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AutolootGames  [créateur] 28 mai 2017 à 11h00 
I just posted an announcement before Greenlight disappears forever... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/127626930
Dr. Satan 7 mai 2016 à 7h41 
3-4 years? WTF?
AutolootGames  [créateur] 7 mai 2016 à 5h12 
Not while I live. But it's halted. Best thing that you can do though, painful as it is for me to say this, is that you forget about it for the next three or four next years. If something really important happens during this time, you'll be the first ones to know. Abel B.
Faramir1999 22 avr. 2016 à 2h43 
RIP game?
Dr. Satan 9 août 2015 à 9h37 
Thanks for the communication. I look forward to what you can do!
AutolootGames  [créateur] 9 août 2015 à 3h24 
Something I believe it's important to comment: Most of the knowledge gathered making this simpler game will be applicable to DT, because event it's not an rpg, it's isometric view too, so it means all the collisions handling, raycasting, player and npc movement, obstacles, UI inventory, triggers... will be perfectly portable to DT. So making this game serves to honing my skills to make DT and at the same time i hope it will reduce its development time. While making this prototype i'm constantly envisioning how it can be applied to DT in the future.
AutolootGames  [créateur] 9 août 2015 à 3h14 
Thanks for your support guys, it means a lot to me. As I already told, the team was disassembled due to lack of funds and i'm the only one who still dreams to make DT a reality. Many hardships await on this long, rough path and i'll probably need to make other smaller games first to earn enough funds, as Larian Studios did for example. Just for you to know i'm making a game in Unity, it's not an rpg but a more simple retro adventure arcade. It can take a year to finish, but i need first to develop good programming skills and 3D knowledge before tackling DT, that's so much more complex. I'm still prototyping, things are going well but it's too early to show you something, but you'll be the first ones to know. I pray God this humble game goes financially well so I can focus only on making DT with the funds earned. I'm overly optimistic here, I know, but I need to be. I believe dreams can be achieved and I'm going to fight for it whatever it takes. Thanks again for your support - Abel B.
Dr. Satan 4 août 2015 à 18h35 
So...what happened with this game? I want it.
LonelyFrostGiant 26 juil. 2015 à 18h40 
Continue fighting to keep this dream alive and make a reality. We believe in you.
LonelyFrostGiant 26 juil. 2015 à 18h30 
Astonishing. I wish you well in the completion of this game.
mm.324 23 juin 2015 à 17h28 
I wish you the best of luck. And just want to let you know whether it takes 1 year or 5 years I'll be looking forward to playing TDT.
namianwu 23 juin 2015 à 8h37 
If you can make this game a reality, people will buy it. I know I would. And I'm still subscribed to this thread somehow

You are clearly passionate about it, so don't give up. We can wait for it, don't worry. Remember:

"Never give up, never surrender!!" - Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen), Galaxy Quest
AutolootGames  [créateur] 23 juin 2015 à 2h30 
[continues from previous post] I also want to thank everyone interesed in the game and all of you that with your kind words are keeping the flame alive and are contributing to give me the strength to make another serious attempt on bringing TDT back to life. I won't publish too many posts here, nor we'll open any forums for the time being until I'm sure that we have something substantial to show you. It could take 1 year, maybe more, I don't know. The only goal is to help TDT to see the light of the day and make it a good CRPG even the scarce resources available. I'll try to do my best. Yours, Abel Bascunana
AutolootGames  [créateur] 23 juin 2015 à 2h11 
Sorry for the late reply, @mm324 . The project was halted and the team dissolved. but, as I said on an earlier post, i'll fight to make this game no matter what it takes. Making a decent CRPG needs 2 things: passionate people with proper knowledge and money. For the former, I've been working in the games industry since 2005 so I know many passionate colleagues with a bunch of experience, but for the latter, getting money is not that easy. We launched a KS campaign and it was a failure, partly because we didn't have much to show and partly because we didn't invest money in promoting the game. Also we used XNA to make the game and that was a big mistake. Nowadays, Unity is the way to go, you have Blackguards and Pillars of Eternity as perfect examples of what can be achieved. Anyways, even with Unity, making a good CRPG could take 2,5 years... there are a couple of good things:
mm.324 16 mars 2015 à 20h26 
I hope you guys are still working on the game, when you have time. Have you tried Kickstarter? The fact that it got greenlit means that there are plenty of people who want to buy it when it''s done.
namianwu 5 nov. 2014 à 9h33 
Fully agree with Nyrreah's comment below. This looks like a good game and it's a real pity things turned out the way they have. That knowledge is made even worse when inane rubbish such as Goat Simulator or Mount Your Friends have sold so well. Anyways, I would like to wish the devs the best of luck for the future, and I hope eventually you guys will be able to continue and complete the vision you had for this game.
Nyrreah 16 août 2014 à 23h39 
It's annoying how good games like this one here going to trash, crushing dreams of people while shit as goat simulator got millions...
raine173 27 juil. 2014 à 2h56 
The fact you refunded people and didn't just keep the money and claim to still be working on it, is amazing and I wish you guys all the support in the world. If I had extra funds to help you out, I would. Your honesty and goodwill will carry you through. Good luck and best wishes on this project and future ones.
AutolootGames  [créateur] 13 mai 2014 à 15h29 
Hi guys,
I know some of you asked what going on with the game. Unluckily we didn't find enough funds to continue its development so it's been halted. It doesn't mean there are no plans to continue working on it, but the situation at the moment is not only not the best, but is impossible for us to quit our jobs just to make this game unless we have a reasonable amount of money to keep developing the game for 1,5 years. We can't live of air and we must pay the bills, that's just why all the team members have had to get regular jobs. As I told many times, me and my partner spend all our personal savings, about $40K, to make a playable working demo, but things didn't turn out well for many reason. It's been a very, very tough, but good learning experience. I can only promise one thing to you guys, you'll be able to play this game no matter how long it takes.
Abel B.
GreyViper 20 avr. 2014 à 6h23 
Really like the art and gameplay shown so far.
Jacques Villeneuve 3 avr. 2014 à 0h27 
Keep on going guys!
Mounted_Migrant 29 mars 2014 à 23h07 
Looks awesome!
AutolootGames  [créateur] 10 mars 2014 à 8h47 
We are very grateful to you guys for getting our game greenlit! =)
At the moment we can't make any public statement about the state of the project, but I just wanted to let you know we are still working on it, even we don't have the money to do this full-time, that's just why it's taking so long. Hope to share more news soon and thanks again for your support!
=ProRock= 4 mars 2014 à 4h23 
Hrolfr 27 févr. 2014 à 14h28 
looks like baldurs gate
DIESELPOTAMUS 29 janv. 2014 à 5h20 
didn't ask for you life story, just a video game and this isn't one. Downvoted.
Tristis Oris 25 janv. 2014 à 2h47 
why all the fonts, images, and locations taken from Baldurs Gate? it looks strange. But I hope you will make plans.
Sybertank 24 janv. 2014 à 9h29 
Hate to waste votes on something that is not even being developed. Looks like most recent posts are almost a year old. Steam needs to clean stuff like this out of Greenlight if it is no longer being developed.
Dendromecion 23 janv. 2014 à 19h49 
Is this game still in development? There were (i think) 2 failed kickstarters at the start of 2013, the FB and twitter pages are dead, and i can't find any way to contact Autoloot Games (the original devs) and a google search brings up ZERO hits for "Zuril Games". What's going on guys?
Jan 14 janv. 2014 à 8h40 
Players demands RPGs with the features that this one promises... !.
buster hymen 12 janv. 2014 à 8h10 
Kruemeltroll 5 janv. 2014 à 9h28 
Nicht Schlecht . Nice
Detlog 4 janv. 2014 à 7h58 
looks great
EDRAYNOR 19 déc. 2013 à 19h21 
Kill'O'Watt 17 déc. 2013 à 17h21 
I love adventures
Spider3 3 déc. 2013 à 10h18 
@Lolozaur: r u serious? Where you read it?
gamerlobo 1 déc. 2013 à 6h59 
Vieja escuela, Pinta bien.
Enigma-Dominion 19 nov. 2013 à 10h08 
old school rpg loving it will sure buy this
Tsukisoi 13 nov. 2013 à 12h54 
The Game looks very nice and interesting. I thing the game have potential.
Lebo 19 oct. 2013 à 14h28 
Looks a lot like Baldur's Gate, and I love cRPG's. I hope this one makes the cut.
Myrk 14 sept. 2013 à 6h30 
I was searching for a game like this. There are too many games in real time. It was a shame that this project don't go ahead.
Lolozaur 6 sept. 2013 à 18h08 
this was cancelled lol
F.O.A.D. 4 sept. 2013 à 20h09 
It's about time gamers got some decent turn-based strategy RPS's.
This looks very interesting.
RJ Berger 30 août 2013 à 8h07 
looks very promising thumbs up
Frankencastle 9 août 2013 à 0h26 
i saw the screenshots and voted yes, i scrolled down and saw it was yet another turn based strategy game and changed it to no. its become like the days when almost every game that came out was an fps. apart from a few sport and racing games. current day has no need for turn based when you can use spacebar to pause the game at any time and issue orders while the rest of it is a dance of death and carnage.
hezekiah-angel 8 août 2013 à 15h55 
Keep up the work guys + I hope the game takes off. I love RPGs
Otterpop 2 août 2013 à 1h17 
looks like you have a lot of really good ideas and story for a game here. i myself am partial to arpgs in particular but i have been known to take to crpgs from time to time if they are special to me i will not mention names but there are quite a few i could list but i will make this short i had a thought what if a game was both crpg and arpg like to get to the arpg gameplay one would have to swim through the crpg story and questline and maybe figure out some puzzle or whatnot and vice versa the game could topsy turvey itself i mean why limit games to one genre idk it might not work at alll hehe just a thought
Left? 28 juil. 2013 à 23h46 
AutolootGames  [créateur] 28 juil. 2013 à 15h36 
@FleshWound: Nothing would make us happier than restart the development because CRPGs is what we love and want to do. Any ideas, suggestion or support from you guys is welcome, let's see if we can make this take off again!
FleshWound 26 juil. 2013 à 17h00 
That's a shame. I stumble upon this game which is just my kind of game and... it's the day after development halted. =(