One of the best maps I've ever played, and I've played 240 hours worth of them. I loved how hard yet elegant the solutions were.
Long Stride 2013年12月19日上午11:45 
Great Series. Nice work
mechtakendall 2013年11月4日下午8:00 
Nicely done, enjoyed the series. Keep up the good work. Design 8/10 Difficulty 7/10
Bayram 2013年10月18日上午7:51 
TigerMeet2142, this map does not, as LoneWolf2056 says, rely on any "glitches" or on any true "ninja" moves, but it does require considerable player skill as well as deep thinking. You are probably stuck where you have to cross a small pit with a portalable floor that is past a fizzler on a short timer. Hint: to cross the pit, you only need to place one portal in the pit. Another hint: you will need to have the cube on the other side. There are YouTube videos, but of course then you get the complete solution. Note that the GLaDOS chamber requires a lot of flinging skill. Don't down-vote if you find it too difficult; you were warned!
LoneWolf2056  [作者] 2013年10月17日上午10:56 
@TigerMeet2142 None of my tests use any ninja moves at all just thinking, difficult solution but easy to carry out once you know it is my key goal for mapping
TigerMeet2142 2013年10月17日上午6:27 
I cant solve the first test chamber.... how can you get there on time?... Looks like all your test designs rely on speed glitching.
egon.wendelken 2013年10月15日上午9:45 
So scary!
Bayram 2013年10月6日上午9:05 
That was amazing, thumbs up to all parts! Of the 6 parts, I found Part 4 the most difficult and had to watch a video playthrough to figure out what to do after I got all three cubes to the exit room.
apollosbeamship 2013年10月5日下午4:01 
IT ! sorry
apollosbeamship 2013年10月5日下午4:00 
I was enjoyable , thanks .
[P2:TG] Arachnaphob 2013年9月21日下午10:18 
This map is really good! I like the puzzle concept, and I really don't see why people dislike the boss battle. It was much more difficult than wheatley, in a good way. I liked the puzzle aspect very much. Also, very nice job on the aesthetics. I really appreciate maps that put lots of time into how their puzzle looks, not just the puzzle.

The only thing I would change would be the fog color and lighting. The map seemed a little bright. Having lots of contrast really makes a map stunning. It's always good to put lots of light on important things but keep it much darker on non-important things.

All in all, this was an extremely well made map with amaazing aesthetics and a very nice puzzle. Keep up the good work!
LoneWolf2056  [作者] 2013年9月20日下午2:52 
@matthewparent thanks, xD most people find this level quite hit or miss, its probably my personal least favourite of the series, glad you got some enjoyment from it though :)
matthewparent 2013年9月20日下午2:35 
I think this is the best test I never solved in my life!!!!!!! nice Job! ;)
AsinoEsel 2013年9月20日上午10:00 
I solved the bossfight with 26 MILLISECONDS left :D
When I put the last portal I just was like "COME ON JUST SHOOT THE DAMN BOMB!!!"
The turret surprise was nice, too, luckily I was able to survive it ;)
Der HammerMeister 2013年9月5日下午11:11 
This whole series from srart to finish has truly been memorable!
AsinoEsel 2013年8月25日上午6:58 
Wow! This was epic!
And the ending was great, too :)
The end was so near in the beginning but so far away at the same time.
The man with a horrible plan 2013年8月22日下午9:08 
my reaction spawning in front of glados (......... ok so compayon cube glados door ok im out!)
digitallyApocalyptic 2013年8月5日上午11:52 
Far too frustrating and glitchy to be playable for me, personally. I can appreciate the cleverness of the puzzles, but it was far too frustrating for me to be able to enjoy it.
LoneWolf2056  [作者] 2013年7月17日上午4:51 
@-=GBH=-Haggis Yeah I have started the sequel series to this Reconstruction
-=GBH=-Haggis 2013年7月16日上午11:38 
Really enjoyed this series of maps, brilliant mapping. The puzzle before the boss fight had me stumped fpr a little while, but after playing all prevoius maps, i think i started thinking like you, lol. Have you any plans for future maps.
21 = cranberries 2013年7月10日下午11:52 
@LoneWolf2056 OMG this is surprising: The boss fight is REALLY EASY. After you make the sacrfice and get your portal back on the slanted surface on the opposite side of the room (and when you deliver the rist hit), it's bombs away basically. Just keep shooting 'till the wires fall. Still, very clever.
etnad 2013年7月6日上午11:59 
"Yeah people either seem to love or absolutly hate this level, I decided to try something a little different and boss battles are hard to do, this is the first time ive ever tried to make one, but personally im pleased with how it turned out, still, lesson learnt for next time, think i'll stick to puzzles in the future :p"
No, this boss fight was amazing, one of the best. It did turn out very well, and I loved the sacrifice you had to make (well, I didn't love it, incinerating cubes is sad, but it was cool design.)
You should make another similar bossfight with more than just bombs, like the one in NYS-5, in the Reconstruction series.
Hakurei_Reimu 2013年6月22日上午2:46 
Good test chambers. They have enough for a long time for game, where you have to think carefully about everything, very interesting and fascinatingly, and me like the decor and style of the map. No worse than "VALVe" (; little bit difficult, but very interesting! Amazing maps!
Extragamer 2013年6月3日上午6:38 
Nice map and....hard! I dont know what to do in the end.But its great map and smart puzzle.
WALROY 2013年5月9日下午4:01 
Great set of puzzles, LoneWolf2056. 'It's easy when you know how' is a phrase that comes to mind. Solving for the 'how' was an excellent brain teaser. The puzzles were well thought out and the atmosphere was integrated nicely into the problems.
LoneWolf2056  [作者] 2013年5月9日下午3:03 
@CleavesF Thank you for the kind words, made my day, congrats on beating it, even I admit its pretty tough xD Thanks again, glad you had a good time.