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rotc1vro 6. led. v 5.00 odp. 
OH thanks! And no i don't have that DLC. Bummer...
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 6. led. v 2.35 dop. 
the Game crashes if you do not have Installed and activated Dragonborn .
Its not possible to make mods with DLC contents without having them loaded , and if there are any would be illegal .
KungFuFun 30. pro. 2014 v 6.07 odp. 
rotc1vro do ypu have the dragonborn dlc? cause if you dont then theres your problem. ive been there and questioned about it also
rotc1vro 18. pro. 2014 v 8.01 odp. 
The mod makes my game crash right after the logo of the guys who made it. And when i unistall it (or just uncheck it) the game works fine! Help?
Tader-Tot 3. lis. 2014 v 8.26 odp. 
The mod requires Dragonborn to be used ...
Does anyone read anymore?
Jacerrenyra 8. zář. 2014 v 8.01 dop. 
I don't think Realistic Water really works with any other water mod.
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 8. zář. 2014 v 7.53 dop. 
I think so , but you shoudl ask on their forums , if you get to know let us know .
Jacerrenyra 8. zář. 2014 v 7.32 dop. 
Does this possibly work with the two Realistic Water mods?
Cerberus 21. srp. 2014 v 5.42 dop. 
Crashes my game but that could be because of some other data files
D_loaded 19. čvn. 2014 v 4.02 odp. 
is this compatible with dawnguard expanshion?
Timesplitter 5. čvn. 2014 v 11.46 odp. 
Skyrim Ultimate RPG Experience: All Expansions thanks you for your mod/mods made that have been implemented into the collection. It does require all the Skyrim expansions, but is composed of all the most promising mods ever made for Steam. Make sure to check it out at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106745968 and don't forget to rate it.
Dyendil 30. kvě. 2014 v 5.28 odp. 
I think the waves could look better but it's fine for now I like that mod :) . and also I use this mod Realistic water two and the legendary version. And I think some waves are missing because of this mod but Im not quite sure. Awesome mod! :D continue working on it :3
DarK_St3alth - MoBo Deaded 16. kvě. 2014 v 5.17 odp. 
I'd second the bold notice about dragonborn. Had no idea till now that it wasn't an issue with the mod, but rather a DLC requirement.

Try something like: This mod requires the Dragonborn DLC to be installed. Crashing may result if this requirement is not fulfilled.
UrKungFuNoGood 16. kvě. 2014 v 11.17 dop. 
Might want to put requires Dragonborn in BOLD at the top of your description... :)
SU-33 4. kvě. 2014 v 1.14 odp. 
Well done! No longer is the coast of Skyrim an underwhelming place.
TehAmazingTac0 3. dub. 2014 v 12.48 odp. 
Holy crap thats fabulous.
m1a2x 17. bře. 2014 v 2.15 odp. 
will this work with water mods?
lhall1025 17. bře. 2014 v 12.28 dop. 
Very cool mod.
Krytar 9. bře. 2014 v 4.34 odp. 
the waves dont look correct D:
WishSeeker 5. bře. 2014 v 3.15 odp. 
morrowind track <3
Willy A. Jeep 2. bře. 2014 v 12.17 odp. 
@The two below this comment, Because these waves were added with Dragonborn, like Miraak and the Northern Maiden.
大名 Takeda Yabusame 1. bře. 2014 v 6.16 odp. 
Why does it needs Dragonborn? seriously?
The Guy 26. úno. 2014 v 1.53 odp. 
How in the hell does a mod that adds waves require dragonborn?
Ravynwynd 12. úno. 2014 v 2.29 dop. 
Nice job. Thanks for sharing.
ThatLocalArabicCamel 6. úno. 2014 v 2.32 odp. 
noooo its need dragonborn
Ravone 4. úno. 2014 v 3.50 odp. 
Good thing I bought all the official DLCs..
Lord_of_the_Bacon 1. úno. 2014 v 3.40 odp. 
I own the Skyrim: Legendary Edition and nothing happened after downloading this mod.

The video you have here makes it look nice, but yeah, not really sure what's going on seeing that I ahve all DLCs in this version of Skyrim.
