Tämä peli on nyt saatavilla Steamissä!

Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

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❖ZoomeR❖ 16. helmi 5.05 
Soon! Get hype!
Kazitor 15. tammi 21.47 
I just came here and it was released yesterday... wow.
My-nameisarre 15. tammi 16.07 
Thank you so much I´ve been looking forward to this moment since three years ago. MUCH LOVE :D
MrClancy 15. tammi 16.06 
I am so excited I think I have just wet myself ;-)
Oskutin  [tekijä] 15. tammi 16.03 
Thanks everybody!
Strider 15. tammi 16.02 
omg SWEET !!
MrClancy 15. tammi 16.01 
OMG It's there, It's there OMG. It's in the store!!!!!
MrClancy 15. tammi 15.59 
Oskutin  [tekijä] 15. tammi 15.58 
Button is pressed! Only minutes now!
MrClancy 15. tammi 15.52 
I am in the UK and it is still the 15th Here, Well for another 8 minutes anyway.
Strider 15. tammi 15.51 
yeah i was hoping to have all day to play this, but i guess i'll have to wait until tomorrow :(
My-nameisarre 15. tammi 15.46 
Wasn´t you supposed to have this game done till the 15:th of january I am just saying that it´s the 16:th now...
MrClancy 15. tammi 15.32 
Love that youtube link Hauptmann, Very good!
Strider 15. tammi 15.27 
what are you waiting for ? press it !
Oskutin  [tekijä] 15. tammi 15.27 
Testing builds that they have all files and work.
ZIGS 15. tammi 15.26 
Soon... soon......
MrClancy 15. tammi 15.11 
Go on Oskutin, You know you want to, Just press that "release now" -button and put us al out of our misery!
Oskutin  [tekijä] 15. tammi 15.07 
I can't wait to press the "release now" -button.
MrClancy 15. tammi 15.07 
Yes the wait has been a long one and I am super hyped now, It's like watching paint dry, The game looks so good, Can't wait to play it!
Strider 15. tammi 15.01 
i've never been so hyped to try out this game, been waiting a few months now
MrClancy 15. tammi 14.56 
Oh yes I am well and truly hyped!, upload that game and take my Money NOW, well ok soon then.
Oskutin  [tekijä] 15. tammi 14.43 
Soon! Get hype!
MEME.DADDY 15. tammi 14.19 
I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening, what's the problem?
Strider 15. tammi 13.54 
stop playing portal 2 and upload the game already :P
Oskutin  [tekijä] 15. tammi 13.19 
Very soon. We're preparing and uploading the package.
titty 15. tammi 13.16 
ZIGS 15. tammi 12.05 
Hurry up guys!
TotallyNotDizzystorm 15. tammi 9.29 
When are Indiegogo backers getting steam codes for the game?
Oskutin  [tekijä] 15. tammi 1.42 
Will be closer of noon at PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Rather, the gentlemen 14. tammi 22.30 
So how long until this is released? I'm in Australian, so it has been 15/1 for almost 18 hours. Just keen to play it is all.
dantheman 7. tammi 9.07 
How much will it cost?
Cheetor 31. joulu, 2015 17.41 
Will most likely purchase on release date. Provided there are not any last second issues.
λ Mr. Alien 👽 25. joulu, 2015 11.42 
very good.
NotNash 17. loka, 2015 20.49 
sounds good
El Texicano 8. loka, 2015 9.40 
I am looking forward to when this will be finished. Looks great!
HoltDT 29. syys, 2015 13.02 
Game looks fantastic, good luck in october guys.
@dj.rSlam 9. elo, 2015 18.58 
Tarmo 29. heinä, 2015 5.24 
Seems interesting!
Demolisher05 22. heinä, 2015 14.00 
Awesome concept, can't wait for it to be finished. Everyone who likes this game should help it along on Indigogo. Keep it going.
fláráðr ljós  [tekijä] 18. heinä, 2015 10.22 
@bluecoougar: We're not a hundred percent sure. Perhaps. I think we have a list of interested beta testers. Fire an email to contact@loisteinteractive.com and I'll put you on it. We might end up doing a backer-only beta, so no promises!
fláráðr ljós  [tekijä] 18. heinä, 2015 10.17 
@Satsujin Jiken: Hey dude, we just added an alternative T-shirt to the campaign page. You should check it out.
bluecoougar 17. heinä, 2015 14.16 
Following and watching. Will you be beta testing this game? I would be interested.
CoDyX 16. heinä, 2015 1.01 
Ok, thanks :)! I'm pretty sure that Infra will be a hit-game, that nobody will forget.
Oskutin  [tekijä] 16. heinä, 2015 0.59 
Forums and other communities.
CoDyX 16. heinä, 2015 0.57 
Well that's great. Do you have any tips for finding somebody like him/her?
Oskutin  [tekijä] 16. heinä, 2015 0.55 
Gets small share of the profits.
CoDyX 16. heinä, 2015 0.52 
How much do you guys pay him? Or do you pay him at all? Because I am looking for somebody to make an OST for my game.
Oskutin  [tekijä] 15. heinä, 2015 23.18 
We have guy doing music for us, but I don't remember anymore how we got him to work for us. But i'm pretty sure he did send email for us.