Drink Eat Sleep Addon - Dragonborn
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GamerPup420 6. helmi 19.33 
Why is this mod suddenly not loading? I've had it for months now im getting an odd error that says steam cannot load my file for this mod?
Dr.Evil80 5. loka, 2014 21.15 
do you have to restart to use this mod and the hearthfire mod
rickbigfellow 7. maalis, 2014 12.28 
good mod this compatibale with immersive beds
e4envy 5. tammi, 2014 17.51 
Hm, found a bug with my client - I forgot there were HF and DB addons for DESB so I just had the core one.. well, turns out I wasnt able to refill water bottles, but now with all of em it works just fine.. lol
SHRoronoaZoro 22. marras, 2013 14.20 
If I'm using all the expansions, do I need the Hearthfire version of this as well as the Dawnguard version? Or will one of them suffice?
Another Mook 7. syys, 2013 15.03 
Quick question: my character was tired when he became a vampire. After a good night's rest, I found that all my melee weapons were reduced to tiny amounts of damage. 8-9, etc. Did this mod do that, and if so can I fix it, or should I just restart?
Lady of Darkness 16. elo, 2013 13.38 
This Goes Perfectly with FrostFall now there is a reason to set up camp and eat and drink and sleep awesome mod
Kaneki-kun 4. heinä, 2013 12.57 
@Lanyx get the mod "showers in inns" it adds a trapdoor to most inns leading to bathing areas, or get "breezehome bathhouse" which adds a door that leads to a bathing area to breezehome's 1st floor
Lanyx 27. touko, 2013 22.37 
Bathing in the more frigid parts of skyrim with Frostfall is actually not that hard to do with the snowberry extracts you can make (which in the colder areas is easily done with how many snow berries there are),pots of resist cold + a swig of mead, or worse comes to worse just make a fire right next to where you are going to bathe and bathe and then go stand by the fire. Worked fine for me so far, although indoor baths would be nice...no more horkers staring at me quizically, or dragons catching me with my pants (literally) down.
mysteryman3 12. touko, 2013 7.57 
Yeah, I use Frostfall as well. I don't have the problems with washing myself in remote parts of Skyrim in frigid water because I don't really have mortality (yes, I'm a vampire). I find this a really cool mod. Also, some other mods such as "The Asteria" and "Showers in Skyrim" (I think), add showers and baths. It woudl be great if you could wash in any place with flowing water, like a creek or a river. That would make it work with most shower mods I think.
crystalsoulslayer 3. touko, 2013 14.19 
@ItsMeRyanB If the "washing" effect is done via a spell, it'd be really simple, actually. Just put a script on the activator with an OnActivate event that casts the washing spell on the player, use the washbasin's model path for the activator, and then use the Search and Replace function to switch all the washbasins to the activator version. I'm sure there's also a way to do it without changing any existing objects, though. If you ask at the Skyrim Nexus forums about this stuff, I'm sure someone more experienced than I can help you out. :) I love this mod, by the way.
Ardarion (HUN) 20. huhti, 2013 15.29 
this is the best eating-drinking mod! thank you :)
Axelion 7. huhti, 2013 20.15 
I think the idea by Taladendria is a good one and it would be nice if there could be a washing animation with it as well, maybe wiping the washcloth over ones body and face.
I know that is probably a tall order but it would add a great deal to immersion. Right now I cannot use the wash feature because I use Frostfall and so the only place I could wash in exterior water without killing myself would be in the south of Skyrim, so an interior wash station would be great. Perhaps you could add a tub to every Inn and make that funktional to immerse in?
One more request, if I ever get to use the washing option, could you tone down the dirty effect a tad or make it optional? I think a notice like "you are starting to smell" "you are atracting flies" etc. instead of looking like a mold covered orange giving off smoke, would be nice.
Keep up the good work.
slipstream31 6. huhti, 2013 0.01 
What does this mod do? do you actually get to see yourself eat and sleep and shower? Because that would be cool. If no then its kinda pointless. At least for me anyways.
Lucy 17. maalis, 2013 3.14 
uhhh.... link dont work...
Taladendria 23. helmi, 2013 12.27 
thanks so much for responding :) and again...your mod is AWESOME...ty so much for making it :D
ItsMeRyanB  [tekijä] 23. helmi, 2013 9.27 
@Taladendria It is technically possible, but I haven't created an interactive object before so it would take me some time to learn how to do it properly. I'll check it out but I can't promise anything. There have been several requests for being able to wash outside of water though, and yours is a good idea.
Taladendria 23. helmi, 2013 8.16 
I was wondering if it was possible to introduce the ability to use the wash basins as a way to clean yourself a bit. Those wash basins are everywhere and would be neat to use them...This is the best mod so far I have used..ty! :D
Axelion 16. helmi, 2013 18.54 
YESSSS!! Thank you!