TeRroR 1. úno. 2014 v 5.25 dop. 
have it hmm
PROMETHEUS  [autor] 1. úno. 2014 v 5.20 dop. 
you need the Dragonborn expansion to make it work .
TeRroR 31. led. 2014 v 6.06 odp. 
with other whater mods you use? so maybe ther is a issure but..^^ i deinatlll all water mods so now waves sould work but doesnt
TeRroR 31. led. 2014 v 6.05 odp. 
i install nothing happend:/...
Xantiana 23. pro. 2013 v 8.06 dop. 
oooo looks real
Kim Jong-Un 23. pro. 2013 v 7.13 dop. 
I just got Dragonborn for this. I love it.
Danger Mouse 17. pro. 2013 v 9.58 dop. 
sorry but the waves just look too phoney but its a great idea please try again
Learth 16. pro. 2013 v 5.05 odp. 
Oh, it requires dragronborn.. darn...I'll keep it so I can use it when i get dragonborn
xxkuraiummeixx 30. lis. 2013 v 5.16 odp. 
Breaks my game. : /
Camaflooge 14. lis. 2013 v 5.08 odp. 
Great mod worked once but I now get CTD..Mod is great however first time it ran so i'm giving it 5 stars! Just i alone have issue but mod is great when it worked!
sexual offenderman 4. lis. 2013 v 3.16 odp. 
nice mod, job well done finally i get something worth while!
Timesplitter 3. lis. 2013 v 5.46 odp. 
This mod is included in the mod collection, "Skyrim Top Of The Line RPG Experience Guaranteed: Dragonborn (FULLY UPDATED)", and I wanted to thank you for the great work on your mod. This mod collection has been fully updated with the most stable and logically balanced mods to implement into the Skyrim game and has full instructions on how to assemble the best mod collection package of all time. Also looking for a video editor to make an amazing video featuring what this mod collection has to offer. Feel free to post in the Comments section of my mod collection about any questions regarding the video featuring this mod collection if you're interested.In doing so, I will give you full rights to my mod collection and place you as the video editor for this mod collection. Also, if you truly enjoy this collection, please rate it. Thank you.
*Scotty*Cosmos* 29. říj. 2013 v 10.45 odp. 
well done
Noah 26. říj. 2013 v 6.35 dop. 
Fuck yeah this mod is greate
TwistedStateOfMisplaced 8. říj. 2013 v 2.25 odp. 
should have made a "Dragonborn" version seperate from this one, for us that don't have Dragonborn.. I had this mod before the dragonborn requirement, and it worked fine until I came back to playing skyrim after a long break. Took me forever to figure out which mod was crashing my game lol
crocketd 6. říj. 2013 v 12.03 odp. 
I hate to say it, but is there a way to slow down the speed of the waves? It seems a little fast in the video, and while I would love to include this mod for immersion, I feel like at its current speed it would be more immersion-breaking than immersion-creating. I love the potential of it, though. :) Also, I think if there was a way for you to add a spray effect (going solely off the video here, so if there already is one my mistake) I think that would be fantastic. ^_^
#bzhk 1. říj. 2013 v 5.22 odp. 
Argh, game crashes. Didn't spot the Dragonborn requirement
Stoating wee oats! 23. zář. 2013 v 11.45 dop. 
Curently causes my Skyrim to crash on launch, but was working fine prior probably an incompatable mod.
Chomps123 10. zář. 2013 v 9.08 dop. 
but otherwise good mod
Chomps123 10. zář. 2013 v 9.08 dop. 
It seems a bit blobby...like gell swishing up the shore
il Nazionale 28. srp. 2013 v 9.16 dop. 
I have seen the video of your mod (Waves) and I really appreciate it. I wonder if you are planning to create a mod for Vanilla too, which doesn't require Dragonborn or other similar mods to be used. Thank you!
Torcwrench 25. srp. 2013 v 4.40 dop. 
Great mod - exploring the northern shores is even more interesting now.
ΛSTЯΛΣUS 13. srp. 2013 v 7.09 odp. 
Can you use this with W.A.T.E.R.